Introducing the Southern Section Wrestler Ratings

Updated: June 11, 2019

Removed Deija Hodges (graduated)

Yes, you read that right, I am going to attempt to do ratings next season. It’s something I have been thinking about for the past four years and have been actively pursing for the past two. Some readers may be wondering, why? After all, there are plenty of individuals that do rankings every year – both officially and unofficially.

All the rankings that are put out include, to varying degrees, an amount of subjectivity – resulting from the creator’s experience, expertise, and/or bias. This is true regardless of whether it’s an individual or a team that produces the work. I am not disparaging the quality of the produced rankings, as subjectivity can absolutely prove itself a useful tool (when bias, the most insidious form of subjectivity, is kept at a minimum). Which led me to ask, what would the rankings look like if they were more objective?

The Rating System

The ratings I am now introducing will attempt to answer that question. They have no subjective input from me other than discriminating between datasets based on logistical reasons; more on that later. I have not created a rating system but instead will be using a modified form of a system that has been used be the United States Chess Federation since the 1960’s and which was created, by master-level chess player and physics professor Arpad Elo, to calculate the relative skill levels of chess players. Over the years, the Elo Rating System (which I will call ERS from here on out) has been applied to all sort of zero-sum games (games where, more often than not, one side wins and the other loses).

Unfortunately, the nature of wrestling matches prevented me from simply taking the system, as it is used in chess, and plugging in wrestlers.  Fortunately, two years ago, I came across a research article, shortly after its publication, titled Ranking and prediction of collegiate wrestling, by Kristina Gavin Bigsby and Jeffrey W. Ohlmann.  The article, “identifies potential biases in traditional ranking methodologies [as used in college wrestling] and offers alternatives based on the network-based PageRank and Elo ratings.” It also backs up my initial hunch, “that Elo presents an especially attractive alternative to current ranking systems.”

The article also included the exact formula needed to make the ERS work for wrestling. If you interested in reading the article and taking a closer look to the modifications made to the rating system formula in order to make it more applicable to wrestling, I have included the link to it above.

Dataset Processing

So, if I had come across the key component to producing an objective rating system, why did it take another two years before I produced results? I realized early in the testing of the ERS formula that inputting every match manually, even for a single tournament, was a tortuous endeavor. I would need to come up with a method to automate, at least a part of, the process if I intended to use the tool to track and rate wrestlers for an entire season.

Though I am not a programmer, I have been able to teach myself quite a bit of code and script writing both through my day-job and the running of this site. However, the act of writing a script to process the large number of datasets proved frustrating. I would figure out one piece of the puzzle only to later discover that I had broken something somewhere else. Finally, earlier this year, I admitted to myself that I needed help and I approached a coworker with far-superior coding skills. He generously gave my project some of his time and provided me with the assistance I so desperately needed. The ratings I present in this post, and all future ratings, are in no small way a result of his help. I would normally give him credit by name, but he has specifically asked me not to, as he is a very private person. Nonetheless, he has my sincerest thanks.

The second part of the puzzle, the most crucial when it comes to executing the formula, was solved. But there was one more issue that needed to be addressed, the same one hinted at earlier, and which I will touch on next, as I explain the considerations I will take, if I am to continue to do these ratings during the upcoming season.

Methodology and Process

There are some call outs I would like to make about how the ratings were done and some changes regarding how they will be done in the future:

  • For all intents and purposes, the rating presented here can be considered both postseason and preseason ratings.
  • Twelfth-grade wrestlers have been removed. However, there are some caveats:
    • The information I used for the wrestlers’ grades might not be correct
    • The information might have been missing and could not be found
    • I might have made a mistake when entering the information

If you notice any twelfth-grade wrestlers listed or believe a wrestler should be listed that is not, please let me know and I will make the correction, if appropriate.

  • For future ratings, only varsity tournaments where wrestlers represent their high school, during the regular and play-off season, will be used. As a result, the following types of tournaments will not be used.
    • Freestyle
    • Greco-Roman
    • Middle school
    • USA Wrestling sanctioned
    • Preseason
    • Independent
  • Though I have presently calculated ratings for Southern Section wrestlers only, I am not opposed to doing it for LA City and San Diego Section also, if enough information is available or provided in a manner that lends itself to the extrapolation of the necessary data. Which finally brings me to the third issue I had to contend with when calculating the ratings.The ratings that follow were calculated from information extrapolated from seven tournaments; the five regional qualifiers, the Masters tournament, and the CIF State Championships. That’s data from a total of 1,507 competitors and 6,718 bouts.Getting the information from those tournaments, though tedious, was straightforward; as all brackets were available and the information was typed. Moving forward, I will only use information that is available in a similar format. I understand that this will potentially eliminate smaller tournaments, where brackets are handwritten, from being used in the ratings. But I simply do not have the ability to type all the data from scratch. However, I am willing to work with anyone who wishes to have their tournament be part of the calculated ratings. All I need is a verifiable copy of the brackets and a spreadsheet listing each bout of the first round (including byes and double byes) for each weight in the following format:

I am also willing to use dual meets, if provided with a verifiable copy of the bout sheet and a spreadsheet with the information as shown in the example above, listed in the order the matches occurred (in cases of meets involving more than two schools).

  • I will rate to the top-twenty wrestlers in each weight.
    In the rating below there are less than twenty wrestlers at some weights, this is because of the limited number of tournaments used, which forced me to institute a six-match minimum in order to make the list.
    Moving forward, the minimum will be lowered to one match in order to be rated.
  • Ratings will carry over from season to season.
  • Making sure the correct wrestler gets credit for matches wrestled will be the most challenging part of this project. I promise I will to my best to ensure names are matched correctly (even when I come across spelling inconsistencies).

If anyone has any questions concerning the rating system, please feel free to contact me using the Contact Us Form.

Finally, ratings and rankings celebrate the accomplishments of the wrestlers that make the list and they get fans involved via healthy speculation. They do nothing more because matches and championships are won on the mat not on paper. Enjoy!

The Ratings

If you would like to download a copy of the ratings, you can do so here.

Tournaments used to calculate ratings:

  • 2019 Girls Central Regional at San Dimas HS
  • 2019 Girls Eastern Regional at Hillcrest HS
  • 2019 Girls Northern Regional at Camarillo HS
  • 2019 Girls Southern Regional at El Toro HS
  • 2019 Girls Western Regional at Downey HS
  • 2019 Girls Southern Section Masters at Eleanor Roosevelt HS
  • 2019 CIF Girls State Championships at Rabobank Arena
101 LBS
1 Rayna Prasad Santa Monica 1746.11
2 Angie Castaneda Cajon 1663.96
3 Angie Cervantes Walnut 1635.23
4 Brianna Gonzalez Arroyo 1550.27
5 Devyn Gomez Kennedy 1430.49
6 Jayden Von Moos Paloma Valley 1415.5
7 Florajane Solera Hillcrest 1389.48
8 Yvonnne Estrada Northview 1348.34
9 Kai’Li Oshiro South Torrance 1268.09
10 Kyndle Winchester Aliso Niguel 1217.24
11 Angeline Rivera Segerstrom 1170.89
12 Jordan Villagomez Foothill 1135.14
13 Samantha Reynaga Canyon Springs 1102.29
14 Melissa Estrada Cathedral City 1092.29
15 Alyah Cruz Mayfair 1087.26
16 Malia Requejo Cerritos 1074.82
17 Alyah Martinez Moreno Valley 1055.86
18 Brielle Acevedo Covina 1029.86
19 Sarine Mardirosian Hoover 1013.19
20 Akira Bua South Pasadena 972.32
106 LBS
1 Leah Gaitan Yucaipa 2351.28
2 Makayla Breceda Norco 1938.55
3 Emilie Gonzalez Arroyo 1749.78
4 Victoria Rodriguez Chino 1448.32
5 Francia Casas Diamond Ranch 1353.52
6 Makayla Rydbeck Esperanza 1297.38
7 Prethy Enriquez Kennedy 1285.65
8 Caley Ortiz San Dimas 1272.61
9 Sofia Gallardo Pioneer 1247.99
10 Yasmine Othman Foothill 1237.28
11 Itzel Hernandez Schurr 1218.25
12 Katie Rodriguez Capistrano Valley 1196.96
13 Onnalaya Aguilera Santa Ana 1196.9
14 Savannah Lewis Corona 1185.5
15 Stephanie Khamis-Hesar Highland 1114.87
16 Malayna Doucette Colony 1096.32
17 Gabriela Chavez Royal 1070.15
18 Malonas Lesslie Temescal Canyon 1051.28
19 Cecilia Lara Garden Grove 987.82
20 Trista Henderson Santiago 962.71
111 LBS
1 Tehya Ledesma Hillcrest 1566.75
2 Alyssa Guardiola Paloma Valley 1338.95
3 Jayani Bullock Foothill 1319.21
4 Alyssa Rodriguez Cerritos 1299.63
5 Loza Adela Canyon Springs 1271.34
6 Nicole De Masi John Glenn 1248.97
7 Joy Kastner Walnut 1210.57
8 Dana Sullivan Thousand Oaks 1182.47
9 Ashlyn Arias El Toro 1123.28
10 Julia Russell Canyon 1097.31
11 Angela Dela Cruz Edison 1060.93
12 Destiny Belonio Downey 1047.19
13 Stephany Zamora Santa Ana 1046.88
14 Elizabeth Carrillo Duarte 1037.27
15 Fatima Gonzalez Eisenhower 1027.13
16 Debbra Jedrysek Redlands East Valley 1021.78
17 Danae Merlo San Dimas 1016.89
18 Hailey Holland Cajon 995.25
19 Jessica Ho Peninsula 970.54
20 Al’Asha Aparicio Santa Barbara 952.62
116 LBS
1 Monica Garcia Norte Vista 2390.61
2 Juliana Cubias Aliso Niguel 1621.63
3 Jaylene Martinez Canyon Springs 1361.5
4 Isabelle Hawley Temecula Valley 1348.49
5 Xandra Edward Foothill 1337.11
6 Allison Doppenberg Millikan 1294.47
7 Cameryn Hulbert Kennedy 1292.3
8 Michaela Howe Ventura 1266.57
9 Jade Cavner-Rojas Paloma Valley 1252.2
10 Summer-Ray Baeza Santa Ana 1194.62
11 Tilly Garcia San Marino 1177.66
12 America Cano Paramount 1160.3
13 Cali Sheldon Mira Costa 1094.75
14 Vanessa Ramos Montclair 1081.27
15 Jenny Castaneda Duarte 1068.85
16 Arianna Runyan M.L. King 1060.85
17 Maria Garcia Nogales 1049.52
18 Jessica Mikhail Capistrano Valley 1039.86
19 Cameron Ortiz San Dimas 1039.79
20 Jacqueline Magana-Chavez Buena 1027.68
121 LBS
1 Samantha Barragan Hemet 2111.14
2 Kameron Sudol Yorba Linda 1851.77
3 Hailey Chapman Rim of the World 1759.81
4 Herminia Estrada El Monte 1521.76
5 Nayeli Maston Walnut 1502.07
6 Cheyenne Baltagi Norte Vista 1500.7
7 Isabela Tan M.L. King 1427.31
8 Katherine Cuellar Downey 1385.35
9 Teyah Guitierrez Redondo 1365.38
10 Andrea Dealmonte Aliso Niguel 1353.68
11 Alleaua Moore Victor Valley 1319.96
12 Alyssa Hernandez Northview 1274.71
13 Amanda Salcedo La Mirada 1219.22
14 Sarah Limon Glen A Wilson 1218.41
15 Maddie Wade Royal 1218.02
16 Ariianna Nava Chino 1217.38
17 Amara Juarez Citrus Valley 1182.09
18 Miiya Adames Cabrillo 1164.69
19 Lucy Guadarrama Orange 1127.7
20 Ariana Gonzalez Kennedy 1126.08
126 LBS
1 Nile Jernigan Cerritos 2110.15
2 Kelly Escamilla California 2082.31
3 Samantha Snow Los Alamitos 1504.94
4 Esperanza Dorantes San Dimas 1412.97
5 Devora Delgadillo Garden Grove 1411.91
6 Ally Arrington San Marino 1308.05
7 Kaili Ibarra San Clemente 1295.58
8 Sophia Miller Millikan 1294.32
9 Jeannie Gonzalez Paramount 1282.9
10 Ellisa Jimenez Xavier 1265.56
11 Niah Ledesma Hillcrest 1171.29
12 Antonella Benenati Aliso Niguel 1169.17
13 Nahomy Oliva Thousand Oaks 1136.67
14 Shaiann Cappellucci Pacifica 1114.41
15 Chloe Bruno Western 1094.44
16 Isabel Miranda Walnut 1092.67
17 Esmeralda Perales Canyon Springs 1090.79
18 Dulce Maldonado Duarte 1077
19 Lena Taylor Shadow Hills 1010.14
20 Giselle Guerra Downey 969.51
131 LBS
1 Cheyenne Bowman Rowland 2307.83
2 Tiera Jimerson Northview 2251.6
3 Athena Willden Oak Hills 1708.46
4 Solona Mottola Temecula Valley 1461.66
5 Jessica Valadez Rialto 1323.69
6 Sitlaly Sanchez Yucaipa 1303.65
7 Lea Mauhar Carter 1266.19
8 Mady Dow Walnut 1256.24
9 Karen Bello El Modena 1222.88
10 Genesis Saldivar Palm Springs 1220.8
11 Yuyu Reyes Lawndale 1172.17
12 Stephanie Carrillo Downey 1112.53
13 Jacquelynn Ochoa Bell Gardens 1111.28
14 Evie Mckaig West 1071.48
15 Madeline Santana Cajon 1068.79
16 Maya Guadarrama Warren 1058.26
17 Bridget Oregel Duarte 1057.87
18 Lydia Smith Murrieta Valley 1048.73
19 Joey Tully Excelsior Charter 1021.06
20 Monica Castaneda LB Wilson 949.05
137 LBS
1 Aine Drury Westminster 2246.54
2 Ana Rivas Hillcrest 1714.49
3 Sadie Forman Upland 1574.64
4 Jazmine Leivas Lakewood 1327.85
5 Janelle Gomez Paloma Valley 1319.12
6 Makayla Ybarra Cypress 1251.21
7 Maddie Perich West Covina 1216.33
8 Siouxsie Luna Warren 1207.05
9 Leilani Rodriguez Beaumont 1162.21
10 Hailey Green South Hills 1125.09
11 Celeste Molina Lawndale 1125
12 Estefania Horta Hueneme 1124.9
13 Aubrey Moore Highland 1104.1
14 Esmeralda Gracida Channel Islands 1076.81
15 Rickyani Henrey Savanna 1043.76
16 Lily Mckaig West 1000.7
17 Anna Luca Bronstrap Excelsior Charter 981.7
18 Andrea Perez Diamond Ranch 910.2
19 Natalie Rodriguez Santa Paula 885.48
20 Fatima Rosas Sierra Vista 863.19
143 LBS
1 Ava Lassiter Aliso Niguel 1791.06
2 Mariah Dow Walnut 1650.6
3 Serena Hinojosa Northview 1324.33
4 Becky Koehnlein Los Alamitos 1307.77
5 Lydia Monedero Cabrillo 1271.12
6 Ashley Maya Cypress 1229.46
7 Melody Santana Hillcrest 1212.68
8 Gracie Kirazian LB Wilson 1212.47
9 Laura May Calinaya Covina 1193.07
10 Paula Gavina Tustin 1162.73
11 Leslie Monterrosa Lawndale 1161.64
12 Ashley Gonzalez Coachella Valley 1142.23
13 Reyna Montenegro Hemet 1135.47
14 Andrea Medina Arroyo 1125.22
15 Briana Rivera Sultana 1092.26
16 Tiffany Anderson Paloma Valley 1059.62
17 Kylie Sharp Redondo 1052.44
18 Mandy Camacho Orange Vista 1032.31
19 Alexa Krumwiede West 1004.64
20 Janessa Beltran Pacifica 1002.76
150 LBS
1 Melanie Bacher Norte Vista 2250.98
2 Lauren Camp Kennedy 1402.38
3 Mariyah Casados M.L. King 1384.5
4 Christine Jane Yuson LB Poly 1328.37
5 Maijoy Wooten Cathedral City 1282.59
6 Maya Cruz Paloma Valley 1255.33
7 Emma Raya Yucaipa 1240.75
8 Diana Ventura Citrus Valley 1235.9
9 Stephanie Chavez Downey 1217.14
10 Esperanza Barretto Granite Hills 1173.98
11 Valeria Serrano Montclair 1106.3
12 Loren Lecona Dana Hills 1092.06
13 Fiona Thomas Mira Costa 1076.64
14 Kristena Nichols Santa Monica 1061.39
15 Diana Bonilla San Clemente 1019.6
16 Keana Valle Magnolia 1015.31
17 Samantha Carrasco Arroyo 902.09
18 Jasmine Hernandez Lompoc 698.39
19 Samantha Pina Godinez 630.95
160 LBS
1 Katja Osteen Chaminade College Prep 1723.96
2 Janiece Alcocer San Dimas 1666.01
3 Jodie Hartlein Etiwanda 1573.41
4 Angelina Romero Gabrielino 1391.83
5 Lena Flores Cajon 1347.05
6 Miranda Koppi Corona 1308.41
7 Maria Ramirez Channel Islands 1249.77
8 Skyjulymar Sanchez Valley View 1234.9
9 Ariel Appello Knight 1230.35
10 Mariz Soliman Temescal Canyon 1222.19
11 Jenny Diosdiado Grand Terrace 1209.43
12 Valerie Garcia Hillcrest 1189.18
13 Amy Mijares Arroyo 1175.35
14 Jai Davis Santa Fe 1152.31
15 Teryika Fair Victor Valley 1124.9
16 Sarah Herrera (La Serna) La Serna 994.47
17 Clarise Martinez Brea Olinda 965.53
18 Mariana Villa El Modena 951.21
19 Serena Garcia Ventura 945.79
20 Mariana Rodriguez Montebello 888.18
170 LBS
1 America Lopez Valencia/V 1766.06
2 Sofia Rivera Mayfair 1592.38
3 Jaeleen Robledo Don Lugo 1405.6
4 Danielle Baca Etiwanda 1272.54
5 Daniella Dardon-Morales Highland 1255.82
6 Kelly Lacost Mission Viejo 1251.41
7 Charlie Speer Cypress 1236.77
8 Vanessa Carrillo Downey 1196.85
9 Ruby Casales Paramount 1150.64
10 Kylee Wohlwend Hillcrest 1086.57
11 Brittany Sanchez El Modena 1075.08
12 Olivia Bulganni Redondo 1036.98
13 Zahira Isaac Santa Paula 992.5
14 Mia Delgado South El Monte 972.17
15 Luz Hinojosa Arroyo 937.71
16 Paola Delacruz Dos Pueblos 844.41
189 LBS
1 Cianna Riley San Dimas 1637.16
2 Layla Donahoe Dana Hills 1352.09
3 Breanna Sanchez John Glenn 1342.89
4 Veronica Palmer Bonita 1317.47
5 Serena Proulx Hillcrest 1216.15
6 Kaycee Fitero Cerritos 1186.48
7 Alyssa Baracao Capistrano Valley 1159.64
8 Marlen Carillo Lompoc 1153.92
9 Bethany Aviles Warren 1118.15
10 Julianna Mattias Canyon Springs 1118.13
11 Daliyah Mcbride Foothill 1088.07
12 Erskine Swan Oxnard 1081.7
13 Khloey Zumwalt Excelsior Charter 1004.07
14 Jessica Ramirez Tustin 974.13
15 Kimberly Angeles Godinez 973.88
16 Sara Gaskin Walnut 962.19
17 Navaeh Delgadillo Santa Paula 956.04
18 Ajshane Custis Indian Springs 930.68
19 Iliana Ocampo Montebello 866.23
20 Ana Rangel El Monte 824
235 LBS
1 Isela Mendez Northview 1775.14
2 Ciara Boyd San Dimas 1702.32
3 Rebeca Camacho Cerritos 1643.33
4 Julia Richey NewBury Park 1432.21
5 Mayra Franco Santa Ana 1421.08
6 Sandra Farag LB Wilson 1187.35
7 Adamariz Badillo Paramount 1183.96
8 Alexandria Mccully Hillcrest 1171.48
9 Yuliana Vizcaino Cypress 1146.16
10 Laurelai Magana Hueneme 1138.28
11 Adriana Platas Moreno Valley 1128.55
12 Samyyra Blackwell Artesia 1122.47
13 Kassandra Ayard Paloma Valley 1096.52
14 Michelle Tapia Pacifica 1030.97
15 Josefina Medel Ventura 1000.63
16 Isabella Reyes Western 996.79
17 Virginia Marquez Palm Springs 955.2
18 Meysy Lujan El Monte 941.37
19 Karen Garcia Norte Vista 891.44
20 Cathleen Gomez Murrieta Valley 826.88






7 thoughts on “Introducing the Southern Section Wrestler Ratings”

  1. What about Lakewood’s 143 pounder Zainab Hakeem she beat Gracie from Wilson and Kylie from Redondo what type of rigged system is this

    1. As mentioned in the post, due to the limited amount of tournaments I was drawing from, I used a six match minimum as a requirement to make the list. If I had not some wrestlers, who forfeited out of the regionals, would end up above wrestlers who made it to Masters. Miss Hakeem, unfortunately falls in that situation.

      I also mentioned that I should not have to do that next season, as long as I have more tournaments I can use.

      I’m sorry you feel the system is rigged but I assure all criteria and formulations used can be found within the post.

        1. I apologize, for not being clear with my explanation. I gave a more general reasoning as it applies to most of the cases but Miss Hakeem’s situation is more of an outlier.

          Miss Hakeem wrestled a total of 4 matches at regionals and wrestled none at Masters (I understand this was because she injury-defaulted out of the tournament). Unfortunately, that puts her below the six match threshold. You might be of the opinion that I should lower the threshold. But doing so would affect a larger number of wrestlers based on the reason I gave in my previous reply.

  2. I am a stats junkie. Your whole post had me excited. ELO is a fantastic approach. Let me know how I can help spread the word so that as many tournaments and duals are recorded in a usable fashion for you.

    This is great.

    1. Just make coaches aware that it’s being done and if they only have handwritten brackets let them know what they can do to have their tournament included.

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