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Simpson University to Add Women’s Wrestling

Simpson University in Redding, California has announced it will be adding women’s wrestling starting in the 2019-2020 season. Simpson is a private, liberal arts college affiliated with Christian and Missionary Alliance. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. It has a student body of just over a thousand.

Simpson Red Hawks

The program’s inaugural head coach is Fan Zhang, who served as women’s head coach at Grays Harbor College last season. Coach Zhang is a seven-time national champion in China.

The Red Hawks will be competing in the NAIA and, at this time there is no word on whether they will be competing in the WCWA. If you are interested in learning more about the program, head on over to the university’s official site.

It’s great to see another school in California add a women’s program and I know we are all wishing them the best of luck during their first season and all the seasons that follow!

“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” – a New Documentary Coming Soon

“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” trailer

MarQ Piocos, Editor-in-Chief of Wombat Sports, has put together a documentary that covers the beginning and future of woman and girls in wrestling.

The press release states that,

“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” explores the fastest growing female sport from all angles…

…The NCAA did a study in 2017 to explore what sport has the most growth in girls’ participation among non NCAA sanctioned sports, and the result was wrestling.
2017 and 2018 saw rapid growth in the sport of wrestling, with over 50 college teams rready for the 20-19 season and a dozen states deciding to create a separate girls’ high school championship. “Girls, Grappling, and Grit” dives into why the sport has expanded so rapidly and the hurdles it has gone through.
Documentary filmmaker MarQ Piocos traveled across the country for a year, talking to veteran wrestlers and those still on their journey. Experts and coaches in the field explain what benefits girls and women are getting from taking up the sport. He also covered all aspects of the sports – girls just trying it for the first time; an all female high school team; and a women’s collegiate team starting its first year just to name a few stories the project covers.

“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” press release

The film features women’s wrestling pioneers such as, Wrestle Like a Girl’s Sally Roberts and California native, Jessica Philippus. And, to top it all off, Northview High School’s Lady Viking wrestling team is also featured,

The documentary will have its world premiere at the Artemis film Festival on April 28th, at 10:40 AM at the Leammle Monica Film Center, located at 1332 2nd St. in Santa Monica. Ticket information to come.

I, for one, am looking forward to watching it and wish MarQ the best of luck with the premiere.

Two More Universities Adding Women’s Wrestling

Two universities have announced that they intend to add women’s wrestling as a varsity sport to their athletic offerings; Central Methodist University and Indiana Institute of Technology.

Central Methodist University

On February 12th, Central Methodist University, in Fayette, Missouri, has announced its intention to add women’s wrestling as a varsity sport for the 2019-2020 season. CMU is a private, coed, liberal arts university affiliated with the United Methodist Church. It offers Masters, bachelors and Associates degrees. It has a 55-acre campus in a total undergraduate student body of around 5,400.

“I’m excited that we’re going to be starting wrestling. It will enhance our athletic program and help grow the university. Wrestling has been a passion of mine for many years, but no greater than my passion for Central and doing whatever I can do to help it succeed.”

Dr. Joe Parisi, Vice President for Enrollment Management

The Eagles will be competing in the NAIA. At this point, there is no word if they intend to compete in the WCWA. They are currently searching for the team’s inaugural head coach.

Indiana Institute of Technology

On February 11th, Indiana Institute of technology, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a private nonprofit University, announced it intended to begin competing in the 2020-2021 season. Indiana Tech specializes in career-oriented degree programs in business engineering computer science education and criminal justice among others. It’s 42-acre campus has an academic staff of 544. And, it’s combined student body which includes undergraduate and postgraduate, is just past 9,600.

Indiana Tech will be the first college in the state of Indiana to offer women’s wrestling to its athletics offerings. The Warriors will be competing in the NAIA also. There is no word if they intend to compete in the WCWA. They have also begun a nationwide search for the program’s inaugural head coach.

56 Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Programs by Fall of 2020

56 higher learning institutions are slated to offer wrestling as a varsity sport by fall of 2020. 28 of those will be schools in the NAIA, which bodes will for the invitational sport.

27 schools are in one of the three divisions of the NCAA. Which means women’s wrestling is inching its way to emerging sports status in that athletic association.

The remaining four are community colleges.

While it is almost a certainty that 28 of those schools will compete in the WCWA; there no telling how many NAIA school will do so, as the logistical and financial considerations will play a huge part in what programs decide to compete in both association championships.

But, even with that uncertainty, the growth of the sport at this level is always a welcomed sight! I wish both the Eagles and the Warriors the best of luck!

The California Rebels Would Like to Help Your Wrestler Get to NHSCA Nationals

I am a big supporter of any group that works at growing the sport, especially in Southern California. Even though I am not associated with the organization, I am more than happy to post a message from the California Rebels. They will be traveling to Virginia Beach this year to compete at the first ever NHSCA girls folkstyle nationals and would like to help your wrestlers get there too. Their message follows:

2018 California Rebels

The California Rebels Women’s Folkstyle National Team is excited to once again participate and support California at Folkstyle National Championships in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We have taken a National Team every year since 2011 to Oklahoma and are now excited to participate in the 1st Inaugural NFHSCA Nationals, last year they had close to 4500 Boys wrestling and have now opened the event up to Girls, we want to give more opportunities for the girls of our state to wrestle at National Level events with National Level competition. We have 5 spots left.

Some exciting changes this year are you now can represent your High School Team, wear your High School singlet no more club or USA Organization, no more USA club card, no more coaches card and still be coached by your own coach. This is the official High school Nationals and not a tournament put together and called Girls High School Nationals, Girls are now again being recognized and given same opportunity as Boys (Growth).

You do not have to go with anyone as this is an individual entry/tournament, you and Family, Coach can go and enter.

We have a a Go Fund Me page for those wanting to support or sponsor

Money is due March 9th. You can make your payments to and send to moc.liamgnull@1sleberainrofilac
or contact one of the Coaches for other arrangements.

Travel dates: NTLS are March 29 to March 31st

Cost: $250.00 this cost includes:

•SPIRIT PACK (Singlet, Clothing, Backpack)

Athletes responsibility: Flight to Virginia

Coaches if you go we will expect you to coach your own athlete in individuals no one knows your athlete better than you.

Basic criteria for participating will be as follows: None Needed

We are committed to the development and growth of all of our Female Wrestlers, Please feel free to come and wrestle no matter what you accomplishments are to this point.

We will have a go Fund Me pg, PayPal setup, we will also Have more info to Follow as we get closer contact one of the coaches with questions

If you have any other questions feel free to call, text or email us.

Email – California Rebels
Jesse Jaime, San Dimas Girls Coach, 626-343-1812
Mike Kim, Kennedy Girls Coach, 714-310-7350
Robbie Gaze, Savanna Girls Coach, 714-713-2548

Message adapted from the California Rebels’ forum posting

By providing links to other sites, SoCal WrestlerGirl does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.

2019 CIF State Girls Wrestling Championships Placers

Well, wrestling at the CIF State Girls Wrestling Championships concluded a few minutes ago. The medal ceremonies should be taking place at the time that I am typing. Hopefully this year, as there were 32-wrestler brackets, all eight placer will receive a medal, and not just the top sic like in the past.

There were some surprises and some things that transpired exactly as expected, both on and off the mat. Some people seem to have loved this year’s format, while others hated every last bit of it. I’m sure there will be improvements made, if not outright changes. Whatever the state office decides to do next year, expect grumblings from all quarters.

As usual, the quality of wrestling has improved this year over last year’s. And yes, there is still a visibly apparent drop-off in skill level between the top-tier wrestlers and the rest. But I truly believe that the margin is shrinking.

There had been concerns that the addition of wrestlers to the brackets would dilute the quality of wrestling. But I think the opposite is true, just look at the LACS which last year, with 14 wrestlers, had five placers and this year with 42, finished with ten!

San Fernando Wins the Team Title!

As had been predicted by some quarter (California Girls Wrestling Podcast, I’m looking at you), this year’s winner came out of the LA City Section and it was in fact San Fernando with a total of 104 points. Second place went to Menlo Atherton with 92 points. Third place, went to the other candidate to win the team title, Birmingham, which finished with 76 points.

A list of team placement and points for the top twenty teams follows. SoCal teams are in blue font:

1 San Fernando (LACS) 104
2 Menlo Atherton (CCS) 92
3 Birmingham (LACS) 76
4 Albany (NCS) 71
5 Northview (SS) 61
6 Norte Vista (SS) 55

7 McClatchy (SJS) 54
8 Monroe (LACS) 49
9 Arroyo (NCS) 45
10 Corona (SS) 44

10 Selma (CS) 44
12 La Costa Canyon (SDS) 43
12 Walnut (SS) 43

14 Liberty (NCS) 42
14 Orland (SJS) 42
14 Silver Creek (CCS) 42
17 Beaumont (SS) 41
18 Mt Whitney (CS) 40.5
19 Westminster (SS) 39
20 Bella Vista (SJS) 38

Individual Results

Congratulations to all the placers! It’s been a long, hard road for all of the athletes that participated but the group listed below were able to push their bodies and wills that one additional moment and that may very well have made all the difference. Regardless of how you did it, you deserve the final outcome! Enjoy it while you can, CA-USA Wrestling Folkstyle and Freestyle State Championships are right around the corner.

101 Lbs
1 Cristelle Rodriguez – Buchanon (CS)
2 Sofia Martinez – Ayala (SS)
3 Hailey Ward – Turlock (SJS)
4 Mikayla Guevarra – Amador Valley (NCS)
5 Melissa Lee – Fremont (CCS)
6 Karen Salais – Calexico (SDS)
7 Chelsy Mendoza – Selma (CS)
8 Jacqueline Hernandez – Frontier (CS)

106 Lbs
1 Leah Gaitan – Yucaipa (SS)
2 Justine Barredo – Walnut (SS)

3 Adrienna Turner – Davis (SJS)
4 Viviana Garcia – San Fernando (LACS)
5 Artemisia Matera – Albany (NCS)
6 Genesis Quirarte – Ridgeview (CS)
7 Makayla Breceda – Norco (SS)
8 Miranda DiBenedetto – Folsom (SJS)

111 Lbs
1 Jennifer Soto – Orland (SJS)
2 Mikayla Vega – Escalon (SJS)
3 Aliyah Rollins – Birmingham (LACS)
4 Danielle Garcia – Corona (SS)
5 Alexis Medina – Northview (SS)

6 Valeree Ornelas – Clovis (CS)
7 Maya Letona – Santa Cruz (CCS)
8 Riha Prasad – Santa Monica (SS)

116 Lbs
1 Monica Garcia – Norte Vista (SS)
2 Desinee Lopez – Folsom (SJS)
3 Charlotte Kouyoumtjian – Monache (CS)
4 Rebecca Drown – Norco (SS)
5 Alisha Narvaez – Arroyo (NCS)
6 Kaiani Kenney – Durham (SJS)
7 Heavynne Jerez – Westminster (SS)
8 Juliana Cubias – Aliso Niguel (SS)

121 Lbs
1 Adriana Lopez – Upper Lake (NCS)
2 Ashley Venagas – Mt. Whitney (CS)
3 Evelyn Calhoon – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
4 Melanie Mendoza – Selma (CS)
5 Katie Gomez – Birmingham (LACS)
6 Cora Johnson-Woessner – La Costa Canyon (SDS)
7 Samantha Barragan – Hemet (SS)
8 Kameron Sudol – Yorba Linda (SS)

126 Lbs
1 Cindy Zepeda – Palm Springs (SS)
2 Kelly Escamilla – California (SS)

3 Emily Se – Oak Ridge (SJS)
4 Niya Gaines – Bear Creek (SJS)
5 Nile Jernigan – Cerritos (SS)
6 Angie Bautista – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
7 Dyanna Gutierrez – Armijo (SJS)
8 Natalia Urbas – Albany (NCS)

131 Lbs
1 Cheyenne Bowman – Rowland (SS)
2 Mary Lopez – Liberty (NCS)
3 Tiera Jimerson – Northview (SS)
4 Adaugo Nwachukwu – Silver Creek (CCS)
5 Mikaela Contreras – El Camino (CCS)
6 Athena Willden – Oak Hills (SS)
7 Phonisha Pruitt – Lincsoln (SDS)

8 Emily Alderman – Bella Vista (SJS)

137 Lbs
1 Dalia Garibay – Freedom (NCS)
2 Aine Drury – Westminster (SS)
3 Faalia Martinez – Oakdale (SJS)
4 Joanna Qiu – Albany (NCS)
5 Sophie Muse – Mcclatchy (SJS)
6 Anahi Moreno – Mt Whitney (CS)
7 Hazel Sunnarborg – Morro Bay (CS)
8 Sydney Barrios – San Pedro (LACS)

143 Lbs
1 Lillian Freitas – Pitman (SJS)
2 Gianna Anaya – San Fernando (LACS)
3 Francesca Lopresti – Albany (NCS)
4 Samantha Utter – Maria Carrillo (NCS)
5 Juliana Bricarello – Beaumont (SS)
6 Gracie Goldsmith-Ding – Argonaut (SJS)
7 Maicie Lockyer – Del Oro (SJS)
8 Paola Sanabria – Silverado (SS)

150 Lbs
1 Amit Elor – College Park (NCS)
2 Maddie Konopka – La Costa Canyon (SDS)
3 Melanie Bacher – Norte Vista (SS)

4 Shareni Donis – South (CS)
5 Michelle Kamyshin – River City (SJS)
6 Hannah Ricioli – El Molino (NCS)
7 Cheyenne Williams – Eleanor Roosevelt (SS)
8 Jazmin Segura – Tustin (SS)

170 Lbs
1 Alia Abushi – Arroyo (NCS)
2 Adelina Parra – San Fernando (LACS)
3 Baoanh Duncan – Clovis (CS)
4 Liliana Vergara – Gregori (SJS)
5 Amara Devericks – Corona (SS)
6 America Lopez – Valencsia/V (SS)

7 Xanaysis Real – Mclane (CS)
8 Vianeth Jimenez – Birmingham (LACS)

160 Lbs
1 Yelena Makoyed – Bella Vista (SJS)
2 Ariana Pereira – Newark Memorial (NCS)
3 Jerzie Estrada – Birmingham (LACS)
4 Tia Barfield – Bishop (CS)
5 Chamira Cooper – Cerritos (SS)
6 Alexa Garcia – Sierra (SJS)
7 Abby Ericson – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
8 Ehireme Ohens – Stockdale (CS)

189 Lbs
1 Folashade Akinola – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
2 Jasmin Clarke – Kelseyville (NCS)
3 Juliannah Bolli – Silver Creek (CCS)
4 Joanna Hendricks – Beaumont (SS)
5 Angela Buenrrostro – Monroe (LACS)
6 Melissa Moreno – Beckman (SS)

7 Aracely Rendon-gomez – Eureka (NCS)
8 Madlyne Navarro – El Camino (SDS)

235 Lbs
1 Tavi Heidelberg – Mcclatchy (SJS)
2 Cristina Santoyo – Monroe (LACS)
3 Tagivale Vaifale – Pacheco (SJS)
4 Sierra Adams-Gregory – Lakewood (SS)
5 Lillian Mccoy – Casa Grande (NCS)
6 Isela Mendez – Northview (SS)
7 Ciara Boyd – San Dimas (SS)

8 Jasmine Guerrero – Del Oro (SJS)

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