Top 8 Wrestlers to Advance to Southern Section Championships

The CIF Southern Section Commissioner of Athletics, Rob Wigod, has released a memo announcing that the top eight wrestlers from each region qualifier will now advance to the section championships. Originally, it was to be the top six plus two of the five seventh-place finishers. The memo explains the reasoning behind the change though there might be a few sceptics out there.

I’m happy that additional wrestlers are being added but most of the 8th place wrestlers are only finding out this news today. What if a wrestler, their season over, decided on Saturday evening to indulge in everything that they have been missing out on all season? Then, they continue to on Sunday, only to find out Monday afternoon that their season isn’t over after all and that they have three days to get back to their wrestling weight. Not a good situation and not one that the CIF-SS should be creating.

You can find the memo, below. If you have trouble reading it, you can click on the link.


I will post a list with the newly qualified wrestlers added as soon as I get a chance.

One thought on “Top 8 Wrestlers to Advance to Southern Section Championships”

  1. 40 x 14= 560 wrestlers
    2 x 560= 1220 parents
    1 x 560= 560 siblings/grandparents
    2 x 160= 320 coaches
    Total= 2,660 people

    Hope they hire security with the extra money they plan to make. Cuz people/parents gonna throw bows!!

    And there’s a snowballs chance in hell that 7 or 8 placers will make it to state.

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