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Congratulations 2018 CA-USA Wrestling Freshman/Sophomore State Placers

A quick congratulations to all the 2018 CA-USA Wrestling freshman/sophomore state placers that gave it their all today at the Fresno Convention Center. A list of the placers follows. And, remember, the junior/senior division takes place tomorrow so you might see some of the wrestlers listed below one more time!

94 LBS
1st – Melissa Lee of Sunnyvale WC
2nd – Jalen Bets of Tri-Valley Elite WC
3rd – Kaili Oshiro of S. Torrance HS W
4th – Ligutan Naomi of CA Rebels
5th – Angelique Martinez of Central Catholic Yth W
6th – Valerie Vazquez of CA Rebels

100 LBS
1st – Lizette Rodriguez of N. Coast Grapplers
2nd – Adrienna Turner of Davis WC
3rd – Mikayla Guevarra of Tri-Valley Elite WC
4th – Hailey Ward of Titan Mercury WC
5th – Maylin Reyes of W. Coast Gladiators
6th – Divina Perez of Gilroy HS W
7th – Emma Kavanagh of Livermore WC
8th – Rayven Bedolla of Hollister Razorbacks

106 LBS
1st – Genesis Quirarte of Alpha Pack
2nd – Devyn Gomez of Dogpound
3rd – Molly Cox of Windsor W
4th – Ashlyn Arias of El Toro HS W
5th – Makayla Rydbeck of Titan Mercury WC
6th – Gabriella Rincon Cardenas of Righetti HS
7th – Sofia Gallardo of Dogpound
8th – Karina Santos of Westview HS W

112 LBS
1st – Charlotte Kouyoumtjian of Titan Mercury WC
2nd – Teresa Serrano
3rd – Jenna Hartman of Hollister Razorbacks
4th – Melody Hervey of Chico HS
5th – Mia Bonotan of Benicia W
6th – Gurleen Bhullar of Albany W
7th – Sahra Nawabi of J. Logan HS W
8th – C`Zarriah Davis-smith of Wan-Tu-Wazuri Oakland Yth W

117 LBS
1st – Alyssa Valdivia of Titan Mercury WC
2nd – Alisha Narvaez of Arroyo HS
3rd – Samantha Barragan of Hemet WC
4th – Vienna Garcia of N. Coast Grapplers
5th – Artemisia Matera of Albany W
6th – Judith Reyes of Kingsburg HS
7th – Ivory Osborn of Windsor W
8th – Ruby Lemus of Sylmar

122 LBS
1st – Victoria Bjork of Westview HS W
2nd – Baeza Summer-ray of CA Rebels
3rd – Elis Carvalho of Coastside Grapplers W
4th – Melissa Garcia of San Fernando Tigers W
5th – Madeline Pena of Hollister Razorbacks
6th – Bailey Huggins of Lake County WC
7th – Jasmine Espinoza of J. Monroe HS W
8th – Natalee Goode of Ground Creatures

127 LBS
1st – Ariah Valdez of Imperial W
2nd – Natalie Vasquez of Buhach Colony HS W
3rd – Solana Mottola of Temecula Valley HS
4th – Allyson Arrington of Titan Mercury WC
5th – Ximena Pulido of Livermore WC
6th – Mariah Cortez of USA Gold
7th – Evelia Tovar of Turlock
8th – Jolene Flores of Pacifica W

132 LBS
1st – Danielle Garner of Swamp Monsters
2nd – Lily Topputo of Palisades Charter HS
3rd – Itzel Galaviz of Albany W
4th – Jessica Bepple of Livermore W
5th – Samantha Larios of San Fernando Tigers W
6th – Mercedes Salazar of CA Rebels
7th – Emerald Lemus of Sylmar
8th – Dayna Gomez of Dogpound

138 LBS
1st – Annie N. Hua of Sunnyvale WC
2nd – Joanna Qiu of Albany W
3rd – Beyonce Garcia of J. Logan HS W
4th – Juliana De Lara of Nor Cal Take Down
5th – Orianna Morales of Bakersfield HS W
6th – Cassandra Betancourt of No Mercy
7th – Natalie Castaneda of The GR818ERS WC
8th – Olha Shytets of The GR818ERS WC

144 LBS
1st – Emmily Patneaud – Unattached
2nd – Madison Camp of CA Rebels
3rd – Gianna Anaya of San Fernando Tigers W
4th – Francesca LoPresti of Albany W
5th – Mariela Galvan of Chico HS
6th – Valeria Ceja of USA Gold
7th – Kailee Rivera of W. C. Wood HS
8th – Gabriela Ruacho of Central HS

152 LBS
1st – Kalayah Coupal of Dogpound
2nd – Alilah Delgadillo of Mission Oaks HS W
3rd – Karen Hernandez of CA Rebels
4th – Rebecca Arnold of USA Gold

164 LBS
1st – Katja Osteen of Chaminade College Prep
2nd – Alia Abushi of Arroyo HS
3rd – Annabel Garcia of Sunnyvale WC
4th – Emily Chun of Monterey HS W
5th – Valene Garcia of Bakersfield HS W

180 LBS
1st – Adelina Parra of San Fernando Tigers W
2nd – Amanda Espinoza of Rancho Cotate
3rd – Klaudet Zevada of Los Banos Tigers
4th – Allie Garcia – Unattached
5th – Emily Herrick of CA Mat Masters

200 LBS
1st – Juliannah Bolli of Smash Gyms
2nd – Savannah Sepulveda of Hollister
3rd – Hollie Espinoza of Rancho Cotate
4th – Harley McCorkle of CA Mat Masters
5th – Melissa Gonzalez of Sunnyside H.

Want To Be Part Of The 2018 CA Folkstyle National Team?

If you are (or have a wrestler) in high school, you know that wrestling for a CIF sectional title is a big deal. Wrestling for a CIF state title is an even bigger deal. But, did you know that you (or your wrestler) could have the opportunity to wrestle for a national title and represent the state as part of the CA-USA Wrestling National Team? The National Championships take place in Oklahoma City (March 22-25) All you have to do is make sure fulfill some requirements

In freestyle, national team spots are earned by qualifying through the CA-USA Wrestling state championships (usually the top 3 placers make the team). Unfortunately, because of CIF season, CA-USA Wrestling state tournament scheduling, and some other factors qualifying for the folkstyle national team isn’t as straightforward. Instead criteria is used to decide who makes the team.

The criteria are ordered by priority, so the first item will be valued over the second, second over the third, and so on down the list.


  1. Folkstyle National Champion (2017)
  2. CIF State Champion (2017 champion; why not 2018, if CIF State is in February and Nationals are in March? Because, it takes a lot effort to get logistics in place. Therefore the team has to be set before the CIF State Championships)
  3. Returning Folkstyle All-American (2017)
  4. CIF State placer (2017)
  5. Returning CA-USA Wrestling State Champion (2017)
  6. CIF Regional (Section) Champion (2017)
  7. Returning National team member (2017)

There are other criteria that can be used for consideration but the ones listed above are the most important. If you fulfill any of the above mentioned criteria you qualify for consideration to be put on the team. If you do get put on the team there are a few requirements that must be fulfilled in order for you to stay on the team.


  1. Have a valid USA Wrestling Card
  2. Fill out all required paperwork
  3. Pay $555.00 (this fee covers travel and lodging)
  4. Wrestle in the California USA Wrestling Girls State Championship in Fresno (March 10-11, 2018)
  5. Purchase the Team Package (which is made up of singlets, shorts, shirt and backpack)
  6. Register and pay for the Individual National Championships

All requirements must be fulfilled to be part of Team California.

Are you interested? Fill out the application form now!

January 14th is the deadline for submitting the application!

For Southern Section wrestlers: Where the form reads “2016-2017 CIF Section Placing” it refers to your regional qualifier placing and where it reads “2016-2017 CIF Masters Placing” it refers to your Section Championships placing.

Click on the link if you would like more information on anything from entry fees, where and how to buy the team package, and other information a may have not touched on.

I’m a freshman so I don’t meet any of the criteria yes but I know I’m good enough to compete at the national level

It never hurts to apply but if you aren’t chosen for the team, there are other options which I will mention in the next section.

Wow, that’s a lot of money. Is there a less expensive way to get to Nationals?

Being a part of Team California is a special experience that isn’t easily equaled, and some wrestlers fund-raise their way to Oklahoma City, but I assure you you’re not alone if the associated expense seems a little out of reach. Since Folkstyle Nationals, unlike Freestyle Nationals (Fargo), does not have any team restrictions or requirements, any team or person can compete, as long as they pay the registration fee and have a valid USA wrestling card. They can even take part in the team duals (they just aren’t allowed to place higher than a team representing a state). Because of that, groups and organizations can take their own teams to compete at Folkstyle Nationals.

Since these groups have lower overhead costs, they can pass on the savings to the wrestlers.

Two such groups are the California Rebels and Somar Wrestling who try to create and offer opportunities for wrestlers who might otherwise not have them. Both of these groups also have application processes but focus more on character and desire to wrestle than any other factor. At the time of this posting, their applications had not yet been made available but I will update this post as soon as they are.

The California Rebels have posted their team application process for this year. Read about it here.

So, should go with Team California or one of the other teams?

That is a very personal decision which should be made by the wrestler and her family. There are a lot factors to consider besides finances. There’s the question of trust, after all this is an out-of-state trip an everyone has to be comfortable with the arrangements. There’s the question of what looks best on a résumé (though to be honest, one thing supersedes any team name and that’s the word champion). And, I can go on with every possible consideration but it won’t make the decision any easier. Again, the best thing to do is to discuss it as a family and then ask the representatives, of the teams you’re considering joining for Nationals, questions. And, it’s okay you can apply to all of them, just remember to decline their acceptance if you choose to go with a different organization, it’s the polite thing to do.

But, one thing I can recommend is to not limit yourself or your dreams because of what you perceive to be your means. You are involved in a sport where a lot of people found themselves in the same circumstances you find yourself now. Because of that, those people have worked hard to make it easier for wrestlers like you to get the opportunities to reach their goals. So, don’t give up before you’ve started or have exhausted every option available to you.

California Captures Another 2017 USMC/USAW Women Nationals Team Title This Time In The Junior Division!

2017 Team California. Image: Mike Duran

Only a couple of days after Team California’s cadets turned out an impressive performance and captured the cadet freestyle team title, the junior squad was not to be outdone. Team California came in first with a total of 99 team points. The next closest team, Wisconsin, finished with 45 points. This year’s junior team counts 20 All-Americans in its ranks — including four champions, Alleida Martinez (117 LBS), Gracie Figueroa (122 LBS), Alexandra Castillo (200 LBS), and  Arianna Cobian (225 LBS); three finalists, Dymond Guilford (164 LBS), Corey Burton (200 LBS) and Jasmin Clarke (225 LBS).

Once again, the young wrestlers of team California have made the state proud. Congratulations to all the wrestlers that donned this state’s uniform this year and good luck in the duals tournament!

100 LBS
3rd Angelina Gomez – West Covina
5th Nina Pham – San Jose

117 LBS
1st Alleida Martinez – Selma
6th Rory Coscia – Modesto
7th Tiana Jackson – Modesto

122 LBS
1st Gracie Figueroa – Selma

132 LBS
4th Jenna Garcia – Salinas
7th Jessica Sanchez – Tulare

138 LBS
4th McKenna Hutchison – Upland

144 LBS
8th Julia Padilla – Azusa

152 LBS
4th Anatli Smalley – Rancho Cucamonga

164 LBS
2nd Dymond Guilford – Lancaster
6th Anna Castro – Fontana

180 LBS
4th Jenny Adam – Daly City
5th Emily Sandoval – Hayward

200 LBS
1st Alexandra Castillo – Los Angeles
2nd Corey Burton – Hesperia
8th Kimberly De La Cruz – Los Angeles

225 LBS
1st Arianna Cobian – Pittsburg
2nd Jasmin Clarke – Kelseyville

2017 CA-USA Wrestling Cadet/Junior Freestyle State Championships

I have been away for a bit so there is a lot of catching up I need to do. First thing, the 2017 CA-USA Wrestling Cadet/Junior Freestyle State Championships took place this past weekend. The top 3 wrestlers in each weight class from each of the 2 divisions automatically qualify for a spot on Team California, which will compete at the US Marine Corp/Vaughn Cadet/Junior National Championships in Fargo in mid-July.

Congratulations to all the placers and good luck to all the athletes that qualified for the team. Below are the final results from the tournament.


94 LBS
1 Genesis Quirarte – California Dream WC
2 Lizette Rodriguez – North Coast Grapplers
3 Melissa Lee – Sunnyvale Wrestling Club
4 Tatiana Guevara – AAJJ WRESTLING
5 Angelique Cervantes – Allegiance Wrestling Acade

100 LBS
1 Sofia Martinez – Ayala Smash
2 Hailey Ward – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
3 Elaine Young – Diamond Ranch High School Wres
4 Mikayla Guevarra – Tri-Valley Elite Wrestling Club
5 Christy Jose – Gr818ers Wrestling Club

106 LBS
1 Melanie Mendoza – TEAM SELMA
2 Nicole Lee – Sunnyvale Wrestling Club
3 Brittany Ramirez – Carter Wrestling
4 Miranda Dibenedetto – Swamp monsters
5 Makayla Rydbeck – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
6 Camille De keyser – Smash Gyms
7 Samantha Cabrera – Huskies Wrestling
8 Michaela Childs – Eureka Freestyle Wrestling

112 LBS
1 Marissa Ritchie – Team SoCal
2 Merijah Morales – TEAM SELMA
3 Samantha Martinez – Ayala Smash
4 Chelsy Mendoza – TEAM SELMA
5 Dayana Salinas – Bears Wrestling Club

117 LBS
1 Ashley Venegas – Mt. Whitney High School
2 Alexis Medina – Northview High School Wrestlin
3 Alisha Narvaez – North Coast Grapplers
4 Allyson Arrington – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
5 Aleena Gomez – Etiwanda Highschool
6 Alyssa Valdivia – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
7 Jadyn Wilson – Delta Wrestling Club
8 Cameryn Hulbert – AAJJ WRESTLING

122 LBS
1 Monica Garcia – Team SoCal
2 Niya teresita Gaines – Bear Creek Wrestling
3 Maria Valente – Edison High School Wrestling
4 Trinity Diokno – El Camino SSF High School Wres

127 LBS
1 Jessica Sanchez – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Shante Sloan – Twin Cities Wrestling Club
3 Mary Lopez – Delta Wrestling Club
4 Mya Waechtler – Tri-Valley Elite Wrestling Club
5 Madyson Dow – Allegiance Wrestling Academy
6 Sarah Grow – Eureka Freestyle Wrestling

132 LBS
1 Dalia Garibay – Palomino Academy
2 Aliya Smithson – California Mat Masters
3 Mya Velasquez – MArvel Wrestling
4 Lauren Mcdonnell – Bears Wrestling Club
5 Destiny Gonzalez – AAJJ WRESTLING
6 Jessica Lopez – Blazers
7 Chalis Vega – Delta Wrestling Club
8 Mariella Moore – Clayton Valley WC

138 LBS
1 Cheyenne Bowman – POUNDERS WC
2 Emily Se – Oak Ridge High School
3 Emmily Patneaud – Palomino Academy
4 Paola Ramirez – Bears Wrestling Club
5 Melissa Cark – Clayton Valley WC
6 Yesenia Ruiz – Sequoia High School Wrestling
7 Ariana Negrete-Juarez – South Bay Motos
8 Maleena Garvey – Tokay Wrestling Club

144 LBS
1 Danielle Garner – Mad Dawg, Folsom
2 Gianna Anaya – Beat The Streets Tigers
3 Tatiana Arteaga – Northview High School Wrestlin
4 Alexus Arther – Port City Wrestling Club
5 Kiana Hatfield – AAJJ WRESTLING
6 Tara Johnson – Casa Roble Rams Wrestling Club

152 LBS
1 Alia Abushi – North Coast Grapplers
2 Faalia Martinez – Oakdale Wrestling
3 Jaylene Jaime – AAJJ WRESTLING
4 Samantha Larios – Beat The Streets Tigers
5 Vivian Frausto – Team Mayhem
6 Cassandra Betancourt – RBWC
7 Julianna Delara – Nor Cal Take Down

164 LBS
1 Adelina Parra – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Folashade Akinola – Bears Wrestling Club

180 LBS
1 Abby Ericson – Bears Wrestling Club
2 Juliannah Bolli – San jose
3 Melissa Talamantes – Tokay Wrestling Club
4 Amanda Espinoza – Windsor

200 LBS
1 Jasmin Clarke – Lake County Wrestling Club
2 Amy Cendeno – Port City Wrestling Club


100 LBS
1 Nina Pham – AWA
2 Sofia Martinez – Ayala Smash
3 Melissa Lee – Sunnyvale Wrestling Club
4 Alaura Couch – AAJJ WRESTLING
5 Hailey Ward – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
6 Kylie Titus – Lincoln Grapplers
7 Pauline Granados – Eisenhower Wrestling
8 Eliza Acdan – Diamond Ranch High School Wres

106 LBS
1 Trina Nguyen – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Angelina Gomez – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
3 Melanie Mendoza – TEAM SELMA
4 Jessica Vasquez – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
5 Trinity Oredina – CYC
6 Victoria Borrego – Coastside Grapplers Wrestling
7 Aubrey Navarro – Clayton Valley WC
8 Yesenia Deguire – Unattached

112 LBS
1 Merijah Morales – TEAM SELMA
2 Marissa Ritchie – Team SoCal
3 Julie Tran – North Coast Grapplers
4 Marie Seely – Eureka Freestyle Wrestling
5 Angelita Sanchez – TEAM SELMA
6 Makayla Williams – Crusader Wrestling
7 Justine Barredo – Walnut H.S.
8 Jocelyn Hernandez – Bullard Wrestling Club

117 LBS
1 Alledia Martinez – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Rory Coscia – Team Lone Wolf
3 Tiana Jackson – Cali Oak
4 Jazmin Ruiz – Tokay Wrestling Club
5 Jazmin Gutierrez – Alpha Pack
6 Jadyn Wilson – Delta Wrestling Club
7 Kaelyn Siason – AWA
8 Julia Garcia – Allegiance Wrestling Academy

122 LBS
1 Gracie Figueroa – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Monica Garcia – Team SoCal
3 Clare Garcia – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
4 Jeselle Corpus – Walnut H.S.
5 Jordyn White – Port City Wrestling Club
6 Adriana Lopez – Golden State Wrestling
7 Niomi Briones – Northview High School Wrestling
8 Maria Medina – Team COALINGA

127 LBS
1 Jessica Sanchez – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Alexis Morfin – TEAM SELMA
3 Mia Dow – Allegiance Wrestling Academy
4 Alex Ceballos – USA Gold
5 Caitlin Cardenas – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
6 Jasmine Stewart – South Bay Motos
7 Delicia Huerta – Port City Wrestling Club
8 Caitlyn Lamouree – No Mercy School of Wrestling

132 LBS
1 Candice Corralejo – USA Gold
2 Christina Wilson – Golden State Wrestling
3 Mckenna Hutchison – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
4 Destiny Lyng – Helix Charter High School Wres
5 Genesis Miranda – ASG
6 Charisma Parado – Smash Gyms
7 Jenessa Rodriguez – California Dream WC
8 Julia Resultan – Tri-Valley Elite Wrestling Club

138 LBS
1 Jenna Garcia – G-STYLE
2 Emmily Patneaud – Palomino Academy
3 Bryanna Bernal – Tokay Wrestling Club
4 Veronica Coppolino – Internal Quest
5 Alexandra Banag – Gr818ers Wrestling Club
6 Maleena Garvey – Tokay Wrestling Club
7 Maicie Lockyer – USA Gold
8 Jean Bryner – Wan-Tu-Wazuri Oakland Youth Wr

144 LBS
1 Julia Padilla – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Haven Olmos – OT Wrestling
3 Jessica Gutierrez – Rejected
4 Angelica Veyra – AAJJ WRESTLING

152 LBS
1 Anatli Smalley – Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Abbi Turner – Unattached
3 Jaylene Jaime – AAJJ WRESTLING
4 Sonia Baniqued – South Bay Motos
5 Skylar Cerny – AAJJ WRESTLING
6 Vivian Frausto – Team Mayhem

164 LBS
1 Folashade Akinola – Bears Wrestling Club
2 Alexis Cavero – Swamp monsters
3 Dymond Guilford team somar – N/A
4 Vanessa Ceja – Swamp monsters
5 Gabby Ortiz – TEAM SELMA
6 Cynthia Galicia – AAJJ WRESTLING
7 Madisen Bozovich – Tokay Wrestling Club

180 LBS
1 Emily Sandoval – North Coast Grapplers
2 Jenny Adam – Coastside Grapplers Wrestling
3 Alyssa Baylon – TEAM SELMA
4 Abby Ericson – Bears Wrestling Club
5 Adrienne Dominguez – Swamp monsters
6 Juliannah Bolli – San jose
7 Emily Velazquez – No Mercy School of Wrestling

200 LBS
1 Arianna Cobian – PITTSBURG WC
2 Leann Chapman – Gr818ers Wrestling Club
3 Alexandria Goudeau – ASG

225 LBS
1 Arianna Cobian – PITTSBURG WC
2 Leann Chapman – Gr818ers Wrestling Club
3 Alexandria Goudeau – ASG

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