WCWA Regional Qualifiers Canceled

There Were Good Reasons

As some of you may know, the WCWA was scheduled to hold its regional qualifiers for this year’s National championships last weekend. However, these were canceled leaving many people wondering why. After inquiring as to the reasons for the cancellation, I received the answer via direct message on Twitter from the official WCWA account. There were 3 factors cited:

  1. Membership had discussed regionals before the NAIA had announced women’s wrestling invitational status. Since many of the WCWA schools are NAIA, adding regionals meant that a financial burden would be added to their budget. The WCWA didn’t want them to have to choose between WCWA regionals/nationals and NAIA at this point. It may happen in the future, but they didn’t want that to happen currently.
  2. The WCWA also had to wait to see where NAIA nationals were going to be held and deciding regional teams would have pushed them further into the WCWA season.
  3. Membership wanted more time to develop the right regional format for what the WCWA is trying to accomplish. As the association grows women’s wrestling, it wants to ensure it isn’t discouraging teams from starting programs and joining the WCWA, while also providing a competitive championship environment.

Though it’s disappointing to not see the first-ever WCWA regional qualifiers take place, it appears the decision was made with the membership’s and the sport’s best interest in mind. I’d like to thank the WCWA for providing me the information.

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