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2017 CIF State Finals Results

The 2017 CIF Girls Wrestling State Finals have come to an end. It is truly amazing to see how much better the competition gets year after year. There are no cakewalks for anyone.

Below I have listed the top ten teams for this year; Selma has won the team title for a second year in a row.

I have also listed this year’s placers. SoCal teams and wrestlers are listed in blue.

As soon as a copy of the final result is made available, I will post them here as well. 2017 results

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the continued growth of this sport; athletes, coaches, parents, fans and the CIF.

Top Ten Teams

1. Selma (CS)  – 111.0 points
2. Corona (SS) – 83.0 points
3. Tokay (SJS) – 73.5 points
4. Del Oro (SJS) – 73.0 points
5. Hillcrest (SS) – 72.0 points
6. Enoch (SJS) – 68.0 points
7. Northview (SS) – 64.0 points
8. Menlo Atherton (CCS) – 62.5 points
9. James Logan (NCS)  – 56.0 points
10. Upland (SS) – 54.0 points


101 LBS
1 Angelina Gomez – Northview (SS)
2 Marissa Ritchie – M.l. King (SS)
3 Valerie Perez – Hillcrest (SS)
4 Shandrea Shelby – Corona (SS)
5 Melanie Mendoza – Selma (CS)
6 Justine Barredo – Walnut (SS)
7 Arrianna Andrus – Coalinga (CS)
8 Hailey Ward – Turlock (SJS)

106 LBS
1 Chelsea Wilson – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
2 Sugey Ceja – Corona (SS)
3 Trina Nguyen – Diamond Ranch (SS)
4 Merijah Morales – Selma (CS)
5 An Vo – James Logan (NCS)
6 Angelita Sanchez – Lemoore (CS)
7 Danielle Garcia – Silverado (SS)
8 Katherine Gonzales – Millikan (SS)

111 LBS
1 Alleida Martinez – Selma (CS)
2 Michael Curry – Gridley (SJS)
3 Monica Garcia – Norte Vista (SS)
4 Ariel Guzman – Savanna (SS)
5 Samantha Martinez – Ayala (SS)
6 Riha Prasad – Santa Monica (SS)
7 Marie Seely – Eureka (NCS)
8 Yessika Chrisman – Hillcrest (SS)

116 LBS
1 Rory Coscia – Enoch (SJS)
2 Nguyet Tran – James Logan (NCS)
3 Savannah Scott – Del Oro (SJS)
4 Tara Othman – Benicia (SJS)
5 Jazmine Ruiz – Tokay (SJS)
6 Adriana Lopez – Upper Lake (NCS)
7 Alexandra Cota – San Fernando (LACS)
8 Destinay Salinas – Coachella Valley (SS)

121 LBS
1 Alex Hedrick – Bella Vista (SJS)
2 Alyssa Aceval – Corona (SS)
3 Jessica Sanchez – Tulare Union (CS)
4 Mia Dow – Walnut (SS)
5 Sarah Zaragoza – Schurr (SS)
6 Cindy Pelayo – East Bakersfield (CS)
7 Brigitte Mihalca – Casa Grande (NCS)
8 Dyanna Gutierrrez-Hurd – Armijo (SJS)

126 LBS
1 Gracie Figueroa – Selma (CS)
2 Suzy Chiquito – Sultana (SS)
3 Christina Wilson – Upper Lake (NCS)
4 Haley Valdez – San Dimas (SS)
5 Alexandra Ceballos – Inderkum (SJS)
6 Julissa Taitano – Silver Creek (CCS)
7 Karla Rivera – Birmingham (LACS)
8 Anne-Marie Maskalenko – Clairemont (SDS)

131 LBS
1 Candice Corralejo – Del Oro (SJS)
2 Dalia Garibay – Freedom (NCS)
3 Destiny Lyng – Helix Charter (SDS)
4 McKenna Hutchison – Upland (SS)
5 Ariana Pineda – Andrew Hill (CCS)
6 Mikaela Contreras – Terra Nova (CCS)
7 Alexis Morfin – Selma (CS)
8 Hallie Beadles – Linden (SS)

137 LBS
1 Shelly Avelino – Benicia (SJS)
2 Aine Drury – Westminster (SS)
3 Jenna Garcia – Notre Dame-Salinas (CCS)
4 Kaleigh Burrage – Del Oro (SJS)
5 Mikayla Miles – Nordhoff (SS)
6 Emmily Patneaud – Newark Memorial (NCS)
7 Erin Cornelius – Dublin (NCS)
8 Lucero Perez Betancourt – Otay Ranch (SDS)

143 LBS
1 Anatli Smalley – Upland (SS)
2 Katrina Guevara – Enoch (SJS)
3 Valerie Vigil – Wilcox (CCS)
4 Michelle Camacho – Carter (SS)
5 Geralene Pomele – Pacheco (SJS)
6 Julia Padilla – Northview (SS)
7 Destiny Cunningham – Hillcrest (SS)
8 Taea Regua – Silver Creek (CCS)

150 LBS
1 Alexis Young – River Valley (SJS)
2 Jaryssa Tambi – Antelop Valley (SS)
3 Marlene Salinas – Terra Nova (CCS)
4 Jaylene Jaime – San Dimas (SS)
5 Adriana Orozco – Gilroy (CCS)
6 Liliana Vergara – Gregori (SJS)
7 Kaitlain Gilmour – Enoch (SJS)
8 Abbi Turner – Corona (SS)

160 LBS
1 Alyvia Fiske – Vintage (SJS)
2 Adelina Parra – San Fernando (LACS)
3 Anna Castro – Carter (SS)
4 Cindy Vazquez – Santa Paula (SS)
5 Folashade Akinola – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
6 Jezebel Garcia – Wilcox (CCS)
7 Yelena Makoyed – Bella Vista (SJS)
8 Zakayya Nichols – Rodriguez (SJS)

170 LBS
1 Dymond Guilford – Eastside (SS)
2 Emma Reusing – Hillcrest (SS)
3 Alexis Cavero – Tokay (SJS)
4 Sara Aguilar – Palo Alto (CCS)
5 McKayla Loza – Baldwin Park (SS)
6 Emily Sandoval – James Logan (NCS)
7 Courtney Juarez – Atwater (SJS)
8 Grace Catton – Prospect (CCS)

189 LBS
1 Corey Burton – Oak Hill (SS)
2 Alexandra Castillo – Birmingham (LACS)
3 Alexis Borruel – Tokay (SJS)
4 Sierra Adams Gregory – Millikan (SS)
5 Esmeralda Zamudio – Nordhoff (SS)
6 Abby Ericson – Menlo Atherton (CCS)
7 Minnah Adam – Terra Nova (CCS)
8 Makayla Hernandez – Baldwin Park (SS)

235 LBS
1 Stephanie Maldonado – Clairemont (SDS)
2 Fuatino Moala – McNair (SJS)
3 Alexis Garcia – Nipomo (SS)
4 Kamryn Brannon – Big Bear (SS)
5 Arianna Cobian – Pittsburg (NCS)
6 Lilian McCoy – Casa Grande (NCS)
7 Alexandria Goudea – Moreno Valley (SS)
8 Sarah Guzman – Jordan (SS)

2017 CIF-LACS Finals Results

After what should have been two great days of wrestling, that were unfortunately tarnished by the weigh-in scandal on the second day, we now know the 14 wrestlers that will be representing this Section at the CIF State Championships in Visalia on February 24th and 25th.

San Fernando took the team title with 306 points. In second place, Birmingham with 252 team-points. And, in third place L. A. Poly with a total of 123 points.

Congratulations to all the placers and we look forward to seeing the champions this upcoming Friday and Saturday! If you would like to take a look at the brackets, you can do it by clicking on the link 2017 LACS Girls Final Brackets

101 LBS
1 Jaslyn Avila – L.A. Polytechnic
2 Jessica Vasquez – San Fernando
3 Madissen Alvarado – Birmingham
4 Marcela Pajares – Bell
5 Stephanie Banuelos – Granada Hills
6 Emily Villanueva – Franklin

106 LBS
1 Paris Valencia – San Fernando
2 Veronica Machain – Birmingham
3 Dhamar Chacon – Van Nuys
4 Camila Zarasua – Sylmar
5 Aliyah Rollins – Granada Hills
6 Esther Laguna – Eagle Rock

111 LBS
1 Diane Cuadras – Birmingham
2 Nicole Posada – San Fernando
3 Giselle Amendariz – Bell
4 Genesis Flores – Van Nuys
5 Alyssa De Fazio – San Pedro
6 Angela Contreras – NV Military Institute

116 LBS
1 Alexandra Cota – San Fernando
2 Hanna Tanap – Carson
3 Jasmine Hernandez – Cesar Chavez
4 Diana Leyva – Monroe
5 Louisa Tampi – Granada Hills
6 Samantha Cerda – Marquez

121 LBS
1 Samantha Muñoz – San Fernando
2 Salma Morales – Granada Hills
3 Sophia Villalta – L.A. Polytechnic
4 Abigail Olivares – Eagle Rock
5 Silvia Calleja – San Pedro
6 Natalie Flores – Birmingham

126 LBS
1 Karla Rivera – Birmingham
2 Rosalinda Arana – San Fernando
3 Nathalie Aldana – Chatsworth
4 Ashley Medel L.A. Wilson
5 Sydney Barrios – San Pedro
6 Hazel Lemus – Sylmar

131 LBS
1 Trinity Duarte – San Fernando
2 Jessica Juarez – Bell
3 Yesenia Escobar – San Pedro
4 Destiny Taufahema – Birmingham
5 Suleica Macias – L.A. Wilson
6 Martha Briceño – Monroe

137 LBS
1 Yea Gi Sarabia – San Fernando
2 Chloe DeSousa – Granada Hills
3 Destiny Garcia – Narbonne
4 Elvidia Rivera – Monroe
5 Brianna Sassola – Birmingham
6 Maricela Moreno – Sylmar

143 LBS
1 Gianna Anaya – San Fernando
2 Zyana Cabrera – Birmingham
3 Mitchell Martinez – Cleveland
4 Jessica Chua – Granada Hills
5 Vanessa Rodriguez – Monroe
6 Madeline Flores – L.A. Polytechnic

150 LBS
1 Christine Contreras – L.A. Polytechnic
2 Tiffany Calderon – Birmingham
3 Jannie Renderos – Sylmar
4 Laura Torres – Carson
5 Audrey Hernandez – Eagle Rock
6 Sofia Sanchez – Narbonne

160 LBS
1 Adelina Parra – San Fernando
2 Alex Messing – L.A. Polytechnic
3 Jessica Flores Rodrigu – Panorama
4 Dominique Hernandez – Birmingham
5 Lisset Basilio – Cleveland
6 Destiny Velasquez – Sylmar

170 LBS
1 Sandra Castrejon – San Fernando
2 Adela Chavez – L.A. Polytechnic
3 Jamie Villalobos – Birmingham
4 Vianeth Jimenez – Cleveland
5 Melissa Prado – Carson
6 Yuliana Burgara L.A. Wilson

189 LBS
1 Alex Castillo – Birmingham
2 Angela Buenrrostro – Monroe
3 Vanessa Contreras – San Fernando
4 Jennifer Bentancourt – Bell
5 Haninah De la Cruz – Chatsworth
6 Joseline Valenzuela VAU- Granada Hills

235 LBS
1 Kimberly De La Cruz – Birmingham
2 Samantha Vazquez – San Fernando
3 Kaila Osorio – Palisades
4 Leann Chapman – Granada Hills
5 Cristina Santoyo – Monroe
6 Giselle Ochoa – Narbonne

UPDATE: LACS Weigh-in Outrage

Hours ago, I posted about the wrestler that was barred from weighing in at the CIF-LACS Finals for doing some sit-ups in the pre-weigh-in area. I have an update on that story.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of all coaches in attendance, the wrestler was not allowed to weigh in and as a result was unable to wrestle and possibly missed out on the opportunity to go to the CIF State Championships.

A lot of readers have shared the outrage the coaches displayed in the accompanying video to the original post but some have asked if maybe the Weight Assessor was in the right.

The NFHS Wrestling Rule book states the following: Rule 4, Section 4, Article 3

At anytime the use of sweat boxes; hot showers; whirlpools; rubber, vinyl and plastic-type suits; or similar artificial heating devices; diuretics; or other methods for quick weight reduction purposes is prohibited and shall disqualify an individual from competition.

Do a few sit-ups fall under that rule?

NFHS Rule 4, Section 5, Article 3  states:

For any event, all contestants shall be present in and remain in the designated weigh-in area at the time established by the meet administration. Contestants shall not leave the designated weigh -in area unless permission is granted by the meet administration . Dual meet weigh-in shall proceed through the weight classes beginning with the random draw selected weight class, continue through the weight classes, wrap around to the 106-pound weight class and end immediately upon the completion of the highest weight class preceding the random draw selected weight class. When all wrestlers for a weight class have had an opportunity to weigh in and the next class is called, that weight class is closed. Tournament weigh-in may proceed by team( s) with the lowest weight class to the highest and end immediately upon the completion of the highest weight class. A contestant shall weigh in for only one weight class during the weigh-in period. If only one scale is available, a contestant may step on and off that scale two times to allow for mechanical inconsistencies in the scale. If multiple scales are available, a contestant may step on and off the first scale two times to allow for mechanical inconsistencies in that scale. If the contestant fails to make weight on the first scale, the contestant shall immediately step on each available scale one time in an attempt to make weight. During time off the scale( s), activities that promote dehydration are prohibited.

Being that the wrestler had not stepped on any scale, “During time off the scale( s), activities that promote dehydration are prohibited.” does not apply to her

Furthermore, the LACS own Gold Book states the following: Article 310 Wrestling, section 3102 Weigh-ins. subsection E

The use of laxatives, emetics, excessive food and liquid restriction, self-induced vomiting, hot rooms, hot boxes, saunas, and steam rooms is prohibited for any purpose. The use of diuretics at any time is prohibited. Regardless of the purpose, the use of vapor-impermeable suits (e.g. rubber or rubberized nylon) or any similar devices used solely for dehydration is prohibited. Artificial means of rehydration (i.e. intravenous hydration) are also prohibited. Violators of these rules shall be suspended for the competition(s) for which the weigh-in is intended. A second violation would result in suspension for the remainder of the season. (Revised May 2010 Federated Council)

Again, do a few sit-ups violate LACS own regulations?

Maybe the LACS 2016-17 Finals Bulletin would shed some light into the issue. But all it states is the following:

Compliance to NFHS Rule 4, Section 5 will be strictly enforced. Weigh-in will begin promptly at 1:00 p.m. on Friday and 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, no one will be admitted or permitted to weigh-in after the doors to the weigh-in area have closed without the approval of the tournament director.

In the video, when Mr. Ramos asks where the scales are at and follows up by stating that it is not the weigh-in room, you can hear Mr. Jones say, “no, it is not,” in agreement before asking the coaches to leave the room. Which means the wrestler was not in violation of any of the above cited rules.

Some will say this is simply a matter of rule interpretation but if that is the case, it is very poor rule interpretation following neither the word nor the spirit of the rules.

If you believe an injustice has been committed and would like never see it happen again in the LACS you can contact the following to let them know how you feel:

Tom Jones, CIF Los Angeles City Section, Certified Assessor and Tom Jones, LACS Section Office Representative and Finals Tournament Director

Mike Castillo, Girl’s & Boy’s Assistant Coordinator

Steve Soltysik, Girl’s & Boy’s Assistant Coordinator

John Aguirre, CIF-LACS Commissioner

Duane Morgan, CIF Central Coast Section Commissioner and Rules Interpreterfor CIF State

You can also contact the sponsors, Gatorade and MaxPreps and let them know how unhappy you are with the situation that has occurred at an event they sponsor.

It may be too late to do anything for the young athlete whose dreams were smashed today but you may be able to prevent it from happening again to someone else.




BREAKING NEWS: LACS Weigh-in Outrage

This morning, as girls were waiting to weigh in for day 2 of the LACS Finals, in the pre-weigh-in area, a wrestler did a few sit-ups. That’s when Tom Jones, CIF Los Angeles City Section, Certified Weight Assessor, decided she was cutting weight and ended her season on the spot. Never mind that what she did is not against the current rules, as she was not in the weigh-in area.

What ensued was every single coach in attendance clamoring for the wrestler to be allowed to weigh in. As a result, an announcement was made over the P.A. system that every coach there would be deducted 13 team-points. A useless exercise since every single team would be affected by it and the coaches promptly let Mr. Jones know.

At that point, Mr. Jones decides he would no longer use the P.A. system to communicate with the coaches. Instead, he walks over and asks the coaches to leave the area. The coaches, and rightfully so, refuse to.

Mr. Jones then realizes that Richard Ramos (SOMAR Wrestling) is streaming the incident and, uses the pretext that since he is not a coach in the section he needs to be removed by the other coaches. The coaches comply and ask  Mr. Ramos to leave the area, which he does.

I don’t  know how you feel about this, but I don’t think the rules were intended to be enforced in a draconian way. The fact that Mr. Jones resorts to different intimidation tactics to silence the outraged coaches leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The whole situation could have been handled in a different way by the LACS representative and I applaud all the coaches for recognizing that an injustice was taking place and not allowing it to go unchallenged.

Below is the video Richard Ramos streamed and posted on his public Facebook wall. What do you make of the incident?  I will give an update on the situation when it becomes available. Read the update here.

2017 CIF-SDS Finals Results

The San Diego Section also held their section finals over the past two days. The event took place Clairemont High School in San Diego. Unlike the Southern Section, which gets to send 8 wrestlers to the State Championships, the SDS is only allowed 2.

On the team side of things, Westview took the team championship with 173 team points. Brawley came in 2nd with 158 points. And, San Pasqual took 3rd with 130.

Congratulations to all the placers. We look forward to seeing the top-2, in each weight, in two weeks, in Visalia.  If you would like to take a look at the brackets, click on the link: 2017 CIF-SDS Finals

101 LBS.
1st Jasmine Plaesncia – Hilltop
2nd Ana Cuen – Brawley
3rd Emily Sway – Torrey Pines
4th Johanna Collins – Calexico

106 LBS.
1st Lyric San Nicholas-Quinto – Westview
2nd Samantha Magpusao – HTH Chula Vista
3rd Yesenia DeGuire – Olympian
4th Alyssa Bravo – Brawley

111 LBS.
1st Isabel Flores – San Ysidro
2nd Cora Johnson-Woessner – La Costa Canyon
3rd Sarina Kuninaga – HTH Chula Vista
4th Aileen Estrada – Brawley

116 LBS.
1st Maria Sanchez – San Pasqual
2nd Victoria Bjork – Westview
3rd Amber Plasencia – Hilltop
4th Nyah Smallwood – Brawley

121 LBS.
1st Isabella Hook – Eastlake
2nd Karamel Nunez-martinez – Kearny
3rd Sasha Barra – Brawley
4th Kayla-Maria Santos – Westview

126 LBS.
1st Caitlyn Lamouree – Poway
2nd Anne-Marie Maskalenko – Clairemont
3rd Erika Tolentino – Brawley
4th Victoria Teodoro-Mackey – Mira Mesa

131 LBS.
1st Destiny Lyng – Helix Charter
2nd Phonisha Pruitt – Lincoln
3rd Kira Satnick – Westview
4th Alexa Downs – Olympian

137 LBS.
1st Claire Bjork – Westview
2nd Lucero Perez Betancourt – Otay Ranch
3rd Esmeralda Ibarra – San Diego
4th Cassandra Bravo – Rancho Buena Vista

143 LBS.
1st Melanie Olivarria – San Ysidro
2nd Maddie Konopka – La Costa Canyon
3rd Jaelin-Rose Quinto – Westview
4th Arianna Alvizar – Brawley

150 LBS.
1st Barbara Martinez – Brawley
2nd Devin Bartelt – Westview
3rd Belen Merino – San Pasqual
4th Olivia Poole – Point Loma

160 LBS.
1st Emma Urrutia – San Pasqual
2nd Sonia Baniqued – Mar Vista
3rd Stephanie Villafuentes – Calexico
4th Vanessa Gonzales – Westview

170 LBS.
1st Emily Velasquez – San Pasqual
2nd Larisa Vasquez – Montgomery
3rd Eleni Sanchez – Steele Canyon
4th Sabrin Farha – Eastlake

189 LBS.
1st Francisca Diaz – Mission Bay
2nd Samantha Stephens – Castle Park
3rd Chloe Owens – Point Loma
4th Karolina Valenzuela – Brawley

235 LBS.
1st Stephanie Maldonado – Clairemont
2nd Kerri Gordon – Mt Miguel
3rd Madlyne Navarro – El Camino
4th Jackie Valencia – San Pasqual

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