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2019 CIF-SDS State Championship Qualifiers

The first group of SoCal wrestlers have punched their ticket to the state championships

• The SDS held its section championships at Brawley Union High School. The Host came away with the team title with a score of 183. Valley Center came in second with 146 points. And, with 98 points, Eastlake earned third. The section is allotted three entries at each weight to the CIF state championships. Congratulations to the following wrestlers on placing at sections and making it to the state championships:

103 Lbs
1 Karen Salais – Calexico
2 Carla Leon – San Diego
3 Urquiza – UC

108 Lbs
1 Yesenia Marin-Deguire – Olympian
2 Berlin Kiddoo – Ramona
3 Emily Sway – Torrey Pines

113 Lbs
1 Savannah Kiddoo – Ramona
2 Ana Mercado – Eastlake
3 Sandy Luevano – San Ysidro

118 Lbs
1 Victoria Bjork – Westview
2 Toren Dunbar – Steele Canyon
3 Alexa Rosales – San Ysidro

123 Lbs
1 Ariah Barragan – Imperial
2 Cora Johnson-Woessner – La Costa Canyon
3 Anya Rodriguez – Mar Vista

128 Lbs
1 Anne-Marie Maskalenko – Clairemont
2 Amber Placencia – Madison
3 Desirae Furgeson – San Ysidro

133 Lbs
1 Phonisha Pruitt – Lincoln
2 Nadia Barrientos – Hilltop
3 Desiree Jones – Valley Center

139 Lbs
1 Jadyn Jardon – Brawley
2 Esmeralda Santiago – San Pasqual
3 Leilani Pompa – Montgomery

145 Lbs
1 Trinity Sanchez – Mira Mesa
2 He – RB
3 Rana Willink – Point Loma

152 Lbs
1 Madie Konopka – La Costa Canyon
2 Savannah Mefford – Valley Center
3 Cassandra Betancourt – Rancho Buena Vista

162 Lbs
1 Sierra Mefford – Valley Center
2 Brooke Klomp – Eastlake
3 Belen Merino – San Pasqual

172 Lbs
1 Paulina Jimenez – Serra
2 Jasmin Ballasteros – Montgomery
3 Miricle Barra – Brawley

191 Lbs
1 Madelyn Navarro – El Camino
2 Aylin Salas – Otay Ranch
3 Perla Ramirez – Escondido

237 Lbs
1 Kerri Gordon – Mount Miguel
2 Aislinn Hernandez – Brawley
3 Cindy Zamarripa – Mission Hills

I have to apologize to two of the wrestlers as I was not able to get their full names or schools. They were not seeded and so I was unable to cross-reference the seeding list for their details. At 103 pounds Urquiza and 145, He. If anyone can provide me with the missing information I would appreciate it.

First State Rankings for the 2018-2019 Season Released

The first state CIF rankings for the 2018-2019 season have been released and 24 of the 56 ranked wrestlers are from SoCal! 17 are from the Southern Section, 4 are from the LA City section and 3 are from the San Diego Section.

In the past the state rankings have been submitted to the seeding committee as recommendations for the seeding in the state championships. That is the reason only four wrestlers are being ranked. However, the committee is not obligated to follow those recommendations.

These ranking were posted in the California Wrestling Forum on January 25th. I have no information on the individual doing them other than his/her screen name: cagirlsstateranker.

All Socal wrestlers appear in red.

1 Cristelle Rodriguez – Buchanan (CS)
2 Lizette Rodriguez – James Logan (NCS)
3 Sofia Martinez – Ayala (SS)
4 Haley Ward – Turlock (SJS)

1 Moriah Morales – Samger (CS)
2 Adrienna Turner – Davis (SJS)
3 Leah Caitlin – Yucaipa (SS)
4 Justine Barredo – Walnut (SS)

1 Jennifer Soto – Orland (SJS)
2 Elysia Urrea – Lincoln-Stockton (SJS)
3 Lexy Beadles – Tokay (SJS)
4 Danielle Garcia – Corona (SS)

1 Monica Garcia – Norte Vista (SS)
2 Desiree Lopez – Folsom (SJS)
3 Charlotte Kouyoumtjian – Monache (CS)
4 Heavynne Jerez – Westminster (SS)

1 Ashley Venegas – Mt Whitney (CS)
2 Melanie Mendoza – Selma (CS)
3 Adrianna Lopez – Upperlake (NCS)
4 Cindy Zepeda – Palm Springs (SS)

1 Dyanna Gutierrez-Hurd – Armijo (SJS)
2 Kelly Escamilla – California (SS)
3 Mia Olmos – Abraham Lincoln (SJS)
4 Natalia Urbas – Albany (NCS)

1 Aine Drury – Westminster (SS)
2 Mary Lopez – Liberty (NCS)
3 Jessica Sanchez – Tulare Union (CS)
4 Athena Wilden – Oak Hills (SS)

1 Cheyenne Bowman – Rowland (SS)
2 Dahlia Garibay – Freedom (NCS)
3 Lauren McDonnell – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
4 Phonisha Pruitt – Lincoln (SDS)

1 Gianna Anaya – San Fernando (LACS)
2 Francesca LoPresti – Albany (NCS) 
3 Maddie Konopka – La Costa Canyon (SDS)
4 Lily Freitas – Pitman (SJS)

1 Jerzie Estrada – Birmingham (LACS)
2 Amit Elor – College Park (NCS)
3 Lauren Camp – Kennedy (SS)
4 Tiki Jaime – San Dimas (SS)

1 Katja Osteen – Chaminade (SS)
2 Yelena Married – Bella Vista (SJS)
3 Chimera Copper – Cerritos (SS)
4 Tia Barefield – Bishop (CS)

1 Adelina Parra – San Fernando (LACS)
2 Liliana Vergara – Gregori (SJS)
3 Alia Abushi – Arroyo (NCS)
4 Amara Devericks – Corona (SS)

1 Folashade Akinola – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
2 Madlyne Navarro – El Camino (SDS)
3 Jasmin Clarke – Kelseyville (CCS)
4 Alejandra Gonzalez – Buhach Colony (SJS)

1 Tavi Heidelberg – McKlatchy (SJS)
2 Christine Santoyo – Monroe (LACS)
3 Sierra Adams-Gregory – Lakewood (SS)

4 Tagivale Valifale – Pacheco (SJS)

I am certain there will be many who question these rankings but there should be some tweaking before CIF State comes around. Until then, congratulations to all the wrestlers who have made the list!

2017 CIF-SDS Finals Results

The San Diego Section also held their section finals over the past two days. The event took place Clairemont High School in San Diego. Unlike the Southern Section, which gets to send 8 wrestlers to the State Championships, the SDS is only allowed 2.

On the team side of things, Westview took the team championship with 173 team points. Brawley came in 2nd with 158 points. And, San Pasqual took 3rd with 130.

Congratulations to all the placers. We look forward to seeing the top-2, in each weight, in two weeks, in Visalia.  If you would like to take a look at the brackets, click on the link: 2017 CIF-SDS Finals

101 LBS.
1st Jasmine Plaesncia – Hilltop
2nd Ana Cuen – Brawley
3rd Emily Sway – Torrey Pines
4th Johanna Collins – Calexico

106 LBS.
1st Lyric San Nicholas-Quinto – Westview
2nd Samantha Magpusao – HTH Chula Vista
3rd Yesenia DeGuire – Olympian
4th Alyssa Bravo – Brawley

111 LBS.
1st Isabel Flores – San Ysidro
2nd Cora Johnson-Woessner – La Costa Canyon
3rd Sarina Kuninaga – HTH Chula Vista
4th Aileen Estrada – Brawley

116 LBS.
1st Maria Sanchez – San Pasqual
2nd Victoria Bjork – Westview
3rd Amber Plasencia – Hilltop
4th Nyah Smallwood – Brawley

121 LBS.
1st Isabella Hook – Eastlake
2nd Karamel Nunez-martinez – Kearny
3rd Sasha Barra – Brawley
4th Kayla-Maria Santos – Westview

126 LBS.
1st Caitlyn Lamouree – Poway
2nd Anne-Marie Maskalenko – Clairemont
3rd Erika Tolentino – Brawley
4th Victoria Teodoro-Mackey – Mira Mesa

131 LBS.
1st Destiny Lyng – Helix Charter
2nd Phonisha Pruitt – Lincoln
3rd Kira Satnick – Westview
4th Alexa Downs – Olympian

137 LBS.
1st Claire Bjork – Westview
2nd Lucero Perez Betancourt – Otay Ranch
3rd Esmeralda Ibarra – San Diego
4th Cassandra Bravo – Rancho Buena Vista

143 LBS.
1st Melanie Olivarria – San Ysidro
2nd Maddie Konopka – La Costa Canyon
3rd Jaelin-Rose Quinto – Westview
4th Arianna Alvizar – Brawley

150 LBS.
1st Barbara Martinez – Brawley
2nd Devin Bartelt – Westview
3rd Belen Merino – San Pasqual
4th Olivia Poole – Point Loma

160 LBS.
1st Emma Urrutia – San Pasqual
2nd Sonia Baniqued – Mar Vista
3rd Stephanie Villafuentes – Calexico
4th Vanessa Gonzales – Westview

170 LBS.
1st Emily Velasquez – San Pasqual
2nd Larisa Vasquez – Montgomery
3rd Eleni Sanchez – Steele Canyon
4th Sabrin Farha – Eastlake

189 LBS.
1st Francisca Diaz – Mission Bay
2nd Samantha Stephens – Castle Park
3rd Chloe Owens – Point Loma
4th Karolina Valenzuela – Brawley

235 LBS.
1st Stephanie Maldonado – Clairemont
2nd Kerri Gordon – Mt Miguel
3rd Madlyne Navarro – El Camino
4th Jackie Valencia – San Pasqual

Legend in The Making

I don’t write much about the San Diego Section only because it’s difficult for me to come across information about it. There is, however, one thing from the SDS, or better said one name, that anyone who is familiar with California girls’ high school wrestling recognizes almost the second it is mentioned. That name is Alyssa LaFrancis and I was quite happy to come across an article in the San Diego Union Tribune profiling this legend in the making.  Miss LaFrancis is attending Rancho Buena Vista for her senior year of high school. She is a 3-time State Champion and looks like a shoo-in to get her fourth and final title. But don’t let her modesty fool you—with her recounting of how she was bribed with chocolate to first set foot on the mat—she is an élite wrestler who has put in the time, work and sacrifices to get to where she is today. I can almost guarantee that we will all be hearing her name well beyond high school and even college.

If you would like to read the article, click here: Alyssa LaFrancis aiming for grand slam

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