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Paying The Bills

You may have noticed as you click from page to page that I have some ads on my site. Well, the sad truth is that I am not independently wealthy. I have set up this site of love for the sport and specifically due to the wish to help girls’ and women’s wrestling get more participation and fans. But there are expenditures and time invested in running a site. The time, I put in freely when I can find some and I can never imagine myself saying I want compensation for it. However, it would be nice to recover some of the real money that is put into the site. So if you ever see something that catches your eye, well you know what to do.

On the other hand if you ever see an ad that you believe has no business being on this site please let me know using the form below and I will look into it and remedy the situation if I agree.

As always thanks for your time and support,

Luis Alba

Contact Us

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New Domain Secured!

A website’s domain name can sometimes be as important as the site itself. Why? Because, if you don’t remember the address of that great site that holds all that information on the topic you’re really into, it won’t matter how great it is. You’ll visit it once, and unless you bookmark it, you might never visit it again. It’s even worse when the name of the site doesn’t exactly match the address and my site is guilty of that. That fact is something that has been bothering me from the get-go but I was just too unsure about what I going to do with the site to pull the the trigger on obtaining a proper domain name.

Now a month into this process, I have a much clearer vision and more confidence in the product I am putting together. I am happy to announce that I have secured the domain which will facilitate remembering the web address (though you should bookmark this site anyway) and maybe guarantee some better branding scenarios for the future (I can dream). You will notice that you still land at the old sub-domain but at the moment it’s just easier for me to deal with my current setup. This is not to mean I won’t migrate everything to that address at some point in the future.

So, in closing, I’m jazzed!

Resources and WCWA Pages Added

Just finished adding two new pages.

  • A resource page so it won’t be so hard to locate useful information,
  • A page listing all the WCWA schools for those of you interested in seeing what colleges will offer your wrestler the best shot at continuing their career in college.

As always, I hope these addition are helpful and if you have any corrections please comment. Don’t worry I won’t sell your email address, I’m just avoiding SPAM comments.

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