2019 CA-USA Wrestling Kids Folkstyle Championships Girls Results

Updated: March 12, 2019

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The 2019 CA-USA Wrestling Kids Folkstyle Championships took place this past weekend. The California Grapplers came in first in each of the the three age divisions; intermediate, novice and schoolgirl. A total of 195 girls registered for the tournament, which is a 1% increase over last year’s 193. In comparison to the state tournament’s ten-year high, which was 202 in 2017, it appears girls’ age-group wrestling in the state is on a downward trend. Given that same situation can be noticed in the previous weekend’s Cadet/Jr Folkstyle Championships, I think the state association needs to address the issue and develop a course of action the will correct whatever issues girls wrestling might be experiencing.

That being said, it is still awesome to see that there are young female wrestlers that are already working hard at getting to the next level in their sport, by searching out the toughest competition in the state. The placers at each age group follow:


45 LBS
1st Sophia Lazaro – California Grapplers
2nd Jillian Littrell – La Habra Predators
3rd Aaliyah Ladnier – East County Wrestling Club
4th Braelyn Smith – Team Puma
5th Jocelyn Moreno – Visalia Impact Wrestling

50 LBS
1st Alexandria Marin – Dethrone
2nd Audrie-Marie Mills – 3G Wrestling
3rd Taylor Bell – Team Arceta
4th Jennifer Wells – Elk Grove Wrestling Academy
5th Mariah Mayorga – West Coast Warriors
6th Jelissa Gray – Wolfpack Wrestling Club
7th Alexia Rangel – G-Style Wrestling
8th Gracelynne Durant – East County Wrestling Club

55 LBS
1st Noemi Cordero – UTB Wrestling
2nd Leeyah Rodriguez – Merced Bears
3rd Kiara Fernandez – Tsunami Wc
4th Sol Mendoza – Tsunami Wc
5th Sophia Toscano – All American Elite
6th Elena Lopez – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
7th Zariah Padilla – G-Style Wrestling
8th Emma Martinez – Stallion Wrestling Club

60 LBS
1st Alexandria Skidmore – Lawc/Chaminade
2nd Clarissa Cisneros – Tuff Kidz
3rd Mikayla Rayrao – Colts
4th Khloe Gamez – Machine Shop Wrestling Club
5th Eleina Cortez – Stallion Wrestling Club
6th Julianna Jimenez – G-Style Wrestling
7th Sophia Marie Gonzales – Team Fearless Youth Wrestling

65/70 LBS
1st Layla French – Usa Gold
2nd Anijah Johnson – Machine Shop Wrestling Club
3rd Jocelyn Chacon – Grapplers Studio
4th Emma Lynn Trinidad – Brawley Gladiators Wrestling C

80 LBS
1st Natalie Castillejo – Beat The Streets – San Fenando
2nd Brynn Madden – USA Gold

105 LBS
1st Aniah Martinez – Guadalupe Wrestling
2nd Seriah Santibanes – Team Selma


60 LBS
1st Angelina Borelli – Pitman Wrestling Academy
2nd Patricia Medina – Team Coalinga
3rd Lily Dizon – Tracy Wrestling Club
4th Angelica Serratos – Grapplers Studio
5th Miabella Lopez – Smashgyms
6th Layla Hamilton-Valencia – Merced Bears WC
7th Evelyn Lopez – Team Temecula
8th Valeria Miranda – Beat The Streets – Los Angeles

65 LBS
1st Gisele Solano – Elk Grove Wrestling Academy
2nd Kaiya Maggini – USA Gold
3rd Taylor Kadolph – California Grapplers
4th Maggie Cornish – Big Kats
5th Julyssa Arce – Imperial Jr Wrestling Club
6th Paisley Nolan – Big Kats
7th Anabelle Serratos – Grapplers Studio
8th Michelle Gutierrez – Beat The Streets – Los Angeles

70 LBS
1st Jillian Wells – Elk Grove Wrestling Academy
2nd Tammy Grace – Daniel Cormier Wrestling
3rd Aleena Nguyen – Oakdale
4th Emery Breceda – Tsunami WC
5th Arianna Moises – Imperial Jr Wrestling Club
6th Aubrianna Hart – Eastern Sabers
7th Mia Sanchez – Beat The Streets – Los Angeles
8th Leah Wollrich – Swamp Monsters

75 LBS
1st Skye Schneider – Elk Grove Wrestling Academy
2nd Kailey Salazar – Team Selma
3rd Megan Moralez – Red Wave Wrestling
4th Juliet Salazar – California Grapplers
5th Alejandra Sanchez – California Grapplers
6th Jasmine Lund – Tracy Wrestling Club
7th Elyanna Valdez – Gwc
8th Sawyer Smithson – California Mat Masters

80 LBS
1st Mia Hooper – California Grapplers
2nd Lauren Zaragoza – Brawley Gladiators Wrestling Club
3rd Natalie Sanders – Anderson Attack
4th Molly Olague – Corning Pal

85 LBS
1st Bella Williams – Poway Elite
2nd Lilyana Balderas – Elk Grove Wrestling Academy
3rd Maile Nguyen – Tri Valley Elite Wrestling
4th Dulcy Martinez – Oakdale
5th Leah Lopez – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
6th Chrystal Benavides – San Fernando Tigers
7th Clover Williams – Poway Elite
8th Yvonne Rincon – Guadalupe Wrestling

90 LBS
1st Delarie Juarez – Imperial Jr Wrestling Club
2nd Kailynn Santa Maria – Tsunami WC
3rd Ashlee Gomez – Exeter X-Men
4th Atiana Cardenas – Guadalupe Wrestling

95 LBS
1st Sumaya Lazaro – California Grapplers
2nd Bernyce Villegas – Beat The Streets Los Angeles
3rd Lucia Ledezma – San Diego
4th Laila Reyes – Team Selma
5th Julissa Gonzalez – Shafter Youth Wrestling
6th Adeline Reece – Tracy Wrestling Club

102 LBS
1st Isabella Marie Gonzales – Team Fearless Youth Wrestling
2nd Yasmin Jimenez – Los Banos Panthers Youth Wrest
3rd Reese Hart – Tehachapi Valley Wrestling Clu
4th Anabelle Aguirre – All American Elite
5th Nevaeh Ramos – Guadalupe Wrestling
6th Iyana Johnson – Machine Shop Wrestling Club
7th Gabriela Pereyra – Beat The Streets – Los Angeles

110 LBS
1st Nisa Rogers – All American Elite
2nd Isabel Garcia – G-Style Wrestling
3rd Honour Durkee – Tracy Wrestling Club
4th Aubreyelle Baeza – California Grapplers
5th Lauren Madden – USA Gold
6th Jessica Green – New Creation Wrestling Club
7th Mia Aguilar – San Fernando Tigers

118 LBS
1st Adelaida Fernandez – Beat The Streets – Los Angeles
2nd Vivian Garcia – Stallion Wrestling Club
3rd April Ruiz – Coalinga Roughnecks

127 LBS
1st Anna Bozanic – Poway Elite
2nd Rosalynn Diaz – Delta Wrestling Club

145 LBS
1st Karissa Aguilar – San Fernando Tigers
2nd Autumn Olague – Corning Pal Wrestling

160 LBS
1st Audrey Izzy Segura – California Grapplers
2nd Okalani Chur – UTB Wrestling


72 LBS
1st Haylee Noyes – Corning Pal Wrestling
2nd Emily Mayorga – West Coast Warriors

79 LBS
1st Cynthia Meza – Calaveras Youth Wrestling Club
2nd Christina Osorio – Terminator Wrestling Club
3rd Mikayla Garcia – North Coast Grapplers
4th Keira Nartatez – All American Elite
5th Alicia Serratos – Grapplers Studio

85 LBS
1st Mia Gonzalez – Smashgyms
2nd Avy Perez – Beat The Streets Los Angeles
3rd Sophia Cornish – Big Kats
4th Kassandra Nieto – Club Lucha
5th Jazmin Roschmann – Wolfpack Wrestling Club
6th Elise Toste – Corning Pal Wrestling
7th Jordyn Perez – Daniel Cormier Wrestling

92 LBS
1st Abbeygael Cabuag – Amateur Wrestling Academy
2nd Olivia Lopez – Team Temecula
3rd Zayra Benitez – Club Lucha
4th Alexis Garza – California Grapplers

97 LBS
1st Kiely Tabaldo – Smashgyms
2nd Birta Mccaskill – Mira Mesa Fall Guys Wrestling
3rd Valerie Glenn – Daniel Cormier Wrestling
4th Bk Martinez – Ayala Smash
5th Baylee Carrillo – California Grapplers
6th Carleena Stegall – Grapplers Studio
7th Kaylyn Williams – Tri Valley Elite Wrestling
8th Celeste Meza – Club Lucha

101 LBS
1st Paige Moralez – Red Wave Wrestling
2nd Eden Hernandez – Poway Elite
3rd Erica Simon – Beat The Streets Los Angeles

105 LBS
1st Diana Olivarez – Red Wave Wrestling
2nd Austria Holland – All American Elite
3rd Alexandra Cortez – Scotts Valley Wrestling Academy
4th Mikayla Lancaster – Jaguars Wrestling Club
5th Mia Sanchez – California Grapplers
6th Ella Harper – Swamp Monsters
7th Avangeline Turner – Swamp Monsters
8th Danica Kelly – Scotts Valley Wrestling Academy

110 LBS
1st Lillian Avalos – Pitman Wrestling Academy
2nd Leilani Lazaro – California Grapplers
3rd Gianna Dibenedetto – Swamp Monsters
4th Mia Ramirez – Dog Pound
5th Kailtyn Ashe – Guadalupe Wrestling

119 LBS
1st Alanis Ayala – Gilroy Hawks
2nd Ysabella Hinojosa – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
3rd Melody Hernandez – Farmersville Warriors Wrestling
4th Clarissa Cabrera – Club Lucha
5th Carmella Foley – Foley Wrestling
6th Raeanna Halvorson – Durham Trojans Wrestling Club
7th Kyndra Olmos – Smashgyms
8th Ku`U Luke – Delta Wrestling Club

127 LBS
1st Christin Contreras-Jaen – Sons Of Thunder Academy
2nd Delise Villa – Beat The Streets – San Fernando
3rd Trinity Lagandaon – Mira Mesa Fall Guys Wrestling
4th Jocelyn Staelena – Tracy Wrestling Club

136 LBS
1st Kaiulani Garcia – Pitman Wrestling Academy
2nd Isela Lainez – Elk Grove Wrestling Academy
3rd Jessica Maglalang – Colts
4th Lillee Olague – Corning Pal Wrestling
5th Isabella Hoyuela – Beat The Streets – Los Angeles
6th Aurora Parker – California Mat Masters
7th Samantha Pina – Central Cali Vipers
8th Joselin Hernandez – Club Lucha

150 LBS
1st Alana Ontiveros – Pitman Wrestling Academy
2nd Taydem Khamjoi – Stockton
3rd Bianca Flores – California Grapplers
4th Angelina Rincon – Guadalupe Wrestling
5th Alondra Juarez – Club Lucha

185+ LBS
1st Isabel Almaraz – Corning Pal Wrestling
2nd Mia Gutierrez – UTB Wrestling

Congratulations to all the placing wrestlers.

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  1. Congratulations Girls! There’s now SO MUCH opportunity on the college level for female wrestlers so I hope these girls stick with the sport so they can advance their education through wrestling in the future. And on another positive note, the 2018 Women’s West Coast Tournament of Champions saw an increase in HS girl competitors to 421. This was outstanding and expected to grow even more this coming December 2019. We can’t wait to add a girls middle-school/youth division in 2020!

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