2015 LACS Girls’ Championships Results

The 2015 LACS Girls’ Championships have come and gone. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find brackets posted in the usual places I would expect to find them. But as soon as they are, I will update this post with links for viewing and downloading. Until then, I will list the 6 placers in each weight class.

The champion of each class (in green) will be taking a trip to Visalia where, this upcoming Friday and Saturday, they will attempt to win a State Championship. Good luck ladies!

101 LBS
1st Myra Mendez – San Fernando
2nd Breann Johnson – Birmingham
3rd Clarissa Marez – Panorama
4th Dhamar Chacon – Van Nuys
5th Selein Garcia – Fremont
6th Juliet Perez – Poly

106 LBS
1st Kimberly Alipio – Panorama
2nd Jada Velazquez – Cesar Chavez
3rd Jaslyn Avila – Poly
4th Isabel Rodriguez – San Fernando
5th Giselle Almendariz – Bell
6th Lorraine Deyao – Van Nuys

111 LBS
1st Grecia Monasterio – Panorama
2nd Samantha Munoz – San Fernando
3rd Diane Cuadras – Birmingham
4th Jasmine Magallon – Cleveland
5th Manuela Quevedo – Franklin
6th Noemi Rivera – Poly

116 LBS
1st Alexandra Cota – San Fernando
2nd Jasmine Hernandez – Cesar Chavez
3rd Monica Acevedo – Bell
4th Maxine Jimenez – Franklin
5th Mariana Jimenez – Van Nuys
6th Stephanie Mendrayon – Poly

121 LBS
1st Jasmine Heraldez – Panorama
2nd Trinity Duarte – San Fernando
3rd Arely Castillo – Monroe
4th Leah Cruz – Birmingham
5th Angelica Bolanos – Sylmar
6th Gloria Arias – Cesar Chavez

126 LBS
1st Jessica Juarez – Bell
2nd Natalia Martinez – Cleveland
3rd Karla Hernandez – San Fernando
4th Guadalupe Gomez – Monroe
5th Kathy Montoya – Van Nuys
6th Yessenia Escobar – San Pedro

131 LBS
1st Yea-gi Sarabia – San Fernando
2nd Janet Gutierrez – Poly
3rd Kayley Maradiga – Birmingham
4th Cynthia Rivera – Van Nuys
5th Carolin Esparza – Fremont
6th Pamela Molina – Franklin

137 LBS
1st Melina Aguilar – Bell
2nd Elicia Orellana – Birmingham
3rd Andrea Tanchez – Monroe
4th Lola De Marcos – Granada Hills
5th N/A
6th N/A

143 LBS
1st Marilyn Garcia – Birmingham
2nd Yanellie Urizar – Bell
3rd Christine Contreras – Poly
4th Stephanie Delgado – San Fernando
5th Abigail Martinez – Fremont
6th Bailey Oteri – Granada Hills

150 LBS
1st Guadalupe Castaneda – Bell
2nd Daniela Miranda – Van Nuys
3rd Laura Cervantes – Vaughan
4th Karen Romero – Fremont
5th Camille Caballero – Franklin
6th Victoria Flores – Birmingham

160 LBS
1st Emily Chapman – Granada Hills
2nd Jamie Villalobos – Birmingham
3rd Selena Munoz – San Fernando
4th Vanessa Arredondo – Carson
5th Josseline Valenzuela – Vaughan
6th Melissa Sillas – Sylmar

170 LBS
1st Sarah Moore – Van Nuys
2nd Kimberly DeLaCruz – Birmingham
3rd Anai Siguenza – Monroe
4th Damaris Carranza – Cleveland
5th Daisy Verduzco – San Fernando
6th Abril Cervantes-Reyes – Franklin

189 LBS
1st Alexandra Castillo – Birmingham
2nd Sandra Castrejon – San Fernando
3rd Vanessa Alvarez – Panorama
4th Mati Rodriguez – Sylmar
5th Kaila Osorio – Palisades
6th Toni Gomez – Narbonne

235 LBS
1st Lakiya Wagoner – Birmingham
2nd Samantha Vasquez – San Fernando
3rd Paea Lealiki – Granada Hills
4th Eloisa Torres – Carson
5th N/A
6th N/A

I’m still looking for older results from the LACS tournaments as well as any results available for the SDS. If anyone wants to share the files or point me in the right direction please comment or use the Contact Us. Let’s keep the history of SoCal girls’ wrestling alive and easily accessible.

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