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2019 Marines Western Regional Results

The 2019 Marines Western Regionals took place in Las Vegas, a weekend ago and girls from ages nine and under all the way up through high school age competed in folkstyle, freestyle, and even greco-roman! 48 California girls placed (keeping in mind that the Western Regional only places to the top four.

Below you can find the final results for each of the styles girls participated. Since the lists got pretty long I split them up into separate pages. Just scroll down to the bottom of each page and you will find the page links above the comment area. On this page you will folkstyle; on page two, greco-roman; on page three freestyle.

Congratulations to all the placing wrestlers! California wrestlers are denoted in blue.

Folkstyle Results

In folkstyle, 12 California wrestlers placed. Seven of those wrestlers aren’t even high school students, yet!

GIRLS 9U – 44-44

1 Hazel Rodarte of Washington
2 Suri Yoffee of Nevada
3 Cary Valdez of Hawaii

GIRLS 9U – 59-62

1 Sophia Marie Gonzales of California
2 Kenadee Schoonover of Arizona

GIRLS 9U – 70-78

1 Mikaella Bowens of California
2 Braylee Velarde of Wyoming

GIRLS 12U – 52-59

1 Ali Svancara of Idaho
2 Athea Valenzuela of Arizona
3 Blayne Jex of Oregon
4 Kayden Makamson of Alaska

GIRLS 12U – 60-73

1 Kaydence Jeffreys of Alaska
2 Grace Loutzenhiser of Alaska
3 Mika Yoffee of Nevada
4 Caydence Watters of Wyoming

GIRLS 12U – 77-86

1 Tai McBride of Wyoming
2 Azalea Fetters of Washington
3 Hayle Talbot of Nevada
4 Hilie Larson of Washington

GIRLS 12U – 88-100

1 Isabella Marie Gonzales of California
2 Lillian Kraiter of Montana
3 Emma Chacon of Arizona
4 Ellie Thomas of Washington

GIRLS 12U – 114-125

1 Jahlia Miguel of Hawaii
2 Anna Bozanic of California
3 Shylah Bridges of Hawaii

GIRLS 12U – 140-158

1 Sandilynn Tuinei-Paopao of Nevada
2 Talitha Tolver of Alaska

GIRLS (MS) – 70-84

1 Audrey Jimenez of Arizona
2 Jazmin Roschmann of California
3 Emma Albanese of Nevada
4 Jamiezon Garcia of Alaska

GIRLS (MS) – 87-100

1 Kiely Tabaldo of California
2 Kayce Dudoit of Hawaii
3 Abbeygael Cabuag of California
4 Mia Zuniga of Washington

GIRLS (MS) – 100-109

1 Shelby Moore of Washington
2 Emma Villa of Washington
3 Mckaylah Youngblood of Montana
4 Samantha O`Brien of Wyoming

GIRLS (MS) – 117-134

1 Haley Ward of Missouri
2 Amber Perkins of Nevada
3 Olivia Carrillo of Utah
4 Angelina Doral of Nevada

GIRLS (MS) – 175-175

1 Alejandra O`Brien of Wyoming

WOMEN (HS) – 100-108

1 Brianna Gonzalez of California
2 Emilie Gonzalez of California

3 Tehani Soares of Nevada
4 Nizhoni Tallman-Olney of Washington

WOMEN (HS) – 111-122

1 Phoenix Dubose of Washington
2 Nadine Quijada of California
3 Hannah Hall of Florida
4 Morayma Montes of Texas

WOMEN (HS) – 124-136

1 Charmayne DeLong of Wyoming
2 Araya Boday of Washington
3 Maci Avila of Nevada
4 Morgan Mackey of Nevada

WOMEN (HS) – 131-143

1 Jessie McCurry of Arizona
2 Alexandra Byrne of Oregon
3 Kalee Everett of Nevada
4 Desarae Matheny of Alaska

WOMEN (HS) – 148-158

1 Amit Elor of California
2 McKenzie Cook of Alaska
3 Sabrin Farha of California
4 Amanda Wylie of Alaska

WOMEN (HS) – 161-175

1 Payton Irish of Washington
2 Aalyah Villarreal of Texas
3 Emma Burk of Colorado
4 Sophia Sadki of Washington

WOMEN (HS) – 195-224

1 Chanel Siva of Washington
2 Persephone Sandoval of Montana
3 Sydney Bentley of Nevada
4 Catlynn Norris of Wyoming

Great Showing for California at the 2019 US Open

22 Placers for the Golden State

The 2019 edition of the US Open took place this past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada and the California wrestlers who competed did not disappoint. We had 22 placers.

Of those 22, three received berths for the Final X Series while another became an automatic finalist at the World Team Trials Challenge. Nine other California wrestlers qualified to compete at the World Team Trials Challenge, taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina, May 17-19.

Below is a list of the placers. Native California wrestlers are denoted in blue.

50 kg
1 Whitney Conder – Final X berth
2 Erin Golston – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Victoria Anthony – Southern Section Alumna – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Haley Augello – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Amy Fearnside – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Emily Shilson
7 Alleida Martinez
8 Maria Vidales

53 kg
1 Tiare Ikei – World Team Trials Challenge Finalist
2 Katherine Shai – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Gracie Figueroa – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Cody Pfau – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Peyton Prussin – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Marissa Ritchie
7 Madison Angelito
8 Kierstien Bush

55 kg
1 Jacarra Winchester – Southern Section Alumna – Final X berth
2 Areana Villaescusa – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Dominique Parrish – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Alisha Howk – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Shauna Isbell-Kemp – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Alexandra Hedrick
7 Ronna Heaton
8 Samantha Klingel

57 kg
1 Becka Leathers – Final X berth
2 Jenna Burkert – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Cameron Guerin – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Kelsey Campbell – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Allison Petix – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Koral Sugiyama
7 Dajan Treder
8 Sierra Brown-Ton

59 kg
1 Alli Ragan – Final X berth
2 Abigail Nette – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Lauren Mason – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Lauren Louive – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Megan Black – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Maya Porter
7 Daishea Jaime – Southern Section Alumna
8 Alayna Swilley

62 kg
1 Kayla Miracle – World Team Trials Challenge Finalist
2 Desiree Zavala – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Alexis Porter – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Brenda Reyna – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Alexandria Liles – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Amber Strong
7 Natalia Hinojo
8 Bridgette Duty

65 kg
1 Forrest Molinari – Final X berth
2 Maya Nelson – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Macey Kilty – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Nicole Joseph – Southern Section Alumna – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Destiny Lyng – San Diego Section Alumna – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Julia Salata
7 Gabrielle Garcia – Southern Section Alumna
8 Melissa Jacobs N

68 kg
1 Randi Beltz – World Team Trials Challenge Finalist
2 Jayden Laurent – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Ashlynn Ortega – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Kayla Marano – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Skylar Grote – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Anna Naylor
7 Marilyn Garcia – LA City Section Alumna
8 Ophelia Lara – Southern Section Alumna

72 kg
1 Alyvia Fiske – Final X berth
2 Victoria Francis – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Iman Kazem – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Lena Flanagan – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Rachel Watters – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Alexis Gomez
7 Dymond Guilford – Southern Section Alumna
8 Myranda Velazquez

76 kg
1 Precious Bell – Southern Section Alumna – World Team Trials Challenge Finalist
2 Hannah Gladden – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
3 Korinahe Bullock – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
4 Nahiela Magee Southern Section Alumna – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
5 Kenya-Lee Sloan – World Team Trials Challenge Qualifier
6 Paige Baynes
7 Payton Rigert
8 Leilani Camargo-Naone

Congratulations to all the placers and good luck to all the wrestlers moving on to the trials challenge, whether directly to the finals or having to compete in the tournament. And finally, congratulation to the wrestlers who earned the Final X berth, you are one step closer to making the world team!

U9, U14 and U12 Nationals Result in 11 All-Americans

The 2019 USA Wrestling/US Marine Corps Girls Folkstyle National Tournaments for the U9, U12 and U14 divisions took place on Sunday, March 24th at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City. I’m pleased to report that even though California was represented by only 14 wrestlers, 11 are returning as All-Americans. California came away with the team title in the U14 Division.

The wrestlers who participated are:

U9 (California finished 16)

55 Sasha Williams
65 Nova Estrada – 3rd Place

U12 (California finished 13)

80 Bella Williams – 3rd Place
85 Clover Williams – 8th Place
102 Isabella Marie Gonzales – 1st Place

U14 (California wins team title)

97 Eden Hernandez – 5th Place
97 Kiely Tabaldo – 3rd Place
105 Ella Harper
105 Zao Estrada – 2nd Place
110 Elena Ivaldi – 1st Place
110 Gianna Dibenedetto
110 Leilani Lazaro – 4th Place
119 Ysabella Hinojosa – 2nd Place
127 Christina Contreras-Jaen – 3rd Place

Great work by all participants on the national stage and I look forward to see what’s next for these athletes!

Flight Causes Team California to Forfeit Matches

Team California Red was forced to forfeit its dual championship match against Team Texas as it attempted to make its return flight to California. Team California Blue went through the same situation in its third-place match against Team Michigan.

Team Red had started the dual meet championship on shaky ground, having lost a close contest to Team Michigan, 33-39, in the pool portion of the tournament. The team, bounced back in the second round beating the Ohio Draw team 57-23. California would then seal it first place finish in its pool be besting Team Tennessee – who had beat Michigan in the second round – in a dominant fashion, 57-12.

In its pool Team Blue received a first round bye and then defeated Team Texas C, 73-6, in the second round. In the third round, Blue would be victorious over the New Mexico Draw Team, 73-6 and then follow up the performance with a 84-0 rout of Team Minnesota in the next round. The fifth round would decide what team finished first in the pool as Team Blue faced Team Oklahoma which it handled easily, 71-9.

California Blue would meet Team Colorado in the quarterfinals and come out the winner with a score of 66-12. California Red, which was on the same side of the bracket as Blue, met some opposition from Team Kansas but came away with the victory, 46-30.

Teams Blue and Red would face each other in the semifinals. Only two matches would be wrestled, with the rest going to Team Red by way of forfeit. It is being reported that Team California flight times prevented it from wrestling for the championship and third-place and instead would have to settle for second and fourth. A true shame to think that scheduling prevented our hardworking wrestlers from completing the task they set out to do. Nonetheless, I know we are all proud of them. Hopefully, this issue will not play a part in the dual meet again.

The wrestlers that represented Team California are as follow:

California Red
Lexy Beadles
Cassandra Betancourt
Gurleen Bhullar
Unity Cordova
Natalia Diaz-Portillo
Miranda DiBenedetto
Jaydan Driskill
Aleena Gomez
Tatianna Herrera
Ellisa Jimenez
Jordyn Knecht
Miranda Koppi
Savannah Lewis
Isela Mendez
Solana Mottola
Ximena Pulido
Hannah Ricioli
Nallely Rivadeneira
Paola Sanabria
Adrienna Turner
Tamsin Urbas
Elysia Urrea
Samantha Utter
Hailey Ward

California Blue
Alia Abushi
Hailie Beadles
Jasmin Clarke
Chloe Desouza
Hollie Espinoza
Leah Gaitan
Danielle Garcia
Dalia Garibay
Katie Gomez
Tiera Jimerson
Michelle Kamyshin
Adriana Lopez
Francesca LoPresti
Artemisia Matera
Lillian McCoy
Chelsy Mendoza
Melanie Mendoza
Alisha Narvaez
Cristelle Rodriguez
Lizette Rodriguez
Mikayla Vega

California Wins the 2019 Junior Folkstyle Team Title with 25 New All-Americans

The 2019 USA Wrestling/US Marine Corps Girls Folkstyle National Tournament is currently taking place at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Yesterday, Saturday, March 24th, the Junior division was completed after one day of competition.

Team California came in first place, in the team title race, with 727 points. Team Texas came in 2nd with 673.5 and Michigan finished in third with 157.5 points. The top ten teams follow:

1 Team California 727
2 Team Texas 673.5
3 Team Michigan 157.5
4 Team Georgia 151
5 Team Colorado 149

6 Team Kansas 132
7 Team New York 123
8 Team Nevada 115
9 Team Minnesota 113.5
10 Team Tennessee 106.5

In individual performances, California had two champions – Francesca Lopresti at 144 and Lillian Mccoy at 225. Jennifer Soto (117 Lbs), Dalia Garibay (138 Lbs) and Michelle Kamyshin (152 Lbs) were all finalists. 79 California wrestlers competed in the Junior division and of those 25 became All-Americans.

The list of placers follows with California wrestlers indicated with blue font:

100 Lbs
1 Sterling Dias (NV)
2 Dianna Holmes (GA)
3 Julianne Moccia (MD)
4 Lizette Rodriguez (CA)
5 Kendra Ryan (MI)
6 Samantha Miller (OH)
7 Elizabeth Dosado (VA)
8 Rayana Sahagun (MI)

106 Lbs
1 Emily Shilson (MN)
2 Amani Jones (GA)
3 Cristelle Rodriguez (CA)
4 Samara Chavez (TX)
5 Jenavi Alejandro (NV)
6 Johanna Palshan (MI)
7 Leah Gaitan (CA)
8 Emily Mendez (WA)

112 Lbs
1 Jaslynn Gallegos (CO)
2 Amanda McAleavey (TX)
3 Nichole Moore (KS)
4 Catherine Bertrand (GA)
5 Allison Hynes (OK)
6 Anya Knappenberger (MD)
7 Marissa Ritchie (CA)
8 Victoria Nunez (TX)

117 Lbs
1 Peyton Prussin (NV)
2 Jennifer Soto (CA)
3 Danielle Garcia (CA)

4 Cayden Condit (CO)
5 Camille Fournier (TX)
6 Alisha Narvaez (CA)
7 Autumn Flanigan (MO)
8 Annette Enciso (TX)

122 Lbs
1 Leilah Castro (OH)
2 Ainslie Lane (OK)
3 Monica Garcia (CA)
4 Adriana Lopez (CA)

5 Mary Harrell (MO)
6 Autumn Teague (MI)
7 Melanie Mendoza (CA)
8 Riley Dalrymple (NY)

127 Lbs
1 Sofia Macaluso (NY)
2 amor tuttle (MN)
3 Zoe Buteau (ME)
4 Andrea Schlabach (OH)
5 Tiera Jimerson (CA)
6 Ashley Whetzal (VA)
7 Nonnie Justice (MO)
8 Alisha Van Scoy (SD)

132 Lbs
1 Viktorya Torres (WA)
2 Mia Macaluso (NY)
3 Xochitl Mota-Pettis (TX)
4 Emma Walker (TN)
5 Taryn Martin (OH)
6 Brigid Shannon (ID)
7 Jordan Suarez (TX)
8 Tristen Music (GA)

138 Lbs
1 Lexie Basham (TX)
2 Dalia Garibay (CA)
3 Adelyhda Perez (TX)
4 Joanna Qiu (CA)
5 Nanen Aguilar (CO)
6 Jade Herzer (WI)
7 Grace Pauls (NY)
8 Hailie Beadles (CA)

144 Lbs
1 Francesca LoPresti (CA)
2 Tiyahna Askew (GA)
3 Hunter Robinson (TX)
4 Sydney Manos (IL)
5 Vivian Hurn (TN)
6 Victoria Hinojo (TX)
7 Maicie Lockyer (CA)
8 Destiny Bailey (NM)

152 Lbs
1 Kaylynn albrecht (TX)
2 Michelle Kamyshin (CA)
3 Chloe Wagner (MI)
4 Sidney Sullens (GA)
5 Morgan Mayginnes (KS)
6 Destiny King (WI)
7 Maddie Konopka (CA)
8 Hannah Ricioli (CA)

164 Lbs
1 Jerzie Estrada (CO)
2 Ashley Lekas (TX)
3 Alia Abushi (CA)
4 Ariana Pereira (CA)

5 Marlynne Deede (UT)
6 Kiya Jones (TX)
7 Katie Moore (NY)
8 Zammariea Brandon (TX)

180 Lbs
1 Elisa Robinson (KS)
2 Kelani Corbett (HI)
3 Brianna Staebler (WI)
4 Jasmin Clarke (CA)
5 faith tuttle (MN)
6 Kamilla Montengro (NV)
7 Rayana Vigil (NM)
8 Jaylen Hyman (MD)

200 Lbs
1 Gabrielle Hamilton (IL)
2 Olivia Brown (OK)
3 Eliana Bommarito (MI)
4 Aaliyahrai Stewart (TX)
5 Isabeau Shalack (IL)
6 Bianca Rosales (TX)
7 Isela Mendez (CA)
8 Amber Latta (TX)

225 Lbs
1 Lillian McCoy (CA)
2 Taja Showers (VA)
3 Jasmine Guerrero (CA)
4 Daya Powell (TX)
5 Kathleen Janis (UT)
6 Valerie Smith (TN)
7 Lily Mills (TX)
8 Ashley Tapp (TX)

Congratulations to the newest All-Americans.

I want to also recognize the members of the team who did not place this time around. I am confident we will be hearing from them again and that their future success will build upon this experience. Thank you for representing your state:

100 Alyah Martinez
100 Chelsy Mendoza
100 Hailey Ward
100 Jalen Bets
100 Marisol Rodriguez
100 Unity Cordova
100 Zoe Pritchard
106 Adrienna Turner
112 Artemisia Matera
112 Ashlyn Arias
112 Jade Seymour
112 Mikayla Vega
112 Miranda Dibenedetto
112 Savannah Lewis
112 Teresa Serrano
117 Gurleen Bhullar
117 Jayani Bullock
117 Karen Marquez
117 Lexy Beadles
117 Tamsin Urbas
117 Tilly Garcia
122 Aleena Gomez
122 Allyssa Bettencourt
122 Ashlee Fragoso
122 Cora Johnson
122 Elysia Urrea
122 Katherine Cuellar

122 Katie Gomez
122 Madison Lynn Fonseca
122 Skylee Butler
127 Allyson Arrington
127 Destiny Torres
127 Izabella Evans
127 Jaydan Driskill
127 Kassandra Funez
127 Mariah Cortez
127 Solana Mottola
127 Teyah Gutierrez
132 Chloe Desouza
132 Ellisa Jimenez
132 Nallely Rivadeneira
132 Rebecca Arnold
132 Shani Tyson
132 Ximena Pulido
138 Kassandra Flores
144 Cassandra Betancourt
144 Paola Sanabria
144 Samantha Utter
164 Linda Pelayo
164 Miranda Koppi
180 Amara Devericks
180 Natalia Diaz-Portillo
200 Hollie Espinoza
225 Tatianna Herrera

Competition will continue today with the U9, U12, U14 divisions and the dual championships.. Good luck Team California!

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