48 CIF State Placers for Socal in 2019

Congratulation to the wrestlers listed below on earning top-8 placings at the 2019 CIF State Girls Wrestling Championships. The exact placing they finish in will be decided today, Saturday, February 23rd, during the third and final day of competition at Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield.

196 SoCal wrestlers competed (42 from LACS, 42 to from SDS, and 112 from SS) a 42 wrestler increase from the 154 wrestlers (14 from LACS, 28 from SDS, and 112 from SS) that were sent previously; before the CIF making it 32-wrestler brackets this year.

Now, there’s some good news and some bad news. I’ ll start with the good. LACS’s placer count has doubled from 5 in 2018 to 10 this year! The bad news, both SDS and SS will see a drop in the number of placers they have this year. SDS drops from 8 to 5 and the SS drops from 38 to 33. in total SoCal will drop from 51 placers last year to 48 this year.

If nothing else, the drop in placers is an indicator of how tough the competition around the rest of the state is becoming and should be an exhortation to all the SoCal wrestlers to step up and work harder than ever.

Another thing that it does, is make placing so much mote meaningul because it is becoming more challenging to do so. So to those who are guarateed to do so today, Congratulations! You deserve the fruit of your labor!

101 Lbs
Semifinals: Sofia Martinez – Ayala (SS)
Consolation Semifinals: Karen Salais – Calexico (SDS)

106 Lbs
Semifinals: Justine Barredo – Walnut (SS)
Semifinals: Leah Gaitan – Yucaipa (SS)
Consolation Semifinals: Viviana Garcia – San Fernando (LACS)
7th Place Match: Makayla Breceda – Norco (SS)

111 Lbs
Semifinals: Alexis Medina – Northview (SS)
Semifinals: Danielle Garcia – Corona (SS)
Consolation Semifinals: Aliyah Rollins – Birmingham (LACS)
7th Place Match: Riha Prasad – Santa Monica (SS)

116 Lbs
Semifinals: Monica Garcia – Norte Vista (SS)
Consolation Semifinals: Rebecca Drown – Norco (SS)
7th Place Match: Juliana Cubias – Aliso Niguel (SS)
7th Place Match: Heavynne Jerez – Westminster (SS)

121 Lbs
Consolation Semifinals: Katie Gomez – Birmingham (LACS)
Consolation Semifinals: Cora Johnson-Woessner – La Costa Canyon (SDS)
7th Place Match: Samantha Barragan – Hemet (SS)
7th Place Match: Kameron Sudol – Yorba Linda (SS)

126 Lbs
Semifinals: Cindy Zepeda – Palm Springs (SS)
Semifinals: Kelly Escamilla – California (SS)
Consolation Semifinals: Nile Jernigan – Cerritos (SS)

131 Lbs
Semifinals: Cheyenne Bowman – Rowland (SS)
Semifinals: Athena Willden – Oak Hills (SS)
Consolation Semifinals: Tiera Jimerson – Northview (SS)
7th Place Match: Phonisha Pruiit – Lincoln (SDS)

137 Lbs
Semifinals: Aine Drury – Westminster (SS)
7th Place Match: Sydney Barrios – San Pedro (LACS)

143 Lbs
Semifinals: Gianna Anaya – San Fernando (LACS)
Consolation Semifinals: Juliana Bricarello – Beaumont (SS)
7th Place Match: Paola Sanabria – Silverado (SS)

150 Lbs
Semifinals: Melanie Bacher – Norte Vista (SS)
Semifinals: Maddie Konopka – La Costa Canyon (SDS)
7th Place Match: Jazmin Segura – Tustin (SS)
7th Place Match: Cheyenne Williams – Eleanor Roosevelt (SS)

160 Lbs
Semifinals: Jerzie Estrada – Birmingham (LACS)
Consolation Semifinals: Chamira Cooper – Cerritos (SS)

170 Lbs
Semifinals: Adelina Parra – San Fernando (LACS)
Consolation Semifinals: Amara Devericks – Corona (SS)
Consolation Semifinals: America Lopez – Valenica/V (SS)
7th Place Match: Vianeth Jimenez – Birmingham (LACS)

189 Lbs
Semifinals: Angela Buenrrostro – Monroe (LACS)
Semifinals: Joanna Hendricks – Beaumont (SS)
Consolation Semifinals: Melissa Moreno – Beckman (SS)
7th Place Match: Madlyne Navarro – El Camino (SDS)

235 Lbs
Semifinals: Sierra Adams-Gregory – Lakewood (SS)
Semifinal: Cristina Santoyo – Monroe (LACS)
Consolation Semifinals: Ciara Boyd – San Dimas (SS)
7th Place Match: Isela Mendez – Northview (SS)

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