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2017 Southern Section – Southern Region Qualifier Results

Below you will find the results for the 2017 Southern Section – Southern Region Qualifier.

All weight-classes were wrestled until wrestlers qualified for the Southern Section Finals and not beyond. This means there were four 5th place finishers and two 3rd place finishers. The one exception is the 1st and 2nd place finishers; those matches were wrestled. The reason given for this was that it was a CIF decision, based on the fact that only the top two placers would be seeded at the Section finals.

I for one believe that the decision is terrible. It cheats the wrestlers from head-to-head matches going into next year’s season and it robs them of the opportunity to prove they are better than a 4-way tie. But that’s CIF for you. If you would like to see this change please let them know. Glenn Martinez is the Assistant Commissioner in charge of girls wrestling at the CIF-SS offices.

Congratulations to all the wrestlers that left it all on the mat yesterday whether they qualified or not. The sport gets better every year because of you.

I have included the wrestlers’ ranking at the weight they wrestled and what their seeding was at that weight. Some unranked or unseeded wrestlers may have been ranked and seeded at a different weight but at this point I don’t see the relevance in including it. The order in which names are listed for the 3rd and 5th place finishers has no significance other than that is how I entered them. If you would like to check out the brackets you can do it by clicking on the following link: 2017 Southern Regional Qualifier

Click on the link for the Central QualifierEastern Qualifier and Northern Qualifier results.

101 LBS
1 Peraza, Emily (Segerstrom) Ranked 13 Seeded 5
2 Couch, Alaura (Kennedy) Ranked 12 Seeded 2
3 Mata, Liz (Millikan) Ranked 10 Seeded 1
3 Rodriguez, Renise (Ocean View) Ranked 19 Seeded 6
5 Pham, Ivy (Santiago GG) Unranked
5 Winchester, Kyndle (Aliso Niguel) Ranked
5 Rydbeck, Makayla (Esperanza) Ranked 9 Seeded 4
5 Peake, Alexis (Foothill) Unranked

106 LBS
1 Gonzales, Katherine (Millikan) Ranked 6 Seeded 1
2 Aguilera, Onnalaya (Santa Ana) Ranked 15 Seeded 3
3 Jiwu, Ana (Beckman) Unranked Seeded 7
3 Camacho, Sadie (Dana Hills) Unranked Seeded 5
5 Nunez, Amanda (Aliso Niguel) Unranked
5 Lucinda, Sanchez (Tustin) Unranked
5 Ignacio, Arianne (Buena Park) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Luu, Josephine (Canyon) Unranked

111 LBS
1 Prasad, Rhia (Santa Monica) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
2 Guzman, Ariel (Savanna) Ranked 4 Seeded 2
3 Chona, Deysi (Santa Ana) Ranked 15 Seeded 4
3 Adanza, Alisa (Beckman) Ranked 13 Seeded 3
5 Morales, Gloria (Paramount) Unranked Seeded 8
5 Lopez, Jackie (Tustin) Ranked 12 Seeded 6
5 Stooks, Cheyenne (Newport Harbor) Unranked Seeded 5
5 Nocum, Allysa (Mira Costa) Unranked

116 LBS
1 Bustos, Yesenia (Santa Ana) Ranked 7 Seeded 3
2 Banegas, Kimberlin (Millikan) Ranked 10 Seeded 5
3 Mcdonald, Gwen (Esperanza) Ranked 3 Seeded 2
3 Surjopolos, Priscilla (Gahr) Ranked 9 Seeded 1
5 Lebosnoyani, Bianca (Mira Costa) Unranked Seeded 7
5 Perez, Natalie (Magnolia) Unranked Seeded 6
5 Gonzalez, Angie (Paramount) Ranked 5 Seeded 4
5 Aguirre, Alina (Newport Harbor) Unranked

121 LBS
1 Gonzales, Sharnyle (Millikan) Unranked Seeded 2
2 Quiroz, Erica (Savanna) Ranked 4 Seeded 1
3 Moreno, Julie (Tustin) Unranked Seeded 3
3 Jerez, Heavynne (Los Alamitos) Ranked 13 Seeded 5
5 Baeza, Summer-Ray (Santa Ana) Unranked Seeded 7
5 Hurtado, Amber (Foothill) Unranked Seeded 6
5 Martinez, Liliana (Santiago GG) Unranked
5 Hernandez, Carmen (West Torrance) Unranked Seeded 8

126 LBS
1 Alcantara, Jacqueline (Godinez) Ranked 5 Seeded 1
2 Cantillo, Kairah (Segerstrom) Ranked 13 Seeded 2
3 Aguilon, Gueimy (Millikan) Unranked Seeded 6
3 Nijland, Jasmine (Aliso Niguel) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Gonzalez, Destiny (Kennedy) Ranked 15 Seeded 7
5 De La Cruz, Jumela (WST) Unranked Seeded 3
5 Solis-Ortiz, Irene (El Modena) Unranked Seeded 5
5 Medina, Jacqueline (Santa Ana) Unranked

131 LBS
1 Santiago, Kelly (Millikan) Ranked 9 Seeded 1
2 Mendoza, Paola (Paramount) Unranked Seeded 7
3 Tafua, Sabrina (Cypress) Unranked Seeded 8
3 Ponce, Leslie (Magnolia) Unranked Seeded 5
5 Hodges, Deija (Foothill) Unranked Seeded 2
5 Bendezu, Kellie (Garden Grove) Unranked
5 Aguirre, Gabrielle (Kennedy) Unranked Seeded 6
5 Viveros, Ruth (Santiago GG) Unranked

137 LBS
1 Egea, Lorena (University) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
2 Aine, Drury (Westminster) Unranked
3 Camp, Lauren (Kennedy) Unranked Seeded 6
3 Gutierrez, Kim (Capistrano Valley) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Gunter, Sarah (Esperanza) Ranked 14 Seeded 2
5 Eacott-Lopez, Elizabeth (El Toro) Unranked
5 Veyra, Angelica (Gahr) Unranked Seeded 5
5 Sugia, Lizbeth (Paramount) Ranked 15 Seeded 3

143 LBS
1 Arriaga, Stephany (Millikan) Ranked 5 Seeded 2
2 Guzman, Karamia (Cypress) Ranked 6 Seeded 1
3 Czelusniak, Kayla (Kennedy) Ranked 8 Seeded 3
3 Cerny, Skylar (Gahr) Ranked 14 Seeded 5
5 Palacios, Chloe (Beckman) Unranked Seeded 7
5 Marin, Stephanie (Magnolia) Unranked Seeded 6
5 Gudino, Jessica (Downey) Unranked
5 Ramirez, Alexus (Canyon) Unranked

150 LBS
1 Segura, Jazmin (Tustin) Unranked Seeded 2
2 Hatfield, Kiana (Kennedy) Unranked Seeded 5
3 Medvidovic, Sasha (Mira Costa) Ranked 1 Seeded 1
3 Vu, Angie (Ocean View) Ranked 11 Seeded 3
5 Gamino, Samantha (Foothill) Unranked Seeded 7
5 Bernabe, Karol (Godinez) Unranked Seeded 6
5 Layla, Donahoe (Dana Hills) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Fisher, Makenna (Millikan) Unranked Seeded 8

160 LBS
1 Salas, Samantha (Godinez) Ranked 4 Seeded 1
2 Perez, Sofia (Millikan) Ranked 5 Seeded 2
3 Moreno, Carolina (San Clemente) Ranked 18 Seeded 6
3 Toledo, Fernanda (Paramount) Unranked Seeded 5
5 Jensen, Shawna (Costa Mesa) Unranked Seeded 7
5 Silva, Nancy (El Modena) Unranked
5 Green-Butler, Alexandria (Torrance) Unranked
5 Ramos, Sidney (West Torrance) Unranked Seeded 8

170 LBS
1 Frazier, Jurnee (LB Poly) Unranked Seeded 1
2 Bretana, Tristyn (Aliso Niguel) Ranked 7 Seeded 2
3 Moreno, Melissa (Beckman) Ranked 8 Seeded 3
3 Duarte, Gisselle (Godinez) Unranked Seeded 5
5 Benitez, Jenny (Warren) Unranked
5 La Cost, Kelly (Mission Viejo) Unranked
5 Arenas, Paola (Santa Ana) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Martinez, Aleyda (Katella) Unranked

189 LBS
1 Adams Gregory, Sierra (Millikan) Ranked 2 Seeded 1
2 Deverecks, Amara (San Clemente) Ranked 6 Seeded 3
3 Cruz, Brittany (Kennedy) Unranked Seeded 7
3 Saleapaga, Elizabeth (Paramount) Unranked Seeded 4
5 Severiano, Esther (Magnolia) Ranked 15 Seeded 2
5 Leon, Haylie (Downey) Unranked Seeded 8
5 Wyatt, Allura (Beckman) Unranked Seeded 5
5 Eduardo, Micaela (Warren) Unranked

235 LBS
1 Valencia, Yajaira (Cypress) Ranked 9 Seeded 1
2 Hernandez, Noemi (Santa Ana) Unranked Seeded 6
3 Herrera, Ariana (West Torrance) Unranked Seeded 7
3 Farag, Savage (LB Wilson) Unranked
5 Orozco, Victoria (Paramount) Unranked
5 Pablo, Evelyn (Magnolia) Ranked 10 Seeded 3
5 Guzman, Sarah (LB Jordan Unranked Seeded 2
5 Gray, Ashley (Beckman) Unranked Seeded 8

2017 CIF-SS Regionals Preview – Part 2: The South

Well, I posted the Northern Region preview earlier today and I’m back for more punishment. This time I will attempt to bring you some information on the Southern Region. But first some general information.

The Regional Qualifiers determine the 32 wrestlers from each weight-class that will go on to compete at the Southern Section Finals. There are 4 Regional Qualifiers, each tournament will send their top 8 wrestlers in each weight-class to the SS Finals.

All 4 qualifiers will take place on the same date and begin at the same time, February 4th, 2017 at 10:00 A.M.

The CIF-SS will not be giving medals or keeping track of team scores as this is only a qualifier (though coaches, wrestlers and parents strongly disagree with this stance).

The Southern Region

The Southern Regional Qualifier will take place at Tustin High School in Tustin. The region is composed of 19 individual leagues. There are a total of 111 schools in the region, putting it in 3rd place, among the regions, in number of schools that could potentially send athletes to compete. Last year, 52 schools sent wrestlers to the qualifiers, making it 3rd, out of the 4 regions, in number of schools participating.

Out of the 112 wrestlers they sent to the Southern Section Finals, 31 of them placed. And, out of those 10 went on to place at state; helping the Southern Section get a total of 44 State placers for 2016.

The Schools

The school highlighted in yellow ultimately had placers at the Southern Section Finals last year. The schools highlighted in green had placers in both the SS Finals and the State Championships.

The leagues (in bold) and schools are as follows:

Brethren Christian
Calvary Chapel/Downey
Crean Lutheran
Oxford Academy
Sage Hill
St. Margaret’s
Mira Costa

Palos Verdes
Redondo Union


Pacifica/Garden Grove

Buena Park
La Habra
Sunny Hills
Garden Grove
Bolsa Grande
Garden Grove
La Quinta/Westminster
Los Amigos
Rancho Alamitos
Santiago/Garden Grove
Golden West
Ocean View
Santa Ana


Cabrillo/Long Beach


Poly/Long Beach

Wilson/Long Beach
Beverly Hills
Culver City
El Segundo
Santa Monica


Santa Ana Valley

Orange Coast
Calvary Chapel/Santa Ana
Costa Mesa

Laguna Beach
Pacific Coast
Corona del Mar

North Torrance
South Torrance
West Torrance

San Gabriel


Fountain Valley
Huntington Beach
Los Alamitos
Newport Harbor

Mater Dei
Rosary Academy
Santa Margarita
St. John Bosco
(Crestview & North Hills Leagues)
Brea Olinda

El Dorado
El Modena

Villa Park
Yorba Linda
(Sea View & South Coast Leagues)
Aliso Niguel

Capistrano Valle
Dana Hills
El Toro
Laguna Hills
Mission Viejo
San Clemente

San Juan Hills
Trabuco Hills

The Wrestlers

There are 51 wrestlers in this region that are currently ranked. The following wrestlers are all but guaranteed a spot in the Southern-Section Finals. It is up to the unranked wrestlers to correct these presumptions.

All placings listed for last year took place at the qualifiers unless they are in bold which denotes placings at sectional finals or state championships.

101 LBS

  • Makayla Rydbeck (Esperanza) is making waves as a ninth grader and has attended most of the high-visibility tournaments this season. She is ranked 9th in the section
  • Liz Mata (Millikan) placed 5th at last year’s regional. She is currently ranked 10th in the section.
  • Alaura Couch (Kennedy) took 3rd last year. She is ranked 12th in the section.
  • Emily Peraza (Segerstrom) doesn’t have a postseason track record but has been doing enough work this season to get the 16th spot in the section rankings.
  • Renise Rodriguez (Ocean View) is another relative unknown that has been putting in time at several tournaments this season garnering her the 18th spot in the rankings

106 LBS

  • Katherine Gonzales (Millikan) took second last year at 111 pounds. This season she is making her mark in the 106-pound class and is ranked 5th in the section.
  • Onnalaya Aguilera (Santa Ana) is ranked 8th in the section thanks to consistent placings at the tournaments she has competed in.

111 LBS

  • Riha Prasad (Santa Monica) took 5th at last year’s qualifier and went on to take 7th at the Section Finals. Ranked 2nd in the section, she should be expected to improve her placing this year.
  • Ariel Guzman (Savanna) took 4th last year but did not place at the Section Finals. She is ranked 4th in the section and will look to have a better showing all around.
  • Jackie Lopez (Tustin) did not place at the regionals last year but should be able to make her presence felt this time around. She is currently ranked 12th in section.
  • Alisa Adanza (Beckman) took 2nd at 101 last year. This year she has moved up a couple of weight-classes and has earth the 15th spot in the section rankings.
  • Deysi Chona (Santa Ana) took 1st at 101 last year. She too, like Adanza has made the jump to 111. Her loss to Adanza explains her current standing in the rankings at number 17.

116 LBS

  • Gwen McDonald (Esperanza) took 1st at last year’s qualifiers and then followed it up with a 7th place finish at the SS Finals. Her current ranking is 3rd in the section.
  • Angie Gonzalez  (Paramount) was just behind Mcdonald at the qualifiers last year, coming in 2nd. Her season came to an early end due to an injury preventing her from placing at the Section Finals. She currently ranked 4th in the SS.
  • Kimberlin Benegas (Millikan) came in 3rd last year and is ranked 7th in the section.
  • Yesenia Bustos (Santa Ana) wrestled at 106 pounds last season. Her season ended at the qualifiers but this year at her new weight she has garnered the 8th spot in the rankings and should be expected to make it to the Section Finals.
  • Priscilla Surjopolos (Gahr) took 4th at last year’s qualifier and went on to take 5th at the SS Finals. She currently ranked 10th in the section.
  • Sabina Kwimbe (Savanna) earned the 7th spot at the qualifiers last season. She is currently ranked 13th in the section.

121 LBS

  • Heavynne Jerez (Los Alamitos) is wrestler to beat at 121 in the Southern Region. She is the only section-ranked wrestler in the weight class (#13)

126 LBS

  • Jacqueline Alcantara (Godinez) is ranked 4th in the SS. Last year she took 2nd at the regional qualifier.
  • Erica Quiroz (Savanna) took fist at 121 last season and then took 6th at the Section Finals. She will undoubtedly try to prove she is better than her ranking at number 7 implies.
  • Sharnyle Gonzales (Millikan) took 2nd last year but has only recently attended a ranking tournament. She currently sits in the 8th spot in the rankings.
  • Kairah Cantillo (Segerstrom) came in 3rd last year and is ranked 10th in the section.
  • Destiny Gonzalez (Kennedy) did not place at last year’s qualifier but she has been putting in some solid performances this season. As a result, she is ranked 14th in the SS.

131 LBS

  • Aine Drury (Westminster) is ranked 4th in the section as a result of defeating Moreno Valley’s Genesis Miranda, who took 8th in the Section Finals last year.. Pretty impressive for a newcomer.
  • Kelly Santiago (Millikan) took 5th at last year’s qualifier and is currently ranked 8th in the weight-class.
  • Alexandria Alers (Buena Park) did not place at last year’s qualifier but her hard work this season has earned her the 15th spot in the rankings.

137 LBS

  • Lorena Egea (University) took 5th at 131 pounds last year.She then followed it up with another 5th place at the Southern Section Finals. She currently ranked number 2 in the 137 pound weight-class.
  • Madison Camp (Kennedy) has racked up some impressive wins as a ninth grader and as a result has been rewarded with the number 4 spot in the rankings.
  • Karamia Guzman (Cypress) took 4th at the qualifier last year and then earned a 5th place finish at the SS Finals. Look for her to attempt to prove she is better than her number 6 ranking would lead you to believe.
  • Vanessa Lopez (Katella) is another wrestler that wants to show she is better than her ranking implies (#7). Last year she came in 3rd at the regional and took 7th the at the SS Finals.
  • Sarah Gunter (Esperanza) dropped down to 137 this season. Last year she placed 7th at 143. She currently ranked 13th.
  • Lizbeth Sugia (Paramount) also dropped down from 143 where she placed 3rd at the qualifier. She is ranked 15th in the section, behind Gunter after losing a head-to-head to her via decision.

143 LBS

  • Stephanie Arriaga (Millikan) came in 5th place at 150 pounds at last year’s qualifier. She also took 8th at the Section Finals. She is currently ranked 5th.
  • Kayla Czelusniak (Kennedy) wrestled at 137 pounds last season where she took 5th at the regional. Unfortunately, her season came to an early end during the first round of the Section finals by way of injury. She is ranked 7th.
  • Skylar Cerny (Gahr) has shown enough promise, in the three ranking tournaments in which she has participated, that the ranking team has deemed her worthy of the 14th spot in the section rankings.

150 LBS

  • Sasha Medvidovic (Mira Costa) is the number 2 ranked wrestler in the state at 150 pounds. She earned that distinction by coming in 3rd at the regional, 3rd at the Section Finals and 3rd at the State Championships. She is currently ranked 1st in the section. However, she has yet to compete in any tournaments this season.
  • Angie Vu (Ocean View) came in 7th place at the qualifiers last year while competing for Fountain Valley High School. She is currently ranked 11th at 150.

160 LBS

  • Samantha Salas (Godinez) came in 4th place at 150 pounds last year. She then went on to take 5th at the Southern Section Finals. She is ranked 4th in the section.
  • Sofia Perez (Millikan) took 1st place at the qualifier last season and has had some solid performances this season which has earned her the 5th spot in the rankings.
  • Carolina Moreno (San Clemente) took 5th at the qualifier last year. This season she is ranked 17th at 160.
  • Layla Donahue (Dana Hills) is a newcomer that has impressed the ranking team enough to garner the number 18 spot in the section rankings.

170 LBS

  • Melissa Moreno (Beckman) may be new to the postseason but she is the one to beat. Being ranked at number 7 she is the highest ranked wrestler the region has at this weight.
  • Tristyn Bretana (Aliso Niguel) took 7th at the regional qualifier last year. Her head-to-head loss to Moreno relegates her to the 8th spot in the SS rankings. Look for her to attempt to avenge that loss.
  • Samantha Escobedo (Villa Park) is a newcomer who has placed high at the 2 ranking tournaments she has participated in. She ranked 9th in the section. Look for her to play spoiler to Moreno and Bretana,

189 LBS

  • Sierra Adams-Gregory (Millikan) placed 4th at last season’s qualifier, 5th at the Section Finals and 6th at the State Championships. She currently ranked 2nd in the section.
  • Amara Devericks (San Clemente) placed 3rd at the qualifier and 7th at the Section Finals last year. She is ranked 4th in the SS.
  • Jurnee Frazier (Long Beach Poly) placed 2nd in the regional qualifier and 3rd at the SS Finals. She ranked 5th in the section. She will undoubtedly attempt to show that her wrestling is superior to that of the two wrestlers ranked higher than her.

235 LBS

  • Yadjaira Valencia (Cypress) took 2nd at regional qualifier and 7th at the Section Finals as a freshman. Look for this sophomore to continue to improve and go out to prove she is better than the section ranking she currently has (9th).
  • Evelyn Pablo (Magnolia) came in 5th at last year’s qualifier. She is presently ranked 11th in the section.
  • Elizabeth Saleapaga (Paramount) this young wrestler may not have a postseason resume but she has been doing quite a bit of competing. Her hard work has garnered her the 15th spot in the section rankings for this weight.

Closing Thoughts

With so many wrestlers being ranked in some of the weights and the looming threat of a dark horse swooping in at any given moment, the possibility of multiple upsets is very tangible. This qualifier promises to be electrifying.

Once again, I want to acknowledge the amazing efforts of Coach Ric Martinez and his team in doing the rankings and providing corroborating evidence along with background information on every single wrestler that makes the rankings list. Without them I could not provide even a tenth of the information I shared in this posting.

If you find any mistakes please contact me and I will correct them, if they are mistakes. Differences of opinion will always be respected and welcome in the comments section.

Please check out my Northern Region and Eastern Region previews and keep an eye out for my Central Region preview, coming soon.

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