Points of Interest for the 2019 Southern Section Postseason

CIF Southern Section has released its 2018-2019 girls wrestling preview. The preview contains the guidelines for the regional qualifiers and the section championships, among other things. Here are some points of interest for the 2019 Southern Section postseason.

  • League placement will not determine qualifiers to the CIF-SS Regional Qualifying Tournament, CIF Southern Section Championship, or for the State Championships
  • There will not be a Dual Match Girls Wrestling Championship.
  • Each School can only enter one wrestler per weight class
  • There are five regional varsity qualifying sites this year.
  • The Top 6 placers at each site qualify for the Girls CIF Southern Section Championship
  • There will be one Alternate in each weight class for the Girls Individual Qualifying Tournament. The Alternate will take the place of the Entered Wrestler, should she be unable to compete.
  • There will be two (2) alternates at each weight class for the CIF Southern Section Girls Championship held at Eleanor Roosevelt HS. The 7th place finisher from each division may weigh in as an alternate (there may be certain exceptions where two 7th place wrestlers will be allowed to weigh in if they reached their match limit at their regional tournament and a true 7th was not able to be determined).
  • A random selection to determine the two automatic entries into the bracket to fill them to a true 32-person bracket with be done beforehand to let the individuals/school know that they will be in the tournament. Any other openings in each bracket due to wrestlers not making weight, failing groom check, no-shows, etc. will be filled by a random selection process after weigh-ins have been completed. All alternates must pass groom check and make weight.
  • In cases where two 7th place wrestlers are considered alternates because of match limit at their regional tournament and their regional site was either predetermined to be one of the automatic alternates or they were drawn in after weight-ins, will wrestle each other in a pig-tail match in the first round. The winner will advance into the 32-person bracket while the other wrestler will drop into a pig-tail consolation match. If one of the two wrestlers do not show, make weight, pass groom, etc. the wrestler that has successfully done so will take that spot in the bracket
  • ALL WEIGH-IN PROCEDURES WILL BE HANDLED BY FEMALES, WHENEVER POSSIBLE. It is recommended that the tournament director organize sufficient female personnel to handle all facets of the weigh-in.
  • The CIF Southern Section mandates that all female wrestlers weigh-in wearing their school issued competition uniform fully in place.

So, some interesting changes have been implemented for the regional qualifiers and section championships. Hopefully everything will go smoothly at both events.

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