Congratulations to the Cadet Team California 2018 Fargo Team Champions

In a national tournament where 28 states fielded teams, the cadets of team California bested the rest of the teams with a total of 79 team points. New York. the second place team was a good 17 points behind with 62.

In individual results, Team California had 19 placers out of 33 wrestlers, including one champion and three finalists.

The Junior team will see action starting Tuesday, July 17, and we will undoubtedly see quite a few, if not all, of the cadet team members, compete in that age-group also. Until then, join me in congratulating cadet team California, the 2018 Fargo Team Champions!

Top Ten Teams

1 California 79pts
2 New York 62pts
3 Illinois 48pts
4 Washington 40pts
5 Pennsylvania 38pts
6 Texas 36pts
7 Hawaii 29pts
8 Colorado 23pts
9 Missouri 22pts
10 Nevada 17pts

Individual Results

94 lbs
Melissa F. Lee 3rd
Faith Vega 7th

100 lbs
Hailey Ward 6th
Mikayla Guevarra DNP
Lizette Rodriguez DNP

106 lbs
Genesis Quirarte DNP

112 lbs
Charlotte Kouyoumtjian 2nd
Greta Gustafson 8th

117 lbs
Alisha Narvaez 5th
Samantha Barragan 6th
Desinee Lopez 7th
Makayla Rydbeck DNP

122 lbs
Melanie Mendoza 4th
Elis Carvalho DNP
Samantha Snow DNP

127 lbs
Ariah Valdez DNP

132 lbs
Cheyenne Bowman Champion
Allyson Arrington DNP
Tiera Jimerson DNP
Nallely Rivadeneira 6th

138 lbs
Annie N. Hua 5th
Beyonce Garcia 6th

144 lbs
Beatriz Zubiran 8th
Emmily Patneaud DNP

152 lbs
Ezra Vavao DNP
Gianna Anaya DNP

164 lbs
Katja Osteen 2nd
Alia Abushi 3rd
Ariana Pereira DNP

180 lbs
Adelina Parra 2nd
America Lopez 6th
Juliannah Bolli DNP

200 lbs
Hollie Espinoza 5th

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