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6 World Team Spots Have Been Decided For The Women!

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These past 3 days athletes from across the country have competed, at the Alliant Energy Center’s Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Madison,Wisconsin, for the honor to represent the United States at the 2014 World Wrestling Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  6 World Team spots have been decided for the women!

Congratulations to:

  • 48kg Alyssa Lampe
  • 53kg Whitney Conder
  • 58kg Alli Ragan
  • 63kg Elena Pirozhkova
  • 69kg Veronica Carlson
  • 75kg Adeline Gray

Two Schools Plan to Start Women’s Wrestling Programs

It’s always great to hear that a college wants to add a women’s wrestling to their athletics program but when you hear about two on the same day? Well that’s a special day indeed.

The first school is Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas. It sounds like they want to start the program next season and have need of seniors interested in wrestling at the collegiate level. They state they have a few scholarships to give as well. If you would like to learn more fill out the recruiting questionnaire and take a look around their site.

The second entry into the world of women’s collegiate wrestling is Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon. It seems this school once had a women’s wrestling program and I’m not sure if they stopped and have now decided to restart it, but as long as it gets going I’m happy. This school also has scholarships available for young women who want to continue their wrestling career in college. If you want to learn more fill out their recruiting questionnaire and check out their site.

Both of these schools intend to join the WCWA once that happens I will add them to that page.

So once again, this is great news and hopefully the trend continues and we will see a couple of schools adding programs every year.

NFHS Approves High School Wrestling Rules Changes for 2014-15

The NFHS has approved a couple of changes to high school wrestling rules. The changes focus on changes in the definition of bad time and advancement of wrestlers in the consolation bracket.

In Rule 5-1-1 dealing with Bad Time in addition to previous language, the committee agreed that bad time is wrestled with the wrestlers in the wrong position or the wrong wrestler being given choice of position “at the start of the second 30-second tiebreaker” and “at the start of the ultimate tiebreaker.” The previous definition did not include situations where the wrong wrestler was given choice of position at the start of the second 30-second tiebreaker or the start of the ultimate tiebreaker.

Rule 10-2-9 previously addressed the protocol when two wrestlers in the championship bracket simultaneously could not continue the match but did not address a plan for advancement to the consolation bracket when points had been scored in the match. The additional language will state that if the match is tied at the time of termination, the wrestler who scored the first point(s) in the match (first three periods, or first or second 30-second tiebreaker) will in the consolation bracket. If no points were scored, neither wrestler will continue.

The following statistic was also given, wrestling was the sixth-most popular sport for boys at the high school level with 270,163 participants in 10,488 schools during the 2012-13 season, according to the NFHS Athletics Participation Survey. In addition, 8,727 girls were involved in wrestling in 1,602 high schools.

These rule changes will affect the CIF rule books as it is governed by rule changes the NFHS puts into effect.

Most of the language on this post was taken straight off the NFHS’ press release with some omissions and changes wherever I saw suitable.

Body Bar Cadet and Junior SoCal Placers

Young women from all over the United States met this past weekend (May 16-18)  in Irving, Texas to take part  in the Body Bar Women’s National Championships. Girls competed in freestyle for medals in five different age divisions Girls (Division I and II), School Girls, Cadet and Junior. Three of the young athletes that placed in the cadet and Junior divisions come from the Southern California area and of those three, Kendall Reusing placed in both divisions (1st in Cadet and 4th in Junior).

FILA Junior Women’s Freestyle

55 kg / 121.25 lbs.
6th Place – Maddy Tung (Santa Monica High School)

79.5 kg / 175 lbs.
8th Place – Kendall Reusing (La sierra High School)

FILA Cadet Women’s Freestyle

52 kg / 114.5 lbs.
4th Place – Victoria Smith (Brawley High School)

70 kg / 154.25 lbs.
1st Place – Kendall Reusing (La Sierra High School)

Congratulations ladies!!!

I’m sure that there were girls from SoCal competing and placing in the Girls and School Girls divisions but due to the fact that they are not yet in high school it is more difficult to gather information about them. Which is probably for the better. However if anyone would like to see someone they know recognized on this list please use the comment area. After I verify the information I will happily amend this post and add their name.

Marina Doi Gets The Inaugural Tricia Saunders Award

Tricia Saunders, a true pioneer in women’s wrestling, has been honored by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and museum by naming an award for her. And the recipient of the inaugural  Tricia Saunders High School Excellence Award is no other than California’s own Marina Doi. Marina is a 4.0 senior currently at Kingsburg High School who will be attending King University in the fall. She is a two-time CIF state champion and a three-time FILA Cadet World medalist. Marina will recieve her award at the Hall of Fame in Stillwater, Okalahoma during Honors Weekend (June 20-21).

Congratulation Marina and hopefully SoCal will be seeing a few of these awards come this way in the future.

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