Somar Wrestle Continues to Infuse Excitement Into Girl’s Off-season Wrestling

Picture: Richard Ramos
Picture: Richard Ramos

This upcoming Saturday Somar Wrestle, the organization that has brought Coach Tocarra Montgomery to SoCal two years in a row for a week-long freestyle wrestling camp and held the first-of-its-kind girls wrestling college combine, will continue to infuse excitement into the sport. Somar recently held a freestyle take-down challenge tournament series. It consisted of four tournaments in which 12 weight classes were able to compete and show-off their freestyle scoring prowess.

Now, Somar continues to break new ground and inject the spirit of friendly-rivalry and showmanship by introducing the Somar Take-down Tournament Duals, where wrestlers participating in either this year’s Tocarra camp or the Take-down series were eligible to be drafted by one of four coaches.

The wrestlers will be provided with free team singlets and gear (like the one pictured) thanks to the donations provided by Mr. Matthew Couch of Mortgage Couch and Mr.Tony Tilton and the Tilton Family of Cross Brothers, Inc. Somar Wrestle really wants to get both wrestlers and fans’ competitive juices flowing by designating team seating sections at the venue where the event will be held. The team with the most fans in attendance will get a special prize.

Teams, coaches and wrestlers are as follows:
Team Power Puff coached by Jean Ramirez (James Monroe High School)
105- Mitzi Romero (Paramount) – 2016 5th place CIF-SS Southern Regional
110- Haven Driscoll (Northview) – 2016 5th place CIF Southern Section Championship
115- Samantha Martinez (Ayala) -2016 5th place CIF-SS Central Regional
120- Niah Ledesma
127- Trinity Sato
135- Grecia Monasterio (West Covina) – 2016 CIF Southern Section Champion
145- Abbi Turner (Corona) – 2016 CIF-SS Eastern Regional Finalist
150- Michelle Camacho (Carter) – 2016 4th place CIF Southern Section Championship
160- Ophelia Lara (Gahr) – 2016 CIF State Champion
170- Christie Sandez (Corona) – 2016 4th place CIF Southern Section Championship
189- Payton Jackson (Hillcrest) – 2016 6th place CIF State Championship
Hwy- Katie Blanchard (Sierra Pacific) – 2016 5th place CIF State Championship

Team Wonder coached by Marina Sanchez
105- Genesis Quirarte (schoolgirl wrestler) – 2016 CAUSA Schoolgirl Freestyle Champion
110- Kiersten Bush (from Utah)
115- Elisa Jimenez
120- Gloria Gonzalez (Paramount) – 2016 CIF Southern Regional Finalist
127- Heavynne Jerez (Los Alamitos) – 2016 7th place CIF-Ss Southern Regional
135- Haley Teodoro (Ayala) – 2016 4th place CIF Southern Section Championship
145-Brooklyn Logan (From Arizona) – 2016 3rd place Body Bar Cadet Women’s Nationals
150- Alex Garcia (El Monte) – 2016 5th place CIF-SS Central Regional
160- Sydnee Kimber (from Alaska) – 2015 ASAA Girls State Champion
170- Agatha Andrews (from Alaska) – 2015 ASAA Girls State Champion
189- Christina Santoyo (James Monroe)
Hwy- Alive Salas

Team RAD coached by Matt Furr (Montclair)
105- Grace Padilla (Rowland) – 2016 6th place CIF Southern Section Championship
110- Shandrea Shelby (Corona) – 2016 4th place CIF State Championship
115- Sammy Moreira (Montclair)
120- Kelly Escamilla (schoolgirl wrestler)
127- Alyssa Aceval (Corona) – 2016 CIF State Finalist
135- Rita Monterrosa (AB Miller) – 2016 7th place CIF-SS Eastern Regional
145- McKenna Hutchison (Upland) – 2016 4th place CIF State Championships
150- Emma Reusing (Hillcrest) – 2016 CIF Southern Section Champion
160- Katja Osteen (schoolgirl wrestler) – USAW Shoolgirl National Folkstyle Champion
170- Nelly Mendoza (El Monte) – 2016 4th place CIF-SS Central Regional
189- Angela Buenrrostro (James Monroe) – 2016 3rd place LA City Section Championships
Hwy- Elizabeth Salepaga (Paramount)

Team Camo coached by Chris Parps (El Monte)
105-Valerie Perez (Hillcrest) – 2016 CIF Southern Section Champion
110-Brianne Penunuri (El Monte) – 2016 6th place CIF Southern Section Championship
115-Clare Garcia (San Marino) – 2016 5th place CIF-SS Central Regional
120-Deysi Chona (Santa Ana) – 2016 CIF-SS Southern Regional Champion
127-Patty Escobar (Montclair)
135-Jaydan Driskill (Vista Murrieta) – 2016 Women’s Junior Freestyle Regional Finalist
145-Kelly Jimenez (Rowland) – 2016 CIF-SS Central Regional Finalist
145-Jennifer Garcia (El Monte) – 2016 5th place CIF-SS Central Regional
150-Destiny Cunningham (Hillcrest) – 2016 4th place CIF Southern Section Championship
160-Yvette Garcia (West Covina) – 2016 CIF State Finalist
170-Dymond Guilford (Eastside) – 2016 8th place CIF State Championship
189- Sierra Adams-Gregory (Lakewood) – 2016 6th place CIF State Championship
Alt- Leslie Chicas (Montclair) – 2016 6th place CIF Southern Section Championship

Though the line-up is subject to change, every team is stacked with talent.

Awarding team points, much like the dual tournament itself, will be slightly different:

Match ending 5-0= 6 team points
Match ending before time limit (I.e. 5-4, 5-1,5-3)= 5 team points
Match ending at the end of round=3 team points
Losing wrestler that scores= 1-2pts=1 team point, score 3-4=2

This system is designed to push the action but being that it is something it might be tweaked before or even during the event.

The meet will take place at El Monte High School (3048 Tyler Ave, El Monte, CA 91731) and there will be no admission fee (donations will be welcome)

If you want to come support this new and interesting concept and want to be able to someday say you were at the very first one, please come enjoy some great wrestling and cheer for the athletes.

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