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Three More Women’s Wrestling Programs to Start in 2019

New Jersey City University

New Jersey City University, in Jersey City, New Jersey, has announced it will be adding women’s wrestling, as a club sport starting in the 2019-2020 season, before being elevated to full varsity status in Fall 2020.

NJCU, as it is also known, is a public liberal arts university. It consists of the NJCU School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, and College of Professional Studies and 41 undergraduate study and 27 graduate degree programs. Its urban 46-acre campus serves over 8,500 students

“…wrestling is one of the fastest growing women’s sports in the United States and the world. With the introduction of the sport at our institution, we will be positioned well to capitalize on the movement and be at the forefront as leaders in another women’s sport, giving new opportunities to female student-athletes.”

Dr. Sue Henderson, NJCU President

A nationwide search for the Gothic Knights’s inaugural head coach is currently taking place. NJCU is an NCAA Div. III school, which leads me to believe they will be competing in the WCWA though the school’s announcement made no mention of the association. If you would like to find out more about the school, please visit itssite.

Life Pacific College

I don’t like posting about programs starting when the schools have not issued an official announcement. I have, in the past, posted prematurely only to end up disappointing those who had trusted my post. However, I am breaking my policy, with this next school, because a Southern Section coach, with a tradition of supporting girls wrestling, just had his daughter commit to the school. On top of that, The California Wrestler reported that Life Pacific had hired Menlo College Assistant Coach, Javier Gonzalez, as its program’s inaugural head coach. So, I’m feeling confident this program will come to fruition.

Life Pacific College is located in San Dimas, California, and according to Coach Gonzalez, the team will begin competing during the 2019-2020 season.

The school is a private Christian bible college associated with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. It offers two associate and six undergraduate degrees. The campus serves around 700 students.

I have always been of the belief that everyone deserves to wrestle. The amazing lessons and values that wrestling brings to young people should be afforded all regardless of gender. I am amazed of the growth of the sport in last 5 years and believe that the California wrestling community needs to continue and encourage young female athletes to pursue high school and college wrestling.

Javier Gonzalez, Life Pacific College Women’s Wrestling Head Coach

The Warriors compete in the NAIA. At this time, there is no word on whether the program will compete in the WCWA. If you would like to learn more about the school, please visit itssite.

Santa Rosa Junior College

Another school that has not made an official announcement but which I am choosing to believe will be sponsoring a women’s wrestling program starting in the 2019-2020 season is Santa Rosa Junior College. I’m choosing to believe the information because it’s coming from its inaugural head coach, Shane Roberts, another coach with a proven track record in girls wrestling.

Santa Rosa Junior College is located in Santa Rosa, California. The school was modeled as a feeder school for the University of California system and offers a wide variety of associate degrees. The 80-acre campus serves over 36,000 students.

According to Coach Roberts, the Bear Cubs will be competing in the WCWA. If you would like to learn more about the school, please visit its site. If you would like to learn more about the program, you can contact Coach Shane Roberts.

Exciting Times for California Collegiate Wrestling

With these two programs, California will have at least four sponsored collegiate women’s wrestling by the end of the 2019-2020 season and that is awesome! It is something supporters of California girls wrestling have been clamoring for! I have a feeling that the flood gates are about to open! I look forward to many more programs being announced in the coming years.

As always good luck to all three of the new programs in their first year of competition and thank you for giving the athletes the opportunity to pursue both their academic and athletic dreams.

2019 NAIA Women’s National Invitational Results

On March 16, the NAIA held its inaugural women’s National Invitational tournament. It was originally meant to be a two-day tournament but inclement weather gave no choice but to make it a one-day event.

Like in the WCWA, Menlo College took the team title with 230.5 points, followed in second by Oklahoma City University with 154.5 points, and in third the host school University of Jamestown came in third. The list of the top-ten teams follows:

1 Menlo College – 230.5
2 Oklahoma City University – 154.5
3 University of Jamestown – 137.5
4 Campbellsville University – 126.5
5 University of Cumberlands – 106.5

6 Wayland Baptist University – 105
7 Life University – 102.5
8 Southern Oregon – 66.5
9 Midland University – 45
10 Missouri Baptist University – 43

In individual results, California had 26 All-Americans out of 47 wrestlers competing. A list of the placing wrestlers follows, with the California wrestlers in blue font:

101 Lbs
1 Asia Ray – Wayland Baptist University
2 Nina Pham – Wayland Baptist University
3 Junnette Caldera – University of Jamestown
4 Hiba Salem – Menlo College

5 Jessica Rodriguez – University of Cumberlands
6 Kassidy Ramirez – Lyon College
7 Faye Cherrier – Life University
8 Amber Garriga – Life University

109 Lbs
1 Alleida Martinez – Menlo College
2 McKayla Campbell – Campbellsville University
3 Tyesha Topps – Life University
4 Raven Guidry – Oklahoma City University
5 Brianna Ribucan-Leong – Lyon College
6 Cassidy Freeman – Eastern Oregon University
7 Diana Leyva – Waldorf University
8 Alessia Cokeley – Ottawa University

116 Lbs
1 Jathiya Isaac – Wayland Baptist University
2 Gracie Figueroa – Menlo College
3 Cassidy Jasperson – Oklahoma City University
4 Madison Angelito – University of Cumberlands
5 Glory Konecny – Southern Oregon
6 Taryn Ichimura – Menlo College
7 Chelsea Dionisio – University of Jamestown
8 Jamayia Blackston – University of Jamestown

123 Lbs
1 Tiana Jackson – Menlo College
2 Koral Sugiyama – Campbellsville University
3 Dajan Treder – University of Providence
4 Macy Higa – Eastern Oregon University
5 Alannah Vetterick – Midland University
6 Victoria Norris – Ottawa University
7 Arianna Marrufo – University of Jamestown
8 Daniela Flores – Oklahoma City University

130 Lbs
1 Andribeth Rivera – Campbellsville University
2 Cara Romeike – University of Jamestown
3 Sydney Freund – Oklahoma City University
4 Anesia Ramirez – Southern Oregon
5 Julissa Taitano – Southern Oregon
6 Jocelyn Murphy – Missouri Valley College
7 Breannah Duduoit-Vasquez – Wayland Baptist University
8 Aysia Cortez – Life University

136 Lbs
1 Solin Piearcy – Menlo College
2 Erica Sotelo – Life University
3 Destiny Lyng – Oklahoma City University

4 Bridgette Duty – University of Cumberlands
5 Akina Yamada – Waldorf University
6 Elissa Douglass – Lyon College
7 Brittany Woods-Orrison – Menlo College
8 Sophia Carson – Campbellsville University

143 Lbs
1 Marilyn Garcia – Menlo College
2 Angela Peralta – Menlo College
3 Maggie Douma – Oklahoma City University
4 Zoe Wight – Life University
5 Sienna Ramirez – Southern Oregon
6 Cierra Foster – Oklahoma City University
7 Joy Muniz – University of Jamestown
8 Morgan Shines – Life University

155 Lbs
1 Iman Kazem – Menlo College
2 Anna Naylor – University of Cumberlands
3 Myranda Velazquez – University of Jamestown

4 Shamera McTier – Missouri Valley College
5 Destinee Rivera – Life University
6 Gabriela Hunter – Midland University
7 Sierra Talmadge – University of Jamestown
8 Isabella Ricchiazzi – University of Cumberlands

170 Lbs
1 Dymond Guilford – Missouri Baptist University
2 Precious Bell – Menlo College

3 Rachel Watters – Oklahoma City University
4 Mariah Harris – Campbellsville University
5 Jordan Nelson – Life University
6 Kenya Sloan – Campbellsville University
7 Payton Rigert – University of Cumberlands
8 Alyssa Schrull – University of Jamestown

191 Lbs
1 Paige Baynes – Wayland Baptist University
2 Chi Chi Nwankwo – Oklahoma City University
3 Leilani Camargo-Naone – Midland University
4 Agatha Andrews – University of Jamestown
5 Alexandra Castillo – Campbellsville University
6 Jesse Kirby – University of Cumberlands
7 Emily Sandoval – Menlo College
8 Angel Ochoa – Missouri Baptist University

Congratulations to all the placers!

Grand View University Adds Women’s Wrestling

Grand View University, in Des Moines, Iowa, has announced its intention to add women’s wrestling as a varsity sport for the 2019-2020 season.

Grand View University Vikings

Grand View is a private liberal arts university affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The school offers over 40 undergraduate programs and four master degree programs. Its pre-professional programs include medicine, law, pharmacy and physical therapy. Its 50-acre campus has an academic staff of 90 and a co-ed student body of around 2,000.

We are very excited that we are going to add women’s wrestling as the 26th varsity sport at Grand View

Troy Plummer, Grand View University Director of Athletics

The Vikings will compete as part of the NAIA. There was no mention of a head coach or the search for one getting underway, yet.

The addition of Grand View would mark the 53rd program competing in freestyle for 2019-2020 season. As usual, I wish the Vikings the best as they join this growing sport!

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