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Welcome Our New Sponsor WrestlingIQ! is a labor of love and, like many such endeavors, is a one-person operation. I run the site on a shoestring budget with whatever time I am able to carve out throughout the day. I would like to believe that this site provides helpful information to all wrestler-girls, parents and coaches that visit it. Every message and email of encouragement fuels my efforts to continue with the mission. It’s also encouraging to come across a service that believes so much in what I am doing that it is willing to offer financial support to ease some of the burden associated with running a website. I’m not going to lie, having a paid sponsor is a big deal to me!

That being said, I would like to welcome our new sponsor: WrestlingIQ! WrestlingIQ is team management software designed for club, high school, and college wrestling teams. It was created by an alumnus of Stanford wrestling and is specifically built for wrestling.

The software has team calendars to help your team stay up to date. It provides an easy way to upload and share videos which can save you hours of tedious work. You can create practice plans, store documents and even accept payments for your sessions and/or camps! WrestlingIQ takes the busy work out of managing your team, so you can spend more time coaching. If you’re curious about it you can sign up for a free trial and you won’t even need to give your credit card information to try it!

I would like to thank WrestlingIQ for believing in what the site is doing and I would also like to thank the visitors of for their continued support!

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