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Preseason State Rankings

I don’t generally like rankings. Let’s face it, the only way to know who’s number one is by having the girls wrestle. But, it is also very hard to deny rankings are fun even if they do make life-long friends season-long enemies. So here are the preseason CIF rankings based on last year’s state championship tournament (SoCal girls in red).

101 LBS

  1. Bacich, McKenzie (11) Bear Creek (SJ)
  2. Hedrick, Alexandra (10) Bella Vista (SJ)
  3. Simpliciano, Micela (12) American Canyon (SJ)
  4. Salem, Hiba (12) San Francisco (CC)

106 LBS

  1. Roberts, Harmonie (12) Ukiah (NC)
  2. Barredo, Alyssa (12) Walnut (SS)
  3. Noriega, Talissa (12) James Logan (NC)
  4. Persaud, Jenisse (12) Alhambra (NC)
  5. Gutierrez, Marissa (12) Steele Canyon (SD)

111 LBS

  1. Mason, Lauren (11) Woodcreek (SJ)
  2. Llanes, Angelica (12) Mira Monte (CS)
  3. Ramirez, Annastassia (11) Elk Grove (SJ)
  4. Smith, Victoria (11) Brawley (SD)
  5. Gould, Aleeah (11) Canyon (SS)
  6. Sandoval, Sabrina (12) Porterville (CS)
  7. Valdez, Martina (11) Mt Pleasant (CC)
  8. Macanas, Caitlyn (12) St. Patrick/St. Vincent (NC)

116 LBS

  1. Parrish, Dominique (12) Scotts Valley (CC)
  2. Liang, Ricki (12) Bethel (SJ)
  3. Martinez, Inez (12) Mountain View (SS)
  4. Piroth, Eva (11) Albany (NC)
  5. Thomas, Marissa (12) Del Oro (SJ)

121 LBS

  1. Garcia, Gabrielle (11) Valencia (SS)
  2. Tung, Maddy (12) Santa Monica (SS)
  3. Len, Mabel (12) Milpitas (CC)
  4. Jaime, Daishea (12) San Dimas (SS)
  5. Olive, Cassie (10) Las Plumas (SJ)
  6. Joseph, Nicole (11) Camarillo (SS)

126 LBS

  1. Quintana, Jackie (12) Beaumont (SS)
  2. Cadena, Esperanza (11) Lemoore (CS)
  3. Davis, Kendall (11) Los Gatos (CC)

131 LBS

  1. Sotelo, Erica (12) Albany (NC)
  2. Samaniego, Monica (12) AB Miller (SS)
  3. Pearcy, Solin (11) Cupertino (CC)

137 LBS

  1. Kazem, Iman (12) West (SJ)
  2. Butler, Rachael (12) Foothill (NC)
  3. Harvey, Jade (12) Arroyo (SS)

143 LBS

  1. Hernandez, Alyssa (12) James Logan (NC)
  2. Marker, Mary (12) Ridgecrest (SS)
  3. Regua, Taea (10) Silver Creek (CC)

150 LBS

  1. Patino, Nallely (12) Albany (NC)
  2. Lara, Ophelia (11) Gahr (SS)
  3. Halsey, Haley (12) Rancho Buena Vista (SD)

160 LBS

  1. LaFrancis, Alyssa (12) Poway (SD)
  2. Reusing, Kendall (12) La Sierra (SS)
  3. Diaz, Nicole (11) Liberty (NC)
  4. Ochoa, Angelica (12)[ Sierra Vista (SS)
  5. Schauer, Marianne (11) Modesto (SJ)
  6. Vazquez, Cindy (10) Santa Paula (SS)

170 LBS

  1. Glaude, Alexandria (12) Christian Brothers (SJ)
  2. Sandoval, Celycia (12) Franklin-S (SJ)
  3. Valles, Deidra (12) Northview (SS)
  4. Garcia, Yvette (11) West Covina (SS)
  5. Estrada, Claribel (11) Santa Ana (SS)

189 LBS

  1. Quinones, Jackie (12) Arroyo (SS)
  2. Evien, Evonne (12) Fremont (CC)
  3. Barrett, Torey (12) Pioneer Valley (SS)
  4. Padilla, MaryJane (12) Antelope Valley (SS)
  5. Reyes, Judith (10) Channel Islands (SS)

235 LBS

  1. Wagoner, Lakiya(11) Birmingham (LA)
  2. Mack, Joanna (11) Castlemont (NC)
  3. Santillano, Sydney (12) Camarillo (SS)
  4. Larsen, Michelle (11) Petaluma (NC)
  5. Espinoza, Vickie (11) Rancho Cotate (NC)

2 SoCal Girls Place at The 2014 FILA Cadet World Championships

Yesterday, 2 SoCal Girls placed at the 2014 FILA Cadet World Championships held in Snina, Slovakia. Gabrielle Garcia, who attends Valencia High School, took 5th in the 52 Kg division . Meanwhile, Kendall Reusing, from La Sierra High, took 8th in the 70 Kg weight class.

Congratulation to these young athletes and as Cadet World Team Coach Donnie Stephens said, “this is a young team but the future looks bright for team USA.” 

Performance Summary

52 kg/114.5 lbs. – Gabrielle Garcia, Anaheim, Calif., 5th

  • WIN Yanik Elif (Turkey), Fall
  • WIN Johanna Lindborg (Sweden), 9-4
  • LOSS Alina Kazymova (Russia), 2-4
  • LOSS Haruna Okuno (Japan), 0-10


70 kg/154.25 lbs. – Kendall Reusing, Riverside, Calif., 8th

  • WIN Emese Elekes (Hungary), Fall
  • LOSS Volha Zenina (Belarus), Fall


Read more about this story here.

New Page Added: SoCal ASICS All-Americans

Wishing to always celebrate the accomplishments of the girls from Southern California, I have added a new page to the site. It lists the all the girls who have made the ASICS Girls High School All-American Wrestling Team from 2001 to the present. Check it out here.

Carlson vs. Miller: Wrestle-off for a Spot on 2014 World Team

Veronica Carlson and Randi Miller will be facing each other in a special wrestle-off to decide who will take the 69 kg spot on the 2014 U.S. World Team. Miller was unable to compete at the U.S. Trials due to an injury but she did win the U.S. Open this year. Carlson, on the other hand won the U.S. Trials at the contended weight. The wrestle-off will be a best-of-3 series. Neither a date nor a location have been announced for the matches, as of yet.

This wrestle-off is a result of Miller’s request to the Women’s Sport Committee for delay of trial and which the committee approved. Click here to read original article

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