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Defying the Odds

I have previously posted the names of the Southern Section wrestlers who have qualified for the state championships. But, I wanted to focus on the unseeded wrestlers that defied the odds and punched their ticket to the state tournament through skill, grit and determination:

  • 101 pounds
    • Unity Cordova of Corona was ranked 8th in the final JB rankings of the season but did not get a nod from the seeding committee. After falling to Rayna Prasad of Santa Monica in the second round she battled all the way back and earned her way to state by besting 10th ranked Briana Garcia of Downey in the blood round. Miss Cordova finished 5th.
  • 106 pounds
    • Unranked and unseeded Prethy Enriquez of Kennedy made it all the way to the quarterfinals before falling to eventual champion and number one in ranking and seeding, Leah Gaitan of Yucaipa. Miss Enriquez would punch her ticket in the blood round besting Francia Casas by a score of 6-2. She finished the tournament in 6th place.
    • The eighth spot at 106 pounds went to Coralia Montalvo of Warren who was ranked 12th by Jon Briggs. She made it to the round of 16 where she lost to the seven seed and the eventual 7th place Victoria Rodriguez of Chino. She beat Nevaeh Lua of Shadow Hills by fall in the blood round guaranteeing her a trip to Bakersfield.
  • 111 pounds
    • Unranked and unseeded Tehya Ledesma of Hillcrest fell to number 3 seed and eventual runner up Alexis Medina of Northview in the second round. And then went on to collect five victories in a row. Her blood round win was against Rebecca Felix by way of fall, Miss Ledesma would finish 7th.
  • 116 pounds
    • Unranked and unseeded Xandra Edward of Foothill made it to the round of 16 where she lost to number 2 seed and eventual champion, Monica Garcia of Norte Vista. She would then go on to win three matches in a row, guaranteeing her spot at state with an 11-10 victory over Michaela Howe of Ventura. Miss Edward injury defaulted to 8th place.
  • 121 pounds
    • Herminia Estrada of El Monte came in both unranked and unseeded and yet made it to the quarter finals where she would lose to 4 seed and eventual 4th place Hailey Chapman of Rim of the World by way of a fall. She would them proceed to battle her way back into the consolation semifinals. Her blood round victory came against 12th ranked Katherine Cuellar of Downey, with a score of 6 to 4. Miss Estrada finished 5th at her weight.
  • 126 pounds
    • The eventual 5th place winner and 7th ranked, Nelly Mendoza of Rowland came into the tournament unseeded, but that did not stope her from making it to the quarterfinals where she came up short against the number 3 seed and eventual 3rf place winner, Nile Jernigan of Cerritos who bested her with a score of 7-3. Miss Mendoza would drop into the blood round where she would defeat Ventura’s Erica Hernandez by way of a fall.
    • Also at 126, Jeannie Gonzalez of Paramount was both unranked and unseeded when the tournament started, she too would make it into the quarter finals where she would meet 4 seed and eventual 4th place winner, Samantha Snow of Los Alamitos. She would lose that match 8-4. In her blood round match, she would beat Devora Delgadillo of Garden Grove by wat of a fall. Miss Gonzalez would injury default to the 8th place.
  • 131 pounds
    • Jolynne Dizon of Nogales, though ranked 7th did not receive a seed. She would fall in the second round to Deija Hodges of Foothill. She would then go on to win an impressive 6 matches in a row landing her in the consolation semifinals. She would earn her trip to state with a victory over Mady Dow of Walnut by way of a fall. Miss Dizon would take home 6th place.
    • Another 131-pounder, 11th ranked, Shani Tyson of Valencia in Valencia, also lost in the second round but she did it against 4 seed and eventual 4th place winner, Tiera Jimerson of Northview. She then went on a 5-match winning streak and punched her ticket to state along the way in a match against 8 seed Lea Mauhar of Carter by way of a fall. Miss Tyson would finish 7th.
    • The last unseeded wrestler at 131 is Sitlaly Sanchez of Yucaipa, who was also unranked, Miss Sanchez was paired off against Number 1 seed and eventual champion, Cheyenne Bowman of Rowland in the first round. She would lose that match via a 47 second pin. She would then collect 5 victories in a row, earning her way to state with her blood round victory over 12th ranked Unique Ontiveros of Pacifica in Oxnard by way of a pin. Miss Sanchez would finish 8th.
  • 137 pounds
    • One of the two best performances by an unseeded and unranked wrestler came from Anna Gutierrez of Antelope Valley who punched her ticket to state by making it all the way to the semifinals where she met the number 1 seed and eventual champion Aine Drury of Westminster. She was defeated in that match via a 14 second fall. She would eventually come in third place collecting victories against 5 seed, Leilani Rodriguez of Beaumont; 4 seed Laila Contreras of Redlands East Valley; 3 seed Sadie Forman of Upland and 6 seed Ana Rivas of Hillcrest.
    • Also at 137, 9th ranked Makayla Ybarra of Cypress would make it to the quarterfinals where her run toward the championship would be put to an end by 2 seed and eventual finalist Kiersten Muse of Corona Del Mar by way of a fall. She would drop into the blood round where she would best Jazmine Leivas of Lakewood with a pin in the first minute of the second round. Miss Ybarra would finish 7th.
    • The final 137-pounder I want to take note of is unranked Arianna Aguilar – Coachella Valley who fell in the round of 16 to 6 seed and eventual 4th place winner Ana Rivas of Hillcrest by a score of 3-0. Miss Aguilar would then win 3 matches in a row qualifying for state along the way with a win over Celeste Molina with a score of 8-4. She ultimately finished in 8th place.
  • 143 pounds
    • Stephanie Zambrano of Montclair came into the section championships unseeded and unranked and yet she made it to the quarterfinals where she came against third seed Ava Lassiter of Aliso Niguel, who would defeat her via a pin. This would drop her into the blood round where she would best 8th ranked Becky Koehnlein of Los Alamitos by a score of 3-1. Miss Zambrano would finish 7th.
    • Also, at 143, 11th ranked Gracie Kirazian of Long Beach Wilson, would lose in the first round of the tournament but would then come back with 5 victories in a row. Her blood round victory against 5 seed Abby Jolley of El Modena would guarantee her spot at the State championships. Miss Kirazian finished 8th.
  • At 150 pounds
    • Diana Ventura of Citrus Valley was unseeded and unranked and yet she found herself in the semifinals and a guaranteed spot at Rabobank Arena, after 2 seed Tiki Jaime of San Dimas defaulted from their quarterfinals match. Her run toward the championship would end when 3 seed and eventual champion Melanie Bacher of Norte Vista pinned her. Miss Ventura would finish 6th in her weight class.
    • Another 150 pounder Gabrielle Jose of Camarillo Made it to the round of 16 where she lost by an 8-6 decision to 6 seed Mariyah Casados of Martin Luther King. Miss Jose would then collect 3 victories in a row, one of them against Esperanza Barretto via a 9-4 decision ensuring her season would have one more tournament in it. She would finish 7th at 150.
    • Jasmin Tapia of Santa Paula, like the previous two 150-pound wrestlers was also unranked and unseeded. She made it to the round of 16 where she faced off against the 5 seed and eventual 3rd place winner, Cheyanne Williams of Roosevelt. Miss Tapia would lose the encounter by way of a fall. She would then go on to win 3 matches in a row, the last of which would punch her ticket to state. She to would have met 2 seed Tiki Jaime of San Dimas. Unfortunately, Miss Jaime would have to injury default out of this match as well. Miss Tapia would finish the tournament in 8th place.
  • 160 pounds
    • The second of the two best performances by an unseeded and unranked wrestler came from Vivian Frausto of Shadow Hills, who guaranteed herself a trip to state by making it all the way to the semifinals, where she met the number one seed and eventual champion Katja Osteen of Chaminade College Prep and who beat Miss Frausto by way of a 45 second fall. Undiscouraged, she then won her next to matches taking third at her weight. Along the way she collected 2 victories from 4th seed, Jodie Hartlein of Etiwanda; and did the same from 5th seed Gabriella Espinoza of Paloma Valley.
  • 170 pounds
    • Melanie Aguilar of Glen A Wilson was ranked 9th by Jon Briggs but came into the section championships unseeded. Made it to the quarterfinals and then lost to 2 seed and the eventual champion America Lopez of Valencia in Valencia by way of a pin. Her loss in the quarterfinals dropped her directly into the blood round where she faced Danielle Baca of Etiwanda and bested her by way of a fall. Miss Aguilar would finish the tournament in 5th.
    • Also, at 170, Justine Matson of Serrano also made it to the quarterfinals where she met the 1 seed Amara Devericks of Corona. She would lose that meeting by way of a 51 second fall. However, she would then bounce back with a victory in the blood round against Daniella Dardon-Morales via a pin guaranteeing herself a spot at state. Miss Matson would finish in 7th place.
    • The last 170-pounder, Jaeleen Robledo of Don Lugo lost in the first round of the tournament by a 7-0 decision, when she was paired off with the number 4 seed Sophie Garcia of La Canada. She then went on to win 5 matches in a row. One of which, her 2-0 victory against 6 seed Kelly LaCost of Mission Viejo, punched her ticket to state. Miss Robledo finished in 8th place at her weight.
  • 189 pounds
    • Unseeded Veronica Palmer of Bonita lost against 3 seed and eventual Champion, Joanna Hendricks of Beaumont, in the round of 16 via a 50 second fall. However, she would go on to win 3 straight matches in a row one of them 8 seed Kaycee Fitero of Cerritos which guaranteed her passage to the State championships. Miss Palmer finished in 8th place.
  • 235 pounds
    • 11th ranked, Rebeca Camacho of Cerritos, made it to the Semifinals where she faced off against the 1 seed and eventual champion, Sierra Adams-Gregory of Lakewood and lost by way of a 37 second pin. Miss Camacho was guaranteed a spot in the state finals by the time she had lost her first match, but she continued with two more victories to earn her the third-place finish. Along the way she collected victories from 4 seed Alexandria McCulley of Hillcrest; 5 seed Daniela Galvez of Redlands East Valley; 6 seed Isela Mendez of Northview; and 3 seed Mayra Franco of Santa Ana.
    • Also at 235 pounds, Julia Richey of Newbury Park made it to the round of sixteen where she lost to the 6 seed Isela Mendez of Northview via a fall. She would then go on to win 3 matches in a row. One of them would be in the blood round where she would go against 8 seed Kassandra Ayard of Paloma Valley and best her in an 8-2 decision. Miss Richey would finish 7th and be guaranteed a trip to Bakersfield.
    • Finally, also at 235 pounds, Sophia Estrada of John Glenn made it to the round of 16 where she was defeated by Rebeca Camacho of Cerritos, who I mentioned earlier, by way of a fall. Miss Estrada would then go on to win three straight matches, one of them against 7 seed Adamariz Badillo of Paramount by way of a first period fall in the blood round. She would finish the tournament in 8th place and with the knowledge she had one more tournament to compete in.

Once again congratulations to all the placers but a special congratulations to the wrestlers I discussed because they came out of nowhere, faced adversity, didn’t lose their composure and got the job done.

Latest CIF State Rankings as of February 12, 2019

The latest CIF state rankings have been released and even though there are many sectional championships currently taking place, that might completely change the face of the rankings, I still wanted to get them posted. After all, these athletes deserve to be recognized in as many platforms as possible.

The CIF State Girls Wrestling Championships take place from February 21st through the 23rd at Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, CA. This is the first year they will take place at the arena and the first time they will be run in concurrently with the boys’ state championships.

SoCal wrestlers appear in blue font, please forgive any misspelled names, unless I know the correct spelling, I have left them as they were posted by the California State Girls Ranker.

101 Lbs
1 Cristelle Rodriguez – Buchanan (CS)
2 Lizette Rodriguez – James Logan (NCS)
3 Sofia Martinez – Ayala (SS)
4 Mikayla Guevarra – Amador Valley (NCS)
5 Haley Ward – Turlock (SJS)
6 Melissa Lee – Freemont (CCS)
7 Jacquline Hernandez – Frontier (CS)
8 Chelsey Mendoza – Selma (CS)

106 Lbs
1 Adrienna Turner – Davis (SJS)
2 Leah Gaitlin – Yucaipa (SS)
3 Justine Barredo _ Walnut (SS)

4 Carmen Perez – Winsor (NCS)
5 Genesis Quirate – Ridgeview (CS)
6 Cassidy Do – Western (SS)
7 Greta Gustafson – Santa Cruz (CCS)
8 Artemsia Matera – Albany (NCS)

111 Lbs
1 Jennifer Soto – Orland (SJS)
2 Danielle Garcia – Corona (SS)
3 Mikayla Vega – Escalon (SJS)
4 Samantha Martinez – Ayala (SS)
5 Alexis Medina – Northview (SS)
6 Savannah Kiddoo – Ramona (SDS)

7 Teresa Serrano – Rodriguez (SJS)
8 Aliyah Rollins – Birmingham (LACS)

116 Lbs
1 Elysia Urrea – Lincoln-Stockton (SJS)
2 Jenna Bacich – Bear Creek (SJS)
3 Alisha Narvaez – Arroyo (NCS)
4 Monica Garcia – Norte Vista (SS)
5 Desinee Lopez – Folsom (SJS)
6 Heavynne Jerez – Westminster (SS)
7 Jenna Hartman – San Benito (CCS)
8 Charlotte Kouyoumtjian – Monache (CS)

121 Lbs
1 Ashley Venegas – Mt Whitney (CS)
2 Melanie Mendoza – Selma (CS)
3 Adrianna Lopez – Upperlake (NCS)
4 Madison Fonseca – Orland (SJS)
5 Evelyn Calhoon – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
6 Katie Gomez – Birmingham (LACS)
7 Samantha Baragan – Hemet (SS)
8 Ariah Barragan – Imperial (SDS)

126 Lbs
1 Kelly Escamilla – California (SS)
2 Mia Olmos – Abraham Lincoln (CCS)
3 Emily Se – Oakridge (SJS)
4 Dyanna Gutierrez-Hurd – Armijo (SJS)
5 Natalia Urbas – Albany (NCS)
6 Niya Gaines – Bear Creek (SJS)
7 Cindy Zepeda – Palm Springs (SS)
8 Cindy Palayo – E Bakersfield (CS)

131 Lbs
1 Cheyenne Bowman – Rowland (SS)
2 Mary Lopez – Liberty (NCS)
3 Anna Smith – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
4 Solana Mottola – Temecula Valley (SS)
5 Tiera Jimerson – Northview (SS)
6 Athena Wilden – Oak Hills (SS)
7 Phonisha Pruitt – Lincoln (SDS)

8 Raquel Amezquita – Santa Teresa (CCS)

137 Lbs
1 Aine Drury – Westminster (SS)
2 Dalia Garibay – Freedom (NCS)
3 Faalia Martinez – Oakdale (SJS)
4 Joanna Qiu – Albany (NCS)
5 Sofie Muse – CK McClatchy (SJS)
6 Annie Hua – Fremont (CCS)
7 Lauren McDonnell – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
8 Tayah Basped – McNair (SJS)

143 Lbs
1 Gianna Anaya – San Fernando (LACS)
2 Francesca LoPresti – Albany (NCS)
3 Lily Freitas – Pitman (SJS)
4 Mikayla Contreras – El Camino (CCS)
5 Juliana Bricarello – Beaumont (SS)
6 Sierra Rivera – Victor Valley (SS)
7 Tiffany Calderon – Birmingham (LACS)
8 Gracie Goldsmith-Ding – Argonaut (SJS)

150 Lbs
1 Amit Elor – College Park (NCS)
2 Maddie Konopka – La Costa Canyon (SDS)
3 Alyssa Arana – San Fernando (LACS)
4 Lauren Camp – Kennedy (SS)
5 Tiki Jaime – San Dimas (SS)

6 Beyonce Garcia – James Logan (NCS)
7 Shareni Donis – South Bakersfield (CS)
8 Elena Felix – Everette Alverez (CCS)

160 Lbs
1 Katja Osteen – Chaminade (SS)
2 Jerzie Estrada – Birmingham (LACS)

3 Yelena Makoyed – Bella Vista (SJS)
4 Ariana Pereira – Newark Memorial (NCS)
5 Chimera Cooper – Cerritos (SS)
6 Abby Ericson – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
7 Tia Barfield – Bishop (CS)
8 Alexa Garcia – Sierra (SJS)

170 Lbs
1 Adelina Parra – San Fernando (LACS)
2 Liliana Vergara – Gregori (SJS)
3 Alia Abushi – Arroyo (NCS)
4 Amara Devericks – Corona (SS)
5 America Lopez – Valencia (SS)

6 Bao-anh Duncan – Clovis (CS)
7 Sofie Rivera – Mayfair (SS)
8 Sofia Garcia – La Canada (SS)

189 Lbs
1 Folashade Akinola – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
2 Madlyne Navarro – El Camino (SDS)
3 Jasmin Clarke – Kelseyville (NCS)
4 Kristina Wilson – Oroville (SJS)
5 Elizabeth Salepaga – Paramount (SS)
6 Lauryn Morales – Etiwanda (SS)
7 Joanna Hendricks – Beaumont (SS)
8 Angela Buenrrostro – Monroe (LACS)

235 Lbs
1 Tavi Heidelberg – McKlatchy (SJS)
2 Cristina Santoyo – Monroe (LACS)
3 Sierra Adams-Gregory – Lakewood (SS)

4 Tagivale Valifale – Pacheco (SJS)
5 Lilian McCoy – Casa Grande (NCS)
6 Ciara Boyd – San Dimas (SS)
7 Cassidy Curtiss – Tokay (SJS)
8 Mayra Franco – Santa Ana (SS)

2019 Southern Section Championships Seeds Released

Coach Jim Bowers of Corona posted the seeds for this year’s CIF Southern Section Girls Wrestling Championships on The California Wrestler Forum. He stated that the seeds were a result of a four-hour committee meeting and that there will be no changes.

The Championships start tomorrow at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale. Each weight bracket will have 40 wrestlers and the eight placing girls from each one will go on to compete at the state championships at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, February 21st through the 23rd.

The seeds are as follow:

101 Lbs
1 Sofia Martinez – Ayala
2 Brianna Gonzalez – Arroyo
3 Jayden Von Moos – Paloma Valley
4 Angie Cervantes – Walnut
5 Devyn Gomez – Kennedy
6 Keila Reynoso – Savannah
7 Angie Castaneda – Cajon
8 Alyah Cruz – Mayfair
9 Rayna Prasad – Santa Monica

106 Lbs
1 Leah Gaitan – Yucaipa
2 Justine Barredo – Walnut
3 Cassidy Do – Gabrielino
4 Makayla Breceda – Norco
5 Savannah Lewis – Corona
6 Emilie Gonzalez – Arroyo
7 Victoria Rodriguez – Chino Hills
8 Caley Ortiz – San Dimas

111 Lbs
1 Danielle Garcia – Corona
2 Samantha Martinez – Ayala
3 Alexis Medina – Northview
4 Riha Prasad – Santa Monica
5 Angela Melecia – Bloomington
6 Madeline Arce – Mayfair
7 Sadie Camacho – Aliso Niguel
8 Barbara Greenberg – Glendora

116 Lbs
1 Heavynne Jerez – Westminster
2 Monica Garcia – Norte Vista
3 Rebecca Drown – Norco
4 Julianna Cubias – Aliso Niguel
5 Summer Ray Baeza – Santa Ana
6 Kory Phillips – Walnut
7 Aleena Gomez – Northview
8 Isabelle Hawley – Temecula Valley

121 Lbs
1 Samantha Baragan – Hemet
2 Kameron Sudol – Yorba Linda
3 Priscilla Ramirez – Valencia/V
4 Haily Chapman – Rim of the World
5 Nayeli Maston – Walnut
6 Evy Osorio – San Clemente
7 Cheyenne Baltagi – Norte Vista
8 Isabela Tan – MLK

126 Lbs
1 Kelly Escamilla – California
2 Cindy Zepeda – Palm Springs
3 Nile Jernigan – Cerritos
4 Samantha Snow – Los Alamitos
5 Niah Ledesma – Hillcrest
6 Destiny Gonzales – Kennedy
7 Ally Arrington – San Marino
8 Mary Tuite – Monrovia

131 Lbs
1 Cheyanne Bowman – Rowland
2 Solana Mottola – Temecula Valley
3 Alyah Yates – Knight
4 Tiera Jimerson – Northview
5 Athena Wilden – Oak Hills
6 Kellie Bendezu – Garden Grove
7 Deija Hodges – Foothill
8 Lea Mauher – Carter

137 Lbs
1 Aine Drury – Westminster
2 Kiersten Muse – Corona Del Mar
3 Sadie Forman – Upland
4 Laila Contreras – Redlands East Valley
5 Leilani Rodriguez – Beaumont
6 Ana Rivas – Hillcrest
7 Brandee Greer – Murrieta Valley
8 Anna Bronstrap – Excelsior Charter

143 Lbs
1 Juliana Bricarello – Beamont
2 Sierra Rivera – Victor Valley
3 Ava Lassiter – Aliso Niguel
4 Kiana Hatfield – Kennedy
5 Abby Jolley – El Modena
6 Princess Zambrano – Montclair
7 Paola Sanabria – Silverado
8 Mariah Dow – Walnut

150 Lbs
1 Lauren Camp – Kennedy
2 Tiki Jaime – San Dimas
3 Melanie Bacher – Norte Vista
4 Jazmin Segura – Tustin
5 Cheyanne Williams – Roosevelt
6 Mariyah Casados – MLK
7 Maya Cruz – Paloma Valley
8 Majoy Wooten – Cathedral City

160 Lbs
1 Katja Osteen – Chaminade
2 Chimira Cooper – Cerritos
3 Janice Alcocer – San Dimas
4 Jodie Hartlein – Etiwanda
5 Gabriella Espinoza – Paloma Valley
6 Miranda Koppi – Corona
7 Amy Mijares – Arroyo
8 Lena Flores – Cajon

170 Lbs
1 Amara Devericks – Corona
2 America Lopez – Valencia/V
3 Sofie Rivera – Mayfair
4 Sophie Garcia – La Canada
5 Jessica Gutierrez – MLK
6 Kelly LaCost – Mission Viejo
7 Ruby Casales – Paramount
8 Mia Delgado – S. El Monte

189 Lbs
1 Lauryn Morales – Etiwanda
2 Elizabeth Salepaga – Paramount
3 Joanna Hendricks – Beaumont
4 Melissa Moreno – Beckman
5 Cianna Riley – San Dimas
6 Mariah Hansen – Burroughs
7 Layla Donahoe – Dana Hills
8 Kaycee Fitero – Cerritos

235 Lbs
1 Sierra Adams-Gregory – Lakewood
2 Ciara Boyd – San Dimas
3 Mayra Franco – Santa Ana
4 Alexandria McCulley – Hillcrest
5 Daniela Galvez – Redlands East
6 Isela Mendez – Northview
7 Adamariz Badillo – Paramount
8 Kassandra Ayard – Paloma Valley

Top 8 Wrestlers to Advance to Southern Section Championships

The CIF Southern Section Commissioner of Athletics, Rob Wigod, has released a memo announcing that the top eight wrestlers from each region qualifier will now advance to the section championships. Originally, it was to be the top six plus two of the five seventh-place finishers. The memo explains the reasoning behind the change though there might be a few sceptics out there.

I’m happy that additional wrestlers are being added but most of the 8th place wrestlers are only finding out this news today. What if a wrestler, their season over, decided on Saturday evening to indulge in everything that they have been missing out on all season? Then, they continue to on Sunday, only to find out Monday afternoon that their season isn’t over after all and that they have three days to get back to their wrestling weight. Not a good situation and not one that the CIF-SS should be creating.

You can find the memo, below. If you have trouble reading it, you can click on the link.


I will post a list with the newly qualified wrestlers added as soon as I get a chance.

2019 CIF-SS Girls Wrestling Championships Qualifiers

Alternates yet to be announced Top-8 Wrestlers to go to Championships

UPDATE: The Southern Section has announced that the top-8 wrestlers at each qualifier will now get to compete at the Southern Section Championships! I will post more on that as soon as I can.

I’ve been rushing to get the list of wrestlers who have qualified to compete at the CIF Southern Section Girls Wrestling Championships and it has been challenging. The regions seem to not have been in sync when it comes to how each tournament was run.

Eastern region seems to have stopped wrestling when the got to the consolation quarterfinals for ten of the fourteen weights, making it impossible to know who gets the fifth and sixth spot in those weights (designated in the list as “N/A.”

It’s been reported that that most, if not all, of the regions stopped wrestling the seventh place matches at some point. So, that makes figuring out who the alternates will be challenging as well.

I understand that the system that has been put in place is new but it seems to me that this experiment is being done without direct oversight from the section office and that the tournament directors are either choosing not to follow the processes handed down or they’re not understanding them. Whichever one it may be, it’s the wrestlers that end up suffering for it.

All gripes aside, there are quite a few wrestlers that are happy this weekend because their season has been extended by at least another week. Come this Friday, they will travel to Eleanor Roosevelt High School, in Eastvale, in hopes of punching their ticket to the State Championships.

146 schools sending athletes to Southern Section Championships

But first, let’s look at the number of athletes each school will be sending to the section championships up to this point. I say up to this point because once alternates are announced and the situation with Eastern Region’s missing 20 qualifiers is resolved the number will change. But, since I can only count what I can see, a list of schools along with the number of delegates (from greatest to lowest) they are sending to Eastvale follows:

Kennedy 12
Foothill 10
Walnut 9
Northview 9
San Dimas 9
Paloma Valley 9
Ventura 8
Arroyo 8
Downey 8
Santa Paula 7
Warren 7
Hillcrest 6
Corona 6
Capistrano Valley 6
Aliso Niguel 6
Montebello 6
El Monte 6
Hueneme 6
El Modena 6
Montclair 5
Pacifica 5
Highland 5
Santa Ana 5
Millikan 5
Moreno Valley 5
Paramount 5
Tustin 5
Garden Grove 4
Mayfair 4
Gabrielino 4
Cerritos 4
Cypress 4
Etiwanda 4
Covina 3
Cajon 3
South Pasadena 3
Santa Monica 3
Schurr 3
Redlands East Valley 3
Thousand Oaks 3
Quartz Hills 3
John Glenn 3
Duarte 3
Norte Vista 3
Bell Gardens 3
Victor Valley 3
M.L. King 3
Valencia/Valencia 3
Redondo 3
LB Poly 3
Western 3
Brea Olinda 3
Beaumont 3
Lakewood 3
LB Wilson 3
Dos Pueblos 3
Excelsior Charter 3
Ayala 2
Chino 2
Diamond Ranch 2
Colton 2
Norco 2
Shadow Hills 2
Royal 2
Camarillo 2
Nogales 2
Canyon Springs 2
San Marino 2
Westminster 2
Mira Costa 2
Glen A. Wilson 2
Hemet 2
Cabrillo 2

San Clemente 2
South El Monte 2
Rowland 2
Palm Springs 2
Los Alamitos 2
Knight 2
Lawndale 2
West Torrance 2
Upland 2
Grand Terrace 2
Catherdral City 2
Lompoc 2
Dana Hills 2
Don Lugo 2
Indian Springs 2
Hoover 1
Eastside 1
Savanna 1
South Torrance 1
Gahr 1
Colony 1
Yucaipa 1
Anaheim 1
Esperanza 1
Pioneer 1
Glendora 1
Bloomington 1
Santa Barbara 1
Edison 1
Canyon 1
Peninsula 1
Buena 1
Rim of the World 1
Yorba Linda 1
Irvine 1
Orange 1
La Mirada 1
Monrovia 1
California 1
Oak Hills 1
Temecula Valley 1
Rialto 1
West Covina 1
Charter Oak 1
South Hills 1
Coachella Valley 1
Murrieta Valley 1
Antelope Valley 1
Corona del Mar 1
Silverado 1
Carter 1
Palmadale 1
Granite Hills 1
Eleanor Roosevelt 1
Magnolia 1
Sierra Vista 1
Chaminade College Prep 1
Channel Islands 1
San Marcos/Santa Barbara 1
Santa Fe 1
Serrano 1
Great Oak 1
La Canada 1
Simi Valley 1
Mission Viejo 1
Adelanto 1
Bonita 1
Burroughs 1
Oxnard 1
Beckman 1
Claremont 1
Bassett 1
Newbury Park 1

Individual Wrestlers

A list of the qualifiers and their schools, ordered by weight and region follows. If their region allowed them to wrestle for a placement, I have included it in parenthesis, otherwise it will just say “Qualified.” Congratulations wrestlers!

101 Lbs
Sofia Martinez – Ayala(1)
Angie Cervantes – Walnut(2)
Yvonnne Estrada – Northview(Qualified)
Analee Razo – Montclair(Qualified)
Tatiana Guevara – San Dimas(Qualified)
Brielle Acevedo – Covina(Qualified)
Angie Castaneda – Cajon(1)
Florajane Solera – Hillcrest(2)
Jayden Von Moos – Paloma Valley(Qualified)
Unity Cordova – Corona(Qualified)
Alexia Vitale – Pacifica(1)
Alma Nunez – Ventura(2)
Sarine Mardirosian – Hoover(3)
Ellen Cumpson – Eastside(4)
Akira Bua – South Pasadena(5)
Andrea Amaya – Santa Paula(6)
Devyn Gomez – Kennedy(1)
Keila Reynoso – Savanna(2)
Leisha Salgado – Garden Grove(Qualified)
Amy Cortes-Martinez – Capistrano Valley(Qualified)
Jordan Villagomez – Foothill(Qualified)
Kyndle Winchester – Aliso Niguel(Qualified)
Brianna Gonzalez – Arroyo(1)
Alyah Cruz – Mayfair(2)
Briana Garcia – Downey(Qualified)
Kai’Li Oshiro – South Torrance(Qualified)
Rayna Prasad – Santa Monica(Qualified)
Mindy Molina – Gahr(Qualified)

106 Lbs
Justine Barredo – Walnut(1)
Victoria Rodriguez – Chino(2)
Francia Casas – Diamond Ranch(Qualified)
Priscilla Bobadilla – Colton(Qualified)
Malayna Doucette – Colony(Qualified)
Caley Ortiz – San Dimas(Qualified)
Leah Gaitan – Yucaipa(1)
Makayla Breceda – Norco(2)
Nevaeh Lua – Shadow Hills(Qualified)
Savannah Lewis – Corona(Qualified)
Itzel Hernandez – Schurr(1)
Gabriela Chavez – Royal(2)
Stephanie Khamis-Hesar – Highland(3)
Sofia Acosta – Montebello(4)
Kimberlin Caudillo – Santa Paula(5)
Giavanna Ablonsky – Camarillo(6)
Prethy Enriquez – Kennedy(1)
Victoria Buchholz – Anaheim(2)
Katie Rodriguez – Capistrano Valley(Qualified)
Onnalaya Aguilera – Santa Ana(Qualified)
Jasmine Othman – Foothill(Qualified)
Makayla Rydbeck – Esperanza(Qualified)
Cassidy Do – Gabrielino(1)
Emilie Gonzalez – Arroyo(2)
Sofia Gallardo – Pioneer(Qualified)
Sarah Aguirre – Mayfair(Qualified)
Isabella Moreno – Millikan(Qualified)
Coralia Montalvo – Warren(Qualified)

111 Lbs
Samantha Martinez – Ayala(1)
Alexis Medina – Northview(2)
Barbara Greenberg – Glendora(Qualified)
Joy Kastner – Walnut(Qualified)
Sheccid Casas – Diamond Ranch(Qualified)
Angela Melecia – Bloomington(Qualified)
Danielle Garcia – Corona(1)
Alyssa Guardiola – Paloma Valley(2)
Karen Marquez – Moreno Valley(Qualified)
Debbra Jedrysek – Redlands East Valley(Qualified)
Rebecca Felix – Schurr(1)
Lauren Lopez – South Pasadena(2)
Dana Sullivan – Thousand Oaks(3)
Justine Rubalcaba – Montebello(4)
Aparicio Al’Asha – Santa Barbara(5)
Autillia Moteon – Quartz Hills(6)
Sadie Camacho – Aliso Niguel(1)
Angela Dela Cruz – Edison(2)
Julia Russell – Canyon(Qualified)
Aalijah Pineda – Kennedy(Qualified)
Stephany Zamora – Santa Ana(Qualified)
Jayani Bullock – Foothill(Qualified)
Riha Prasad – Santa Monica(1)
Nicole De Masi – John Glenn(2)
Jasmine Contreras – Arroyo(Qualified)
Jessica Ho – Peninsula(Qualified)
Madaline Arce – Mayfair(Qualified)
Destiny Belonio – Downey(Qualified)

116 Lbs
Kory Philips – Walnut(1)
Aleena Gomez – Northview(2)
Maria Garcia – Nogales(Qualified)
Jenny Castaneda – Duarte(Qualified)
Cameron Ortiz – San Dimas(Qualified)
Vanessa Ramos – Montclair(Qualified)
Monica Garcia – Norte Vista(1)
Rebecca Drown – Norco(2)
Ashlee Fragoso – Moreno Valley(Qualified)
Jaylene Martinez – Canyon Springs(Qualified)
Michaela Howe – Ventura(1)
Miya Galvan – Bell Gardens(2)
Jacqueline Magana-Chavez – Buena(3)
Tilly Garcia – San Marino(4)
Jayda Guadamuz – Highland(5)
Jennifer Torres – Schurr(6)
Heavynne Jerez – Westminster(1)
Juliana Cubias – Aliso Niguel(2)
Jessica Mikhail – Capistrano Valley(Qualified)
Cameryn Hulbert – Kennedy(Qualified)
Xandra Edward – Foothill(Qualified)
Summer-Ray Baeza – Santa Ana(Qualified)
Allison Doppenberg – Millikan(1)
Cali Sheldon – Mira Costa(2)
Noemi Liu – Gabrielino(Qualified)
Julia Cueva – El Monte(Qualified)
America Cano – Paramount(Qualified)
Nicole Gallinati – Warren(Qualified)

121 Lbs
Nayeli Maston – Walnut(1)
Alleaua Moore – Victor Valley(2)
Emely Carrillo – Duarte(Qualified)
Karissa Ramirez – Colton(Qualified)
Ariianna Nava – Chino(Qualified)
Sarah Limon – Glen A. Wilson(Qualified)
Samantha Barragan – Hemet(1)
Hailey Chapman – Rim of the World(2)
Isabela Tan – M.L. King(Qualified)
Cheyenne Baltagi – Norte Vista(Qualified)
Priscilla Ramirez – Valencia/Valencia(1)
Miiya Adames – Cabrillo(2)
Maddie Wade – Royal(3)
Jenna Gillis – Thousand Oaks(4)
Roxanne Lynch – South Pasadena(5)
Jasmine Uitz – Montebello(6)
Kameron Sudol – Yorba Linda(1)
Evy Osorio – San Clemente(2)
Andrea Dealmonte – Aliso Niguel(Qualified)
Jessica Domingo – Irvine(Qualified)
Jade Morales – Santa Ana(Qualified)
Lucy Guadarrama – Orange(Qualified)
Teyah Guitierrez – Redondo(1)
Herminia Estrada – El Monte(2)
Katherine Cuellar – Downey(Qualified)
Brenda Gonzalez – South El Monte(Qualified)
Amanda Salcedo – La Mirada(Qualified)
Lili Rojas – LB Poly(Qualified)

126 Lbs
Esperanza Dorantes – San Dimas(1)
Nelly Mendoza – Rowland(2)
Dulce Maldonado – Duarte(Qualified)
Koarima Reyes – Excelsior Charter(Qualified)
Isabel Miranda – Walnut(Qualified)
Jadyn Cabrera – Northview(Qualified)
Cindy Zepeda – Palm Springs(1)
Luisita Jara – Paloma Valley(2)
Lena Taylor – Shadow Hills(Qualified)
Niah Ledesma – Hillcrest(Qualified)
Ally Arrington – San Marino(1)
Nahomy Oliva – Thousand Oaks(2)
Mary Tuite – Monrovia(3)
Ericka Hernandez – Ventura(4)
Shaiann Cappellucci – Pacifica(5)
Shyenne Francisco – Quartz Hills(6)
Samantha Snow – Los Alamitos(1)
Destiny Gonzalez – Kennedy(2)
Kaili Ibarra – San Clemente(Qualified)
Chloe Bruno – Western(Qualified)
Antonella Benenati – Aliso Niguel(Qualified)
Devora Delgadillo – Garden Grove(Qualified)
Kelly Escamilla – California(1)
Nile Jernigan – Cerritos(2)
Hana Rigby – Redondo(Qualified)
Sophia Miller – Millikan(Qualified)
Jeannie Gonzalez – Paramount(Qualified)
Giselle Guerra – Downey(Qualified)

131 Lbs
Cheyenne Bowman – Rowland(1)
Tiera Jimerson – Northview(2)
Irene Sastre – Covina(Qualified)
Mady Dow – Walnut(Qualified)
Jolynne Dizon – Nogales(Qualified)
Athena Willden – Oak Hills(Qualified)
Solona Mottola – Temecula Valley(1)
Jessica Valadez – Rialto(2)
Madeline Santana – Cajon(Qualified)
Kassandra Flores – Moreno Valley(Qualified)
Aliyah Yates – Knight(1)
Shani Tyson – Valencia/Valencia(2)
Unique Ontiveros – Pacifica(3)
Isabelle Barajas – Highland(4)
Viviana Magana – Hueneme(5)
Jacquelynn Ochoa – Bell Gardens(6)
Kellie Bendezu – Garden Grove(1)
Deija Hodges – Foothill(2)
Kalyssa Carlson – Brea Olinda(Qualified)
Ashley Poland – Western(Qualified)
Karen Bello – El Modena(Qualified)
Dayna Gomez – Kennedy(Qualified)
Yuyu Reyes – Lawndale(1)
Stephanie Carrillo – Downey(2)
Evie Mckaig – West Torrance(Qualified)
Samantha Castillo – Arroyo(Qualified)
Tru Jones – Millikan(Qualified)
Maya Guadarrama – Warren(Qualified)

137 Lbs
Sadie Forman – Upland(1)
Elizabeth Ramirez – Montclair(2)
Maddie Perich – West Covina(Qualified)
Isabella Aceves – Charter Oak(Qualified)
Hailey Green – South Hills(Qualified)
Anna Luca Bronstrap – Excelsior Charter(Qualified)
Laila Contreras – Redlands East Valley(1)
Janelle Gomez – Paloma Valley(2)
Arianna Aguilar – Coachella Valley(Qualified)
Brandee Greer – Murrieta Valley(Qualified)
Leilani Rodriguez – Beaumont(Qualified)
Ana Rivas – Hillcrest(Qualified)
Anna Gutierrez – Antelope Valley(1)
Kassidy Bear – Quartz Hills(2)
Aubrey Moore – Highland(3)
Estefania Horta – Hueneme(4)
Natalie Rodriguez – Santa Paula(5)
Osmaris Manzo – Ventura(6)
Aine Drury – Westminster(1)
Kiersten Muse – Corona del Mar(2)
Bailey Craig – Brea Olinda(Qualified)
Makayla Ybarra – Cypress(Qualified)
Angelica Solario-Benton – Kennedy(Qualified)
Daysi Hernandez – Western(Qualified)
Jazmine Leivas – Lakewood(1)
Lily Mckaig – West Torrance(2)
Dana Saldana – Downey(Qualified)
Julie Lara – LB Poly(Qualified)
Clarissa Murray – Gabrielino(Qualified)
Siouxsie Luna – Warren(Qualified)

143 Lbs
Sierra Rivera – Victor Valley(1)
Paola Sanabria – Silverado(2)
Laura May Calinaya – Covina(Qualified)
Stephanie Zambrano – Montclair(Qualified)
Serena Hinojosa – Northview(Qualified)
Mariah Dow – Walnut(Qualified)
Juliana Bricarello – Beaumont(1)
Reyna Montenegro – Hemet(2)
Tiffany Anderson – Paloma Valley(Qualified)
Emily Acuna – Carter(Qualified)
Lydia Monedero – Cabrillo(1)
Alainah Campos – Santa Paula(2)
Joeselena Rodriguez – Palmadale(3)
Janessa Beltran – Pacifica(4)
Crystal Garcia – Hueneme(5)
Antonetta Gutierrez – Ventura(6)
Ava Lassiter – Aliso Niguel(1)
Kiana Hatfield – Kennedy(2)
Becky Koehnlein – Los Alamitos(Qualified)
Abby Jolley – El Modena(Qualified)
Paula Gavina – Tustin(Qualified)
Ashley Maya – Cypress(Qualified)
Leslie Monterrosa – Lawndale(1)
Kylie Sharp – Redondo(2)
Andrea Medina – Arroyo(Qualified)
Kimberly Sosa – El Monte(Qualified)
Gracie Kirazian – LB Wilson(Qualified)
Zainab Hakeen – Lakewood(Qualified)

150 Lbs
Izel Lemus – Northview(1)
Esperanza Barretto – Granite Hills(2)
Carmen Conchola – Grand Terrace(Qualified)
Jaylene Tiki Jaime – San Dimas(Qualified)
Natalia Gonzalez – Etiwanda(Qualified)
Valeria Serrano – Montclair(Qualified)
Melanie Bacher – Norte Vista(1)
Cheyenne Williams – Eleanor Roosevelt(2)
Maijoy Wooten – Catherdral City(Qualified)
Mariyah Casados – M.L. King(Qualified)
Gabrielle Jose – Camarillo(1)
Jasmin Tapia – Santa Paula(2)
Makayla James – Ventura(3)
Julisa Leyva Diaz – Dos Pueblos(4)
Emily Benigno – Hueneme(5)
Jasmine Hernandez – Lompoc(6)
Lauren Camp – Kennedy(1)
Jazmin Segura – Tustin(2)
Loren Lecona – Dana Hills(Qualified)
Keana Valle – Magnolia(Qualified)
Kaleigh Bullock – Foothill(Qualified)
Carina Flores – El Modena(Qualified)
Christine Jane Yuson – LB Poly(1)
Kristena Nichols – Santa Monica(2)
Stephanie Chavez – Downey(Qualified)
Fiona Thomas – Mira Costa(Qualified)
Samantha Carrasco – Arroyo(Qualified)
Lori Chautla – Warren(Qualified)

160 Lbs
Janiece Alcocer – San Dimas(1)
Jodie Hartlein – Etiwanda(2)
Jenny Diosdiado – Grand Terrace(Qualified)
Lauren Martinez – Sierra Vista(Qualified)
Teryika Fair – Victor Valley(Qualified)
Krystal Hamlin – Northview(Qualified)
Miranda Koppi – Corona(1)
Valerie Garcia – Hillcrest(2)
Gabriela Espinoza – Paloma Valley(Qualified)
Lena Flores – Cajon(Qualified)
Katja Osteen – Chaminade College Prep(1)
Maria Ramirez – Channel Islands(2)
Ariel Appello – Knight(3)
Sasha Mitsuk – San Marcos/Santa Barbara(4)
Serena Garcia – Ventura(5)
Mariana Rodriguez – Montebello(6)
Tiana Sichinga – Kennedy(1)
Crystal Hernandez – Tustin(2)
Mariana Villa – El Modena(Qualified)
Arlene Ramirez – Capistrano Valley(Qualified)
Clarise Martinez – Brea Olinda(Qualified)
Anais Nunez – Foothill(Qualified)
Chamira Cooper – Cerritos(1)
Amy Mijares – Arroyo(2)
Jai Davis – Santa Fe(Qualified)
Angelina Romero – Gabrielino(Qualified)
Amberlee Cedillo – El Monte(Qualified)
Micaela Eduardo – Warren(Qualified)

170 Lbs
Melanie Aguilar – Glen A. Wilson(1)
Justine Matson – Serrano(2)
Jaeleen Robledo – Don Lugo(Qualified)
Cynthia Esquevil – Walnut(Qualified)
Danielle Baca – Etiwanda(Qualified)
Jamileh Munoz – San Dimas(Qualified)
Amara Devericks – Corona(1)
Jessica Gutierrez – M.L. King(2)
Martha Saldana – Moreno Valley(Qualified)
Madyson Harter – Paloma Valley(Qualified)
Gwendolyn Valdez – Indian Springs(Qualified)
Daniela Solorzano – Great Oak(Qualified)
America Lopez – Valencia/Valencia(1)
Sophie Garcia – La Canada(2)
Daniella Dardon-Morales – Highland(3)
Kaitlyn Post – Simi Valley(4)
Zahira Saac – Santa Paula(5)
Paola Delacruz – Dos Pueblos(6)
Kelly Lacost – Mission Viejo(1)
Charlie Speer – Cypress(2)
Lynette Mariche – Foothill(Qualified)
Brittany Sanchez – El Modena(Qualified)
Aleny Bastida – Tustin(Qualified)
Citlali Calixto – Kennedy(Qualified)
Sofia Rivera – Mayfair(1)
Ruby Casales – Paramount(2)
Vanessa Carrillo – Downey(Qualified)
Mia Delgado – South El Monte(Qualified)
Hailie Martinez – Millikan(Qualified)
Luz Hinojosa – Arroyo(Qualified)

189 Lbs
Lauryn Morales – Etiwanda(1)
Cianna Riley – San Dimas(2)
Jazzlyn Martinez – Adelanto(Qualified)
Veronica Palmer – Bonita(Qualified)
Khloey Zumwalt – Excelsior Charter(Qualified)
Mariah Hansen – Burroughs(Qualified)
Joanna Hendricks – Beaumont(1)
Sarah Callahan – Corona(2)
Ajshane Custis – Indian Springs(Qualified)
Serena Proulx – Hillcrest(Qualified)
Julianna Mattias – Canyon Springs(Qualified)
Krystal Garlejo – Paloma Valley(Qualified)
Marlen Carillo – Lompoc(1)
Kayla Mccormick – Hueneme(2)
Erskine Swan – Oxnard(3)
Angeles Silva – Dos Pueblos(4)
Navaeh Delgadillo – Santa Paula(5)
Iliana Ocampo – Montebello(6)
Melissa Moreno – Beckman(1)
Layla Donahoe – Dana Hills(2)
Alyssa Baracao – Capistrano Valley(Qualified)
Daliyah Mcbride – Foothill(Qualified)
Jessica Ramirez – Tustin(Qualified)
Evelyn Pablo – Kennedy(Qualified)
Elizabeth Saleapaga – Paramount(1)
Kaycee Fitero – Cerritos(2)
Maryhan Farag – LB Wilson(Qualified)
Breanna Sanchez – John Glenn(Qualified)
Ana Rangel – El Monte(Qualified)
Bethany Aviles – Warren(Qualified)

235 Lbs
Ciara Boyd – San Dimas(1)
Isela Mendez – Northview(2)
Priscilla Capi – Upland(Qualified)
Chloe Garcia – Claremont(Qualified)
Johanna Barrios – Don Lugo(Qualified)
Marrissa Noriega – Bassett(Qualified)
Daniela Galvez – Redlands East Valley(1)
Virginia Marquez – Palm Springs(2)
Johanna Magana – Catherdral City(Qualified)
Alexandria Mccully – Hillcrest(Qualified)
Adriana Platas – Moreno Valley(Qualified)
Kassandra Ayard – Paloma Valley(Qualified)
Julia Richey – Newbury Park(1)
Michelle Tapia – Pacifica(2)
Lisset Rivera – Bell Gardens(3)
Laurelai Magana – Hueneme(4)
Josefina Medel – Ventura(5)
Alyssa Olvera – Montebello(6)
Mayra Franco – Santa Ana(1)
Yuliana Vizcaino – Cypress(2)
Fatima Castillo – Capistrano Valley(Qualified)
Monserrat Garcia – El Modena(Qualified)
Alex Hernandez – Foothill(Qualified)
Karina Zuniga – Garden Grove(Qualified)
Sierra Adams-Gregory – Lakewood(1)
Adamariz Badillo – Paramount(2)
Meysy Lujan – El Monte(Qualified)
Rebeca Camacho – Cerritos(Qualified)
Sophia Estrada – John Glenn(Qualified)
Sandra Farag – LB Wilson(Qualified)

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