2019 SCWAY Girls State Wrestling Tournament Results

This past Saturday, the third edition of the SCWAY Girls State Wrestling Tournament took place at Santiago High School in Corona. Scott Lawson, SCWAY State Director, stated that this year they had around 100 female wrestlers register. I hope the tournament continues to grow and provide female wrestlers more opportunities.

Congratulations to the wrestlers who placed:


105 LBS
1st Anaya Falcon – Pounders WC
2nd Alyah Cruz – RAW
3rd Beya De Loera – Pounders WC
4th Mia Navarro – Brawley
5th Kaylee Bramlette – Esperanza
6th Presley Anderson – Los Alamitos

110 LBS
1st Caley Ortiz – Animal House
2nd Carmen Perez – Northbay Nightmares
3rd Natalie Jones – Murrieta Valley
4th Karissa Turnwall – Menifee
5th Jenna Sims – Murrieta Valley
6th Elaina Valenzuela – Fullerton

117 LBS
1st Makayla Correa – Menifee
2nd Adela Loza – Canyon Springs
3rd Cameron Ortiz – Animal House
4th Ashley Forsyth – El Dorado
5th Arianna Groves – Northbay Nightmares
6th Makynna Loepp – West Coast Warriors

126 LBS
1st Esperanza Dorantes – Animal House
2nd Kaylee Hernandez – Canyon Springs
3rd Valerie Powell – Norco
4th Samantha Parcell – RAW
5th Neismar Carrasquillo – Los Alamitos
6th Giovana Garcia – El Modena

135 LBS
1st Kyrra Young – Valley Center
2nd Nika Filatova – Westview
3rd Mia Bonilla – Temescal Canyon
4th Kyla Pattillo – Mira Mesa
5th Madaline Nunez – Esperanza
6th Hayley Huynh – Brea Olinda

145 LBS
1st Annabel He – RBWC
2nd Kayley Garcia – Vista
3rd Rachel Wilson – Mira Mesa
4th Vannessa Flores – Pounders WC
5th Rina Lee – Westview
6th Elaina Chavez – Cataline’s Wildcats

155 LBS
1st Macey Seekatz – Pounders WC
2nd Raya Emerald – Yucaipa
3rd Mariz Soliman – Temescal Canyon
4th Kasandra Rivera – Yucca Valley
5th Grace Doering – Huntington Beach
6th Kaley Rice – Animal House


105 LBS
1st Emilie Gonzalez – Arroyo
2nd Brianna Gonzalez – Arroyo
3rd Toby Jimenez – Centennial
4th Anaya Falcon – Pounders WC

110 LBS
1st Brianna Gonzalez – Arroyo
2nd Emilie Gonzalez – Arroyo
3rd Carmen Perez – Northbay Nightmares
4th Caley Ortiz – Animal House

117 LBS
1st Marissa Ritchie – Hawkmade
2nd Anya Rodriguez – Mar Vista
3rd Sarah Sanchez – Pounders WC
4th Cameron Ortiz – Animal House
5th Alyssa Rodriguez – RAW
6th Cecilia Lara – Garden Grove

126 LBS
1st Tori Bjork – Westview
2nd Esperanza Dorantes – Animal House
3rd Isabela Tan – Hawkmade
4th Antonella Benenati – Reign
5th Kaylee Hernandez – Animal House
6th Mya Crespo – JW North

135 LBS
1st Amber Plasencia – Ironhawk
2nd Koraima Reyes – Hawkmade
3rd Devora Delgadillo – Garden Grove
4th Karen Bello – El Modena
5th Joelyn Tully – Excelsior Charter
6th Kyrra Young – Animal House

145 LBS
1st Cheyenne Bowman – Pounders WC
2nd Annabel He – RBWC
3rd Janelle Gomez – Paloma Valley
4th Zoe Vasquez – La Quinta
5th Kaley Garcia – Vista

155 LBS
1st Maya Cruz – Menifee
2nd Loren Lecona – DHHS
3rd Val Serrano – Pounders WC

170 LBS
1st Cindy Degura – Pounders WC
2nd Sophie Garcia – Devils Gate

190 LBS
1st Layla Donahoe – DHHS
2nd MaryJane Barton – La Quinta
3rd Cindy Segura – Pounders WC
4th Samantha Santana – Centennial

235 LBS
1st Ciara Boyd – Animal House
2nd Elsy Alvarez – Animal House
3rd Karina Zuniga – Garden Grove

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