46 CA wrestlers ranked in Latest National Rankings

The second edition of the National Girls High School rankings for the 2018-19 season has been released. The list is developed as a group effort between USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum. It recognizes the top 20 wrestlers in the country, across fourteen weight classes, as determined by the three entities’ criteria. The previous rankings came out last November. forty-six California wrestlers made it onto the latest edition of the list. But there is an issue with the list but more on that later. SoCal Wrestlers are highlighted.

100 pounds
6. Cristelle Rodriguez, Buchanan High School (NR)
7. Lizette Rodriguez, James Logan High School (3)
19. Hailey Ward, Turlock High School (15)
20. Sofia Martinez, Ayala High School (12 at 106)

106 pounds
8. Angelina Gomez, Northview High School (8)
15. Merijah Morales, Selma High School (NR)

112 pounds
18. Jennifer Soto, Orland High School (NR)
20. Elysia Urrea, Lincoln High School (NR)

117 pounds
8. Aliya Rollins,, Birmingham Charter School (6)
15. Alisha Narvaez, Arroyo High School (17)
16. Monica Garcia, Norte Vista High School (NR)
17. Desinee Lopez, Folsom High School (18)
18. Charlotte Kouyamtijian, Monache High School (11 at 112)

122 pounds
15. Ashley Venegas, Mt. Whitney High School (17 at 112)
16. Melanie Mendoza, Selma High School (12)

127 pounds
8. Niya Teresita Gaines, Bear Creek High School (3)

132 pounds
1. Mary Lopez, Liberty High School (3)

138 pounds
1. Cheyenne Bowman, Rowland High School (1 at 132)
3. Aine Drury, Westminster High School (2)

6. Dalia Garibay, Freedom High School (6)
17. Lauren McDonnell, Menlo-Atherton High School (NR)
19. Faalia Martinez, Oakdale High School (NR)

144 pounds
1. Jerzie Estrada, Selma High School (1) Now at Birmingham
5. Emmily Patneaud, Newark Memorial High School (5)
6. Lillian Freitas, Pitman High School (NR)
20. Madison Camp, Kennedy High School (18)

152 pounds
2. Amit Elor, College Park High School (NR)
7. Yelena Makoyed, Bella Vista High School (8)
13. Gianna Anaya, San Fernando High School (7)
16. Francesca Lopresti, Albany High School (NR)

164 pounds
4. Katja Osteen, Chaminade High School (3)
7. Liliana Vergara, Gregori High School (9 at 152)
8. Alia Abushi, Calif., Arroyo High School (6)
20. Alexis Young, River Valley High School (15)

180 pounds
2. Adelina Parra, San Fernando High School (2)
7. Folashade Akinola, Menlo Atherton High School (18)

200 pounds
4. Jasmine Clarke, Kelseyville High School, (8)
5. Angela Buenrrostro, Monroe High School (6)
7. Cianna Riley, San Dimas High School (NR)
8. Kayvette Osorio, Golden Valley High School (20)
9. Sierra Adams-Gregory, Milliken High School (2) now at Lakewood
10. Juliannah Bolli, Silver Creek High School (9)

225 pounds
1. Tavi Heidelberg, McClatchy High School (1 at 200)
4. Cristina Santoyo, James Monroe High School (2)
8. Lilian McCoy, Casa Grande High School (10)
18. Madlyne Navarro, El Camino High School (7)

These rankings have been subject to scorn since their introduction a season ago. One of the main complaints is the continual appearance of wrestlers that are no longer in high school, even after that fact has been made known. Case in point, 4 3 of the California athletes listed graduated last year, number 8 at 106 pounds Angelina Gomez, number 17 at 117 pounds Desinee Lopez, number 19 at 138 pounds Faalia Martinez and number 20 at 164 pounds Alexis Young. Now, I admit I may be mistaken about one of those wrestlers.

And, it’s possible someone will use my mistake in support of the claim that gathering information is challenging. I am also confident that most people appreciate what the three organizations are trying to do with this list. And I understand this project might not be a priority. But, come on, it’s three of the top organizations for wrestling information. Can we get a little fact checking? This situation has most people focusing on the factual errors instead of the merit of the rankings.

But, maybe the individuals in charge of the rankings are doing the best they can with the resources they have available to them. If that is the case, maybe, we should all try to help. So, I will close this post with the appeal that comes at the tail-end of each ranking list, “Coaches, parents and athletes are encouraged to provide information about specific athletes and their achievements throughout the year for the committee to consider. If they have information on specific girls who should be considered for ranking, please send it by email to gro.gniltserwasunull@sgniknarslrig

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