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2017 Southern Section – Eastern Region Qualifier Results

Below you will find the results for the 2017 Southern Section – Eastern Region Qualifier.

Unlike Central and Southern regions — where all weight-classes were wrestled until wrestlers qualified for the Southern Section Finals and not beyond — Eastern Region wrestled until the bracket was done or wrestlers could no longer continue to compete due to the 5-match limit rule. So the question becomes, what exactly were the instructions handed down by the CIF-SS office?

I, for one, believe that regardless of my opinion on the decisions CIF-SS makes, once they have been communicated they should be followed. It hurts the sport every time someone decides to do what they think is best (regardless of whether that is true. Rogue decision-making only gives critics ammunition to denigrate the sport. Whether you agree with me or not, you can let Glenn Martinez, the Assistant Commissioner in charge of girls wrestling at the CIF-SS offices, your opinion on the matter.

Regardless of the issue I brought up, congratulations to all the wrestlers that left it all on the mat yesterday whether they qualified or not. The sport gets better every year because of you.

I have included the wrestlers’ ranking at the weight they wrestled and what their seeding was at that weight. Some unranked or unseeded wrestlers may have been ranked and seeded at a different weight but at this point I don’t see the relevance in including it. The order in which names are listed for the 3rd, 5th and 7th place finishers (if there were shared placings) has no significance other than that is how I entered them. If you would like to check out the brackets you can do it by clicking on the following link: 2017 Eastern Regional Qualifier.

Click on the links for the Central QualifierSouthern Qualifier and Northern Qualifier results.

101 LBS
1 Ritchie, Marrisa (M.L. King) Ranked 1 Seeded 1
2 Perez, Valerie (Hillcrest) Ranked 3 Seeded 3
3 Granados, Paulin (Eisenhower) Ranked 14 Seeded 4
4 Shelby, Shandrea (Corona) Ranked 2 Seeded 2
5 Rivera, Valerie (Bloomington) Ranked 3
5 Galaviz, Jaslyn (San Jacinto) Unranked
5 Sudol, Nicolette (Apple Valley) Unranked
5 Alaniz, Reyna (Rancho Mirage) Unranked

106 LBS
1 Ceja, Sugey (Corona) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
2 Kezis, Monica (Rancho Mirage) Ranked 4 Seeded 2
3 Garcia, Danielle (Silverado) Unranked
4 Wright, Elizabeth (Barstow) Ranked 5 Seeded 3
5 Salinas, Aurora (Big Bear) Ranked 14
5 Chardensri, Marisa (Paloma Valley) Ranked 11 Seeded 4
5 Ferguson, Isara (Hillcrest) Unranked
5 Melecio, Angella (Bloomington) Unranked

111 LBS
1 Chrisman, Yessika (Hillcrest) Ranked 3 Seeded 2
2 Chang, Rosalyn (Norco) Ranked 8 Seeded 1
3 Miranda, Magdalena (Eisenhower) Ranked 14 Seeded 3
4 Garcia, Monica (Norte Vista) Ranked 9
5 Gagnon, Gabrielle (Yucca Valley) Unranked
6 Chave, Gissel (Lakeside) Unranked
7 Barrientos, Brianna (Grand Terrace) Unranked
7 Sudol, Kameron (Apple Valley) Unranked

116 LBS
1 Salinas, Destiny (Coachella Valley) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
2 Guijarro, Abigail (Eisenhower) Ranked 8 Seeded 3
3 Wayne, Olivia (Hillcrest) Ranked 11 Seeded 2
3 Leon, Fatima (La Sierra) Ranked 12 Seeded 4
3 Duran, Genisis (Fontana) Unranked
3 Toarmina, Abigail (Granite Hills) Unranked
7 Healy, Emily (Santiago) Unranked
7 Drown, Rebecca (Norco) Unranked

121 LBS
1 Aceval, Alyssa (Corona) Ranked 1 Seeded 1
2 Alba, Alicia (Cajon) Ranked 6 Seeded 2
3 Nagum, Sereneia (Riverside Poly) Unranked
3 Arteaga, America (Coachella Valley) Unranked Seeded 3
3 Boyd, Faith (Hillcrest) Unranked
3 Benavente, Cynthia (Vista Murrieta) Unranked
7 Brown, Erika (Silverado) Unranked Seeded 4
7 Zepeda, Cindy (Palm Springs) Unranked

126 LBS
1 Chiquito, Suzy (Sultana) Ranked 1 Seeded 1
2 Avalos-Wall, Victoria (Yucaipa) Ranked 11 Seeded 2
3 Carrillo, Maria (Hillcrest) Unranked
3 Navarro, Lelana (Paloma Valley) Ranked 8 Seeded 4
3 Sanabria, Paola (Grand Terrace) Unranked
3 Valadez, Jessica (Rialto) Unranked
7 Shearer, Arien (Silverado) Ranked 14 Seeded 3
7 Rodriguez, Marcy (Corona) Unranked

131 LBS
1 Miranda, Genisis (Moreno Valley) Ranked 4 Seeded 2
2 Cardenas, Caitlin (Corona) Ranked 6 Seeded 1
3 Lizarraga, Faith (Hillcrest) Unranked Seeded 4
3 Bastidas, Sabrina (Rancho Verde) Unranked Seeded 3
3 Whamond, Karina (Beaumont) Unranked
3 Miranda, Emily (Colton) Unranked
7 Matthews, Maeve (Serrano) Unranked
7 Hawley, Charlissa (Yucaipa) Unranked

137 LBS
1 Gonzalez, Venessa (Rancho Verde) Ranked 11
2 Naranjo, Ashley (Corona) Unranked Seeded 2
3 Ramirez, Brianna (Fontana) Unranked
3 Aguilar, Ariana (Coachella Valley) Ranked 13 Seeded 3
3 Garthings, Amy (Bloomington) Unranked
3 Acosta, Brittany (Hillcrest) Ranked 10 Seeded 1
7 Saettim, Astrid (Desert Hot Springs) Unranked
7 Garibay, Moncerra (Lakeside) Unranked

143 LBS
1 Camacho, Michelle (Carter) Ranked 4 Seeded 2
2 Cunningham, Destiny (Hillcrest) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
3 Williams, Cheyanne (Roosevelt) Ranked 9
4 Manzo, Karla (Norte Vista) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Gonzlez, Grace (Apple Valley) Unranked
5 Flores, Sayra (Moreno Valley) Unranked
7 Smith, Nichole (Yucca Valley) Ranked 13
8 Ojeda, Naiseth (Corona) Unranked Seeded 3

150 LBS
1 Lopez, Melissa (Hillcrest) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
2 Turner, Abbi (Corona) Ranked 5 Seeded 2
3 Hardin, Anastasia (Colton) Ranked 12 Seeded 3
4 Ramirez, Myriya (Beaumont) Ranked 10 Seeded 4
5 Garlejo, Krystal (Paloma Valley) Unranked
6 Bacher, Melanie (Norte Vista) Unranked
7 Martinez-Hernandez, Jennifer (Lakeside) Unranked
8 Morales, Arlena (Rubidoux) Unranked

160 LBS
1 Castro, Anna (Carter) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
2 Jackson, Peyton (Hillcrest) Ranked 3 Seeded 2
3 Bricarello, Juliana (Beaumont) Ranked 11
3 Alfoso, Sierra (Serrano) Ranked 7
5 Flores, Lena (Cajon) Unranked
5 Schell, Kiri (Murrieta Valley) Ranked 10 Seeded 3
7 Maffucci, Lannie (Corona) Unranked Seeded 4
8 Vasquez, Angelica (Roosevelt) Unranked

170 LBS
1 Reusing, Emma (Hillcrest) Ranked 3 Seeded 1
2 Carrillo, Crystal (Corona) Ranked 5 Seeded 2
3 Gutierrez, Jessica (M.L. King) Unranked
4 Hansen, Mariah (Burroughs) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Smith, Madison (La Quinta) Unranked
5 Hendricks, Joanna (Beaumont) Unranked Seeded 3
7 Esquivel, Amy (Moreno Valley) Unranked
8 Gonzalez, Carolina (Lakeside) Unranked

189 LBS
1 Burton, Corey (Oak Hills) Ranked 1 Seeded 1
2 Ferrara Julia (La Quinta) Ranked 4 Seeded 2
3 Urrutia, Ariel (Corona) Ranked 13 Seeded 3
4 Galvez, Daniela (Redlands East Valley) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Casas, Rosalia (Moreno Valley) Unranked
6 Pilato, Paige (Paloma Valley) Unranked
7 Watson, Mikala (Roosevelt) Unranked
8 Sandoval, Marissa (Hillcrest) Unranked

235 LBS
1 Brannon, Kamryn (Big Bear) Ranked 4
2 Goudea, Alexandria (Moreno Valley) Unranked Seeded 3
3 Ruth, Aryanna (Banning) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
4 Orterga, Mariah (Hillcrest) Ranked 6 Seeded 2
5 Lopez, Jocelyn (Carter) Unranked
5 Ayard, Kassandra (Paloma Valley) Unranked Seeded 4
7 Avila, Natalie (Rancho Mirage) Unranked
8 Siwicki, Bella (Chaparral) Unranked

2017 Southern Section Regional Qualifier Seeds Released

Seeds for the 2017 Southern Section Qualifiers have been released.

Some things to keep in mind about the following seeds:

  1. Seeds may be changed if they are challenged and the seeding committee is swayed by the challenger’s evidence in support of the change.
  2. Southern Region is seeding to 8 while the other 3 regions are seeding to 4.
  3. The seeding committee does not have to follow current rankings.
  4. The order in which I present the regions is based on the order I transcribed the lists and nothing more.

So, without further ado here are your 2017 CIF-SS Regional tournaments seeded wrestlers. Good luck everyone!

Southern Region

101 LBS
1 Liz Mata (Milikan)
2 Alaura Couch (Kennedy)
3 Mitzi Romero (Paramount)
4 Makayla Rydbeck (Esperanza)
5 Emily Peraza (Segerstrom)
6 Renise Rodriguez (Ocean View)
7 Lizbeth Tapia (Santa Ana)
8 Ashley Driesler (West Torrance)

106 LBS
1 Katherine Gonzales (Milikan)
2 Nunez Amanda (Aliso Niguel)
3 Onnalaya Aguilera (Santa Ana)
4 arianne Ignacio (Buena Park)
5 Sadie Camacho (Dana Hills)
6 Sanchez Lucinda (Tustin)
7 Ana Jiwu (Beckman)
8 Rianna Gonzales (Cypress)

111 LBS
1 Riha Prasad (Santa Monica)
2 Ariel Guzman (Savanna)
3 Alisa Adanza (Beckman)
4 Deysi Chona (Santa Ana)
5 Cheenne Stooks (Newport Harbor)
6 Jackie Lopez (Tustin)
7 Jocelyn Ceniceros (Godinez)
8 Gloria Morales (Paramount)

116 LBS
1 Pricilla Surjopolos (Gahr)
2 Gwen McDonald (Esperanza)
3 Yesenia Bustos (Santa Ana)
4 Angie Gonzalez (Paramount)
5 Kimberlin Banegas (Milikan)
6 Natalie Perez (Magnolia)
7 Bianca Lebosnoyani (Mira Costa)
8 Khaliyah Ha­Thommavongsa (LB Poly)

121 LBS
1 Erica Quiroz (Savanna)
2 Sharnyle Gonzales (Milikan)
3 Julie Moreno (Tustin)
4 Claudia Garcia (Paramount)
5 Heavynne Jerez (Los Alamitos)
6 Amber Hurtado (Foothill)
7 Summer­Ray Baeza (Santa Ana)
8 Carmen Hernandez (West Torrance)

126 LBS
1 Jacqueline Alcanara (Godinez)
2 Kairah Cantillo (Segerstrom)
3 Jumela De La Cruz (Western)
4 Jasmine Nijland (Aliso Niguel)
5 Irene Solis­Ortiz (El Modena)
6 Gueimy Aguilon (Milikan)
7 Destiny Gonzalez (Kennedy)
8 Taylor Galbreath (El Toro)

131 LBS
1 Kelly Santiago (Milikan)
2 Deija Hodges (Foothill)
3 Aine Drury (Westminster)
4 Alexandra Alers (Buena Park)
5 Leslie Ponce (Magnolia)
6 Gabrielle Aguirre (Kennedy)
7 Paola Mendoza (Paramount)
8 Sabrina Tafua (Cypress)

137 LBS
1 Lorena Egea (University)
2 Sarah Gunter (Esperanza)
3 Lizbeth Sugia (Paramount)
4 Kim Gutierrez (Capistrano Valley)
5 Angelica Veyra (Gahr)
6 Lauren Camp (Kennedy)
7 Abigail Jolley (El Modena)
8 Alyssa Van Dusen (Mira Costa)

143 LBS
1 Karamia Guzman (Cypress)
2 Stephany Arriaga (Milikan)
3 Kayla Czelusniak (Kennedy)
4 Yxol Morando (Paramount)
5 Skylar Cerny (Gahr)
6 Stephanie Marin (Magnolia)
7 Chloe Palacios (Beckman)
8 Payton Swank (San Clemente)

150 LBS
1 Sasha Medvidovic (Mira Costa)
2 Jazmin Segura (Tustin)
3 Angie Vu (Ocean View)
4 Donahoe Layla (Dana Hills)
5 Kiana Hatfield (Kennedy)
6 Karol Bernabe (Godinez)
7 Samantha Gamino (Foothill)
8 Makenna Fisher (Milikan)

160 LBS
1 Samantha Salas (Godinez)
2 Sofia Perez (Milikan)
3 Jasmine Leigh (Gahr)
4 Tania Barrera (Capistrano Valley)
5 Fernanda Toledo (Paramount)
6 Carolina Moreno (San Clemente)
7 Shawna Jensen (Costa Mesa)
8 Sidney Ramos (West Torrance)

170 LBS
1 Jurnee Frazier (LB Poly)
2 Tristyn Bretana (Aliso Niguel)
3 Melissa Moreno (Beckman)
4 Paola Arenas (Santa Ana)
5 Gisselle Duarte (Godinez)
6 Ailene Guerrero (Milikan)
7 Arlene Ramirez (Capistrano Valley)
8 Priscilla Perea (San Clemente)

189 LBS
1 Gregory Adams (Sierra Milikan)
2 Esther Severiano (Magnolia)
3 Amara Deverecks (San Clemente)
4 Elizabeth Saleapaga (Paramount)
5 Allura Wyatt (Beckman)
6 Viviana Ramirez (Mira Costa)
7 Brittany Cruz (Kennedy)
8 Haylie Leon (Downey)

235 LBS
1 Yajaira Valencia (Cypress)
2 Sarah Guzman (Long Beach Jordan)
3 Esther Pablo (Magnolia)
4 Victoria Salazar (Santa Monica)
5 Elizabeth Granados (Capistrano Valley)
6 Noemi Hernandez (Santa Ana)
7 Ariana Herrera (West Torrance)
8 Ashley Grey (Beckman)

Northern Region

101 LBS
1 Lesley Hernandez (Cabrillo)
2 Claudia Zimmerman (Calabasas)
3 Jordyn Cabales-Rollins (Nipomo)
4 Araceli Sierra (Santa Maria)

106 LBS
1 Abril Sanchez (Nipomo)
2 April Dominguez (Lancaster)
3 Gabriela Rivas (Pioneer Valley)
4 Sydney Peterson (Quartz Hill)

111 LBS
1 Carolina Molina (Pioneer Valley)
2 Rachael Guttierez (Lancaster)
3 Mackenzie Wisneski (Nipomo)
4 Sierra Olea (Oxanrd)

116 LBS
1 Cherry Inay (Pioneer
2 Jasmine Lazos (Ventura)
3 Jennifer Ballesteros (Santa Maria)
4 Liliana Tejeda (Santa Paula)

121 LBS
1 Ramirez Emily (Pioneer Valley)
2 Medina Annabel (Channel Island)
3 Cruz Vanessa (Santa Maria)
4 Ramirez Priscilla (Valencia)

126 LBS
1 Mya Velasquez (Pioneer Valley)
2 Kayla Duran (Nipomo)
3 Karina Lopez (Santa Paula)
4 Brandy Magana (Ventura)

131 LBS
1 Malina Bourbon (Pioneer Valley)
2 Yazmin Gonzalez (Camarillo)
3 Shayla Bautista (Righetti)
4 Aliyah Yates (Knight)

137 LBS
1 Mikayla Miles (Nordhoff)
2 Roxana Ramirez (Valencia)
3 Bianca Heintz (Thousand Oaks)
4 Bryanna Childs (Santa Paula)

143 LBS
1 Tai Soldo (Oxnard)
2 Yesenia Mercado (Knight)
3 Ashley Salinas (Pioneer Valley)
4 Kiara Lane (Antelope Valley)

150 LBS
1 Jaryssa Tambi (Antelope Valley)
2 Alyssa Rocha (Oxnard)
3 Shannon Sears (Lancaster)
4 Michelle Gonzalez (Pioneer Valley)

160 LBS
1 Cindy Vazquez (Santa Paula)
2 Vanessa Escobedo (Channel Island)
3 Janice Alcocer (Bishop Amat)
4 Arlene Martinez (Pioneer Valley)

170 LBS
1 Dymond Guilford (Eastside)
2 Gillian Almanza (Bishop Amat)
3 Jacky Millan (Nipomo)
4 Summer Ross (Simi Valley)

189 LBS
1 Serena Sanchez (Oxnard)
2 Vivanna Garcia-Reveles (Bishop Amat)
3 Esmeralda Zamudio (Nordhoff)
4 Marlen Carillo (Lompoc)

235 LBS
1 Alexis Garcia (Nipomo)
2 Judith Reyes (Channel Island)
3 Hannah Hartley (Camarillo)
4 Katreena Gonzales (Ventura)

Central Region

101 LBS
1 Justine Barredo (Walnut)
2 Angelina Gomez (Northview)
3 Gracie Padilla (Rowland)
4 Sofia Martinez (Ayala)

106 LBS
1 Trina Nguyen (Diamond Ranch)
2 Haven Driscoll (Northview)
3 Cassidy Do (Gabrielino)
4 Aleena Gomez (Etiwanda)

111 LBS
1 Brittany Wynn (Northview)
2 Krystal Velasquez (Sierra Vista)
3 Samantha Martinez (Ayala)
4 Alejandra Maldonado (Schurr)

116 LBS
1 Jeselle Corpus (Walnut)
2 Clare Garcia (San Marino)
3 Julia Hooper (Northview)
4 Stephie Mondragon (Rosemead)

121 LBS
1 Mia Dow (Walnut)
2 Sarah Zaragoza (Schurr)
3 Mary Tuite (Monrovia)
4 Patty Escobar (Montclair

126 LBS
1 Hayley Valdez (San Dimas)
2 Desiree Estrada (Cerritos)
3 Leslie Chicas (Montclair)
4 Jennifer Garcia (El Monte)

131 LBS
1 McKenna Hutchinson (Upland)
2 Maryssa Monterrosa (Montclair)
3 Amanda Calvanico (San Dimas)
4 Rosie Bolanos (Bassett)

137 LBS
1 Alyssa Gomez (Walnut)
2 Nellie Mendoza (El Monte)
3 Chasity Cortez (Rowland)
4 Jackie Garcia (Covina)

143 LBS
1 Anatli Smalley (Upland)
2 Julia Padilla (Northview)
3 Daisy Garcia (Artesia)
4 Valerie Clark (Bassett)

150 LBS
1 Tiki Jaime (San Dimas)
2 Roxanna Barragon (California)
3 Skye-Lynn Bojorquez (Gabrielino)
4 Anisa Garcia (Northview)

160 LBS
1 Sophie Garcia (La Canada)
2 Brianna Harrison (Walnut)
3 Mia Sandoval (Northview
4 Cynthia Galicia (Covina)

170 LBS
1 Mikaela Loza (Baldwin Park)
2 Deidra Valles (Northview)
3 Destiny Garcia (Montclair)
4 Renna Herrejon (Sierra Vista)

189 LBS
1 Talia Schroeder (Northview)
2 Makayla Hernandez (Baldwin Park)
3 Adzareli Ramirez (El Monte)
4 Cheyenne Garcia (La Canada)

235 LBS
1 Stephanie Ruiz (Montclair)
2 Kesha Rodriguez (John Glenn)
3 Jezabell Diaz (Gabrielino)
4 Brittany Milligan (Covina)

Eastern Region

101 LBS
1 Marissa Ritchie (MLKing)
2 Shandrea Shelby (Corona)
3 Valerie Perez (Hillcrest)
4 Pauline Granados (Eisenhower)

106 LBS
1 Sugey Ceja (Corona)
2 Monica Kezis (Rancho Mirage)
3 Elizabeth Wright (Barstow)
4 Marisa Charoensri (Paloma Valley)

111 LBS
1 Rosalyn Chang (Norco)
2 Yessica Chrismann (Hillcrest)
3 Magdalena Miranda (Eisenhower)
4 Danielle Garcia (Silverado)

116 LBS
1 Destiny Salinas(Coachella Valley)
2 Olivia Wayne (Hillcrest)
3 Abigail Guijarro (Eisenhower)
4 Fatima Leon (La Sierra)

121 LBS
1 Alyssa Aceval (Corona)
2 Alicia Alba (Cajon)
3 America Arteaga (Coachella Valley)
4 Erika Brown (Silverado)

126 LBS
1 Suzy Chiquito (Sultana)
2 Victoria Avalos-Wall  (Yucaipa)
3 Arean Shearer (Silverado)
4 Lelaina Navarro (Paloma Valley)

131 LBS
1 Caitlin Cardenas (Corona)
2 Genisis Miranda (Moreno Valley)
3 Sabrina Bastidas (Rancho Verde)
4 Faith Lizarraga (Hillcrest)

137 LBS
1 Brittany Acosta (Hillcrest)
2 Ashley Naranjo (Corona)
3 Ariana Aguilar (Coachella Valley)
4 Viviana Frausto (Shadow Hills)

143 LBS
1 Destiny Cunningham (Hillcrest)
2 Michelle Camacho (Carter)
3 Naiseth Ojeda (Corona)
4 Karla Manzo (Norte Vista)

150 LBS
1 Melissa Lopez (Hillcrest)
2 Abbi Turner (Corona)
3 Anastasia Hardin (Colton)
4 Myriya Ramirez (Beaumont)

160 LBS
1 Anna Castro (Carter)
2 Peyton Jackson (Hillcrest)
3 Kiri Schell (Murrieta Valley)
4 Lannie Maffucci (Corona)

170 LBS
1 Emma Reusing (Hillcrest)
2 Crystal Carrillo (Corona)
3 Joanna Hendricks (Beaumont)
4 Mariah Hansen (Burroughs)

189 LBS
1 Corey Burton (Oak Hills)
2 Julia Ferrara (La Quinta)
3 Ariel Urrutia (Corona)
4 Daniel Galvez (Redlands East Valley)

235 LBS
1 Aryanna Ruth (Banning)
2 Mariah Ortega (Hillcrest)
3 Alexandria Goudea (Moreno Valley)
4 Natalie Avila (Rancho Mirage)

2017 CIF-SS Regionals Preview – Part 3: The East

Late yesterday, I posted the Southern Region preview . This time I will attempt to bring you some information on the Eastern Region. But first some general information.

The Regional Qualifiers determine the 32 wrestlers from each weight-class that will go on to compete at the Southern Section Finals. There are 4 Regional Qualifiers, each tournament will send their top 8 wrestlers in each weight-class to the SS Finals.

All 4 qualifiers will take place on the same date and begin at the same time, February 4th, 2017 at 10:00 A.M.

The CIF-SS will not be giving medals or keeping track of team scores as this is only a qualifier (though coaches, wrestlers and parents strongly disagree with this stance).

The Eastern Region

The Eastern Regional Qualifier will take place at Hillcrest High School in Riverside. The region is composed of 20 individual leagues. There are a total of 128 schools in the region, putting it in 2nd place, among the regions, in number of schools that could potentially send athletes to compete. Last year, 60 schools sent wrestlers to the qualifiers, making it the region with the highest number of participating schools in the 4 regions.

Out of the 112 wrestlers they sent to the Southern Section Finals, 33 of them placed. And out of those, 16 went on to place at state, the most out of the 4 regions; helping the Southern Section get a total of 44 State placers for 2016.

The Schools

The school highlighted in yellow ultimately had placers at the Southern Section Finals last year. The schools highlighted in green had placers in both the SS Finals and the State Championships.

The leagues (in bold) and schools are as follows:

Arrowhead Christian Acad.
Linfield Christian
Loma Linda Academy
Notre Dame/Riverside
Ontario Christian
Western Christian
Woodcrest Christian
Boys’ Republic
California Lutheran
California School for the Deaf
La Sierra Academy
Sherman Indian
Upland Christian Academy
King, M.L.
Citrus Belt
Citrus Valley
Miller, A.B.
Redlands East Valley
De Anza
Desert Hot Springs
Desert Mirage
Rancho Mirage
Shadow Hills
Twentynine Palms
Yucca Valley
Desert Mt
Desert Christian/Lancaster
Lone Pine
Silver Valley
Desert Sky
Granite Hills
Victor Valley
Desert Valley
Cathedral City
Coachella Valley
La Quinta/La Quinta
Palm Desert
Palm Springs
Xavier Prep
Inland Valley
Canyon Springs
North, JW
Rancho Verde
Valley View
Mojave River
Apple Valley
Oak Hills
Mountain Pass
Citrus Hill
San Jacinto
West Valley
Mountain Valley
Moreno Valley
San Bernardino
Vista Del Lago
River Valley
Jurupa Valley
La Sierra
Norte Vista
San Andreas
Arroyo Valley
Indian Springs
Jurupa Hills
Rim of the World
San Gorgonio
South Valley
California Military Institute
Calvary Murrieta
Nuview Bridge
Rancho Christian
Santa Rosa Academy
Temecula Prep
Great Oak
Murrieta Mesa
Murrieta Valley
Temecula Valley
Vista Murrieta
Paloma Valley
Temescal Canyon
Grand Terrace
(Agape & Cross Valley Leagues)
Academy/Academic Excellence
Academy/Careers & Exploration
Apple Valley Christian
Bethel Christian/Lancaster
Big Bear
Cobalt Institute
Excelsior Charter
Hesperia Christian
Lucerne Valley
Riverside Prep
Silver Valley
University Prep
Victor Valley Christian

The Wrestlers

There are 63 wrestlers in this region that are currently ranked. The following wrestlers are all but guaranteed a spot in the Southern-Section Finals. It is up to the unranked wrestlers to correct these presumptions.

All placings listed for last year took place at the qualifiers unless they are in bold which denotes placings at sectional finals or state championships.

101 LBS

  • Marrissa Ritchie (ML King) is currently the number 2 ranked wrestler in the state at 101 and number 1 in the Southern Section. Last year, she took 2nd in the region and 2nd in the SS Finals.
  • Shandrea Shelby (Corona) is currently the number 3 ranked wrestler in the state and number 2 in the section. Last year, she took 1st in the region and 3rd in the Section Finals. She finished the CIF season by taking 4th at the State Championships. She is ranked behind Ritchie after having lost the latest head-to-head match. Expect to see Ritchie and Shelby face-off at both the qualifier and the SS Finals… unless the next wrestler has anything to say about it.
  • Valerie Perez (Hillcrest) finished 1st at the regional and followed it up with a 1st place finish at SS Finals. It appears she was dealing with some health issues at the State Championships but still managed to garner an 8th place finish. She has a head-to-head loss to Shelby this season and is therefore ranked 3rd in the section.
  • Pauiline Granados (Eisenhower) took 5th last season and has been a consistent placer at tournaments this season. She is ranked 13th in the SS.
  • Brittney Garnica (Cathedral City) did not place last season but her 1st place finish at the Yucca Valley tournament has earned her the 14th spot in the rankings.

106 LBS

  • Sujey Ceja (Corona) is currently the number 1 ranked wrestler in the state at this weight. Interestingly, she is ranked 2nd in the section, having lost a head-to-head match again Diamond Ranch’s Trina Nguyen (Central Region). Ceja took 1st last year at 111 and then followed it up by taking 2nd in the Section Finals. She ultimately earned a 4th place finish at the State Championships.
  • Monica Kezis (Rancho Mirage) finished 3rd at the qualifier at 101 pounds last year. She went on to take 4th the SS Finals. She is currently number 4 in the rankings.
  • Erica Chrisman (Hillcrest) does not have a postseason track record.but her 1st place finish at the Carter and 2nd place finish at the Trojan Wars tournaments have earned her a number 9 ranking in the section.
  • Aurora Salinas (Big Bear) did not place last year but her 2nd place finish at the Yucca Valley tournament have garnered her the 12th spot in the rankings .
  • Brittany Ramirez (Carter) is a newcomer to the Eastern Qualifier. Her 5th place finish at the San Dimas tournament has earned her the 13th spot in the rankings.
  • Marisa Charisonri (Paloma Valley) did not place last year but she has been competing quite a bit this season. Her two 2nd place finishes (Trojan Wars and Ayala) have helped her earn the 17th slot in the rankings.

111 LBS

  • Danielle Garcia (Silverado) took 7th at 101 last season. This season she has had two 1st place finishes (Blackwatch and South Hills) and one 2nd place finish (Lady Saints). She is ranked number 1 in the section.
  • Yessica Chrissman (Hillcrest) finished 4th in the region last year. Consistently finishing in the top 3 spot in all of the section tournaments she has particpated in have earned her the ranking of number 3 in the section.
  • Elizabeth Wright (Barstow) took 5th at the regional qualifier and then 4th at the Section Finals. She has, however, not competed in any of the ranking tournaments, so far this season. Nonetheless, she has still manage to garner the 5th spot in the section rankings.
  • Rosalynn Chang (Norco) finished 4th at 101 pounds last year. Her performance at 111 this season, has earned her th 9th spot in the rankings.
  • Monica Garcia (Norte Vista) has no postseason record but her 2nd place finish at San Dimas along with her 3rd place finish at El Monte earn her the 10th spot in the rankings.
  • Magdalena Miranda (Eisenhower) wrestled at 106 pounds last year and took 4th in the region at that weight. This season, at 111, her performance at the tournaments she has attended have earned her the section ranking of 16th.
  • Kameron Sudol (Apple Valley) is a ninth grader that just might have what it takes to shock those ranked above her. She has only attended two ranking tournaments (Blackwatch and Esperanza) but has finished 2nd in both. She is currently ranked 18th in the section

116 LBS

  • Destiny Salinas (Coachella Valley) is ranked 2nd in the state and 2nd in the section. She finished 1st in the region last season and 2nd at the section Finals. She went on to take 8th at the State Championships.
  • Abigail Guijarro (Eisenhower) did not place at last year’s qualifier but her consistent placing at the tournaments she has attended have earned her the 6th spot in the section rankings.
  • Niah Ledesma (Hillcrest) is a ninth grader who has only placed at one tournament (5th at Esperanza) but she beat a section placer at that tournament (Priscilla Surjopolos of Gahr). That accomplishment has earned her the 9th slot in the rankings.
  • Fatima Leon (La Sierra) finished 5th in the region last season. This season, her consistent performance has garnered her the 11th spot in the rankings.

121 LBS

  • Alyssa Aceval (Corona) took 1st in the region and 1st in the SS Finals. She ended the CIF season as a State Championships Finalist. She is currently ranked number 1 in the state and the section.
  • Alicia Alba (Cajon) finished 7th in the region last year but then turned around and took 4th in the Section Finals. She is currently ranked 6th in the SS.
  • Stacie Gray (Temescal Canyon) has no postseason record and only one tournament to her name (Esperanza) in which she took 4th by defeating the next wrestler on this list. She is currently ranked 11th.
  • Olivia Wayne (Hillcrest) finished 4th in the region at 116 pounds last year. This season her head-to-head loss to Gray relegates her to the 12th spot in rankings. Look for her to try and even the score with the Temescal Canyon wrestler.

126 LBS

  • Suzy Chiquito (Sultana) took first at last season’s qualifier as a ninth grader and followed it up by taking 4th at the SS Finals. She then finished off her freshman season by taking 6th at the State Championships. She is the one to beat at this weight-class and as such is ranked number 1 in the SS.
  • Lelaina Navarro (Paloma Valley) doesn’t have much of a track record. But her first place finish at the Trojan Wars (131 pounds) and her 2nd place finish at Ayala have earned her the 11th spot in the rankings.
  • Arien Shearer (Silverado) did not place last season when she wrestled at 121. This season she moves up in weight and gets a nod from the ranking team in the form of the 13th slot in the rankings.

131 LBS

  • Caitlyn Cardenas (Corona) finished 2nd in the region and 3rd in the Section Finals. Her performances at the two tournaments she has attended (1st at El Monte and 2nd at Baldwin Park) gets her the section ranking of number 3.
  • Genesis Miranda (Moreno Valley) finished 5th at the qualifier and 8th at the SS Finals. She is currently ranked number 5 in the rankings.
  • Fernanda Macias (Yucca Valley) has only one tournament under her belt. But that 3rd place finish at Esperanza has earned her the 11th spot in the rankings.
  • Maria Carrillo (Hillcrest) did not place at the regional qualifier at 126 last year. This season, she has attended quite a few tournaments and her performances have garnered her 12th spot in the SS rankings.
  • Victoria Avalos-Wall (Yucaipa) came in 3rd at 126 last season. This season, she has taken 3rd at the two ranking tournaments she has attended (Carter and San Dimas). She is ranked 14 in the section.

137 LBS

  • Vivian Frausto (Shadow Hills) took 6th in the region last year. This season the tenth grader is ranked 9th in the SS.
  • Brittany Acosta (Hillcrest) is a newcomer to the qualifying tournament but has five ranking tournaments under her belt. She is currently ranked 10th in the section.
  • Ariana Aguilar (Coachella Valley) did not place at last year’s regional. This season she has a couple of 1st place finishes (La Quinta and Yucca Valley) which earn her the 11th spot in the rankings.
  • Cheyanne Williams (Roosevelt) did not place last year at the qualifiers. This season her 2nd place finish at Carter has helped her earn the 12th slot in the SS rankings.
  • Vanessa Gonzalez (Rancho Verde) also did not place last year at the qualifier but her head-to-head win over Lisbeth Sugia (Paramount/Southern Region) earned her the 1st place win at Bonita and ranking of number 14 in the section.

143 LBS

  • Destiny Cunningham (Hillcrest) took 1st at 150 at last year’s regional. She also took 4th at the Section Finals. This season, with four 1st place finishes (Trojan Wars, Lady Warrior, Queen of the Hill and Esperanza), she is ranked 2nd at 143.
  • Michelle Camacho (Carter) took 1st at the regional qualifier last season and 4th at the Section Finals. Cunningham has a head-to-head win over her and is therefore relegated to the 4th spot in the rankings. Look for her to try to set the record straight at the qualifier.
  • Nicole Smith (Yucca Valley) is a newcomer to the qualifiers but her 3rd place finish at Esperanza has earned her the 13th spot in the SS rankings.

150 LBS

  • Melissa Lopez (Hillcrest) took 2nd at 170 pounds last season and then went on to finish 3rd at the Section Finals and 5th at the State Championships. She currently ranked 2nd in the section.
  • Abbi Turner (Corona) placed 2nd at 143 last season. This season, she has turned in some solid performances at the tournaments she has competed in and as a result is ranked 5th in the section.
  • Myriya Ramirez (Beaumont) took 5th at last year’s qualifier. Her 1st place finish at the Lady Panther tournament get her a ranking of number 10 in the SS.
  • Anastasia Hardin (Colton) finished 8th at 143 last season. Her consistent performances this season earn her the 12th spot in the rankings.

160 LBS

  • Anna Castro (Carter) took 1st last year. This season her solid top finishes reward her with the section ranking of number 2 at this weight.
  • Peyton Jackson (Hillcrest) took 5th at last season’s regional, 7th at the Southern Section Finals and 6th at the State Championships. Unfortunately, she has a head-to-head loss against Castro and therefore finds herself relegated to the 3rd spot in the rankings. Look for her to avenge that loss at this year’s qualifier.
  • Sierra Alfonso (Serrano) finished 4th at the qualifier last year. She has two 1st place finishes this season (Blackwatch and Bonita). She is ranked 7th in the section.
  • Kiri Schell (Murrieta Valley) took 6th at last year’s regional qualifier. Her 1st place finish at San Clemente helps her get the 10th spot in the section rankings.
  • Juliana Bricarello (Beaumont) finished 3rd last season at 170. This season, her 2nd place finishes at Lady Panther and Ayala contribute to her ranking at number 11.
  • Julie Granados (Rancho Mirage) is a newcomer to the postseason but has been able to place 3rd at Blackwatch and 4th at El Monte. As a result, she is ranked 14th in the SS.

170 LBS

  • Emma Reusing (Hillcrest) finished 3rd last season at 143 and then turned around to finish 1st at the Section Finals. This season she has moved up to the 170 weight-class where her solid performance has garnered her the 3rd spot in the rankings.
  • Crystal Carrillo (Corona) finished 4th in the reagion last year. Her head-to-head loss to Reusing at the Lady Warrior Classic relegates her to the number 5 spot in the rankings. Look for the rematch between the two wrestlers to be one of the highlights at this year’s qualifier.

189 LBS

  • Corey Burton (Oak Hills) took 2nd at the qualifier last year. She also took 2nd at the Section Finals. But then, she finished her season becoming the State Champion. She is currently the number 1 189-pounder in both the section and the state.
  • Joanna Hendricks (Beaumont) placed 5 last year at 235. Her 1st place finish at Lady Panther and her 2nd place finish at Ayala have contributed to her being ranked 7th in the section.
  • Julia Ferrara (La Quinta) Took 2nd at the qualifier last season. she has 3 1st place finishes (La Quinta, Lady Rumble and Bonita) which helped her get the 9th slot in the SS rankings.
  • Ariel Urrutia (Corona) finished 3rd at last year’s qualifier. Her 1st place finish at South Hills earns her the 13th spot in the rankings.

235 LBS

  • Aryanna Ruth (Banning) placed 4th at the regional qualifier last season. She also finished 4th at the Section Finals and 7th at the State Championships. Though she has not competed at any of the ranking tournaments, she still has garnered the 2nd spot in the SS rankings.
  • Kamryn Brannon (Big Bear) is a newcomer that has a 1st place finish at Yucca Valley and a 2nd place finish at the Lady Rumble. She is ranked 4th in the section.
  • Mariah Ortega (Hillcrest) placed 2nd at last year’s qualifier. Her two 1st place finishes (Carter and Trojan Wars) contribute to her ranking of number 6 in the weight-class.
  • Brittany Cuevas (Corona) does not have a postseason resume yet. But, her 3rd place finish at the Lady Saints tournament has helped her get the nod from the ranking team for the 10th slot in the SS rankings.
  •  Annalee Hernandez (Elsinore) placed 7th at the qualifier last season. Despite not competing at any of the ranking tournaments this season, she is currently ranked 16th in the section.

Closing Thoughts

With so many wrestlers being ranked in some of the weights and the looming threat of a dark horse swooping in at any given moment, the possibility of multiple upsets is very tangible. On top of that, the number of potential rematches with wrestlers looking to avenge losses that occurred earlier in the season make this the type of tournament where the spectators may have paid for seats but it’s doubtful they will get much use.

Once again, I want to acknowledge the amazing efforts of Coach Ric Martinez and his team in doing the rankings and providing corroborating evidence along with background information on every single wrestler that makes the rankings list. Without them I could not provide even a tenth of the information I shared in this posting.

If you find any mistakes please contact me and I will correct them, if they are mistakes. Differences of opinion will always be respected and welcome in the comments section.

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