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2019 Marines Western Regional Results

The 2019 Marines Western Regionals took place in Las Vegas, a weekend ago and girls from ages nine and under all the way up through high school age competed in folkstyle, freestyle, and even greco-roman! 48 California girls placed (keeping in mind that the Western Regional only places to the top four.

Below you can find the final results for each of the styles girls participated. Since the lists got pretty long I split them up into separate pages. Just scroll down to the bottom of each page and you will find the page links above the comment area. On this page you will folkstyle; on page two, greco-roman; on page three freestyle.

Congratulations to all the placing wrestlers! California wrestlers are denoted in blue.

Folkstyle Results

In folkstyle, 12 California wrestlers placed. Seven of those wrestlers aren’t even high school students, yet!

GIRLS 9U – 44-44

1 Hazel Rodarte of Washington
2 Suri Yoffee of Nevada
3 Cary Valdez of Hawaii

GIRLS 9U – 59-62

1 Sophia Marie Gonzales of California
2 Kenadee Schoonover of Arizona

GIRLS 9U – 70-78

1 Mikaella Bowens of California
2 Braylee Velarde of Wyoming

GIRLS 12U – 52-59

1 Ali Svancara of Idaho
2 Athea Valenzuela of Arizona
3 Blayne Jex of Oregon
4 Kayden Makamson of Alaska

GIRLS 12U – 60-73

1 Kaydence Jeffreys of Alaska
2 Grace Loutzenhiser of Alaska
3 Mika Yoffee of Nevada
4 Caydence Watters of Wyoming

GIRLS 12U – 77-86

1 Tai McBride of Wyoming
2 Azalea Fetters of Washington
3 Hayle Talbot of Nevada
4 Hilie Larson of Washington

GIRLS 12U – 88-100

1 Isabella Marie Gonzales of California
2 Lillian Kraiter of Montana
3 Emma Chacon of Arizona
4 Ellie Thomas of Washington

GIRLS 12U – 114-125

1 Jahlia Miguel of Hawaii
2 Anna Bozanic of California
3 Shylah Bridges of Hawaii

GIRLS 12U – 140-158

1 Sandilynn Tuinei-Paopao of Nevada
2 Talitha Tolver of Alaska

GIRLS (MS) – 70-84

1 Audrey Jimenez of Arizona
2 Jazmin Roschmann of California
3 Emma Albanese of Nevada
4 Jamiezon Garcia of Alaska

GIRLS (MS) – 87-100

1 Kiely Tabaldo of California
2 Kayce Dudoit of Hawaii
3 Abbeygael Cabuag of California
4 Mia Zuniga of Washington

GIRLS (MS) – 100-109

1 Shelby Moore of Washington
2 Emma Villa of Washington
3 Mckaylah Youngblood of Montana
4 Samantha O`Brien of Wyoming

GIRLS (MS) – 117-134

1 Haley Ward of Missouri
2 Amber Perkins of Nevada
3 Olivia Carrillo of Utah
4 Angelina Doral of Nevada

GIRLS (MS) – 175-175

1 Alejandra O`Brien of Wyoming

WOMEN (HS) – 100-108

1 Brianna Gonzalez of California
2 Emilie Gonzalez of California

3 Tehani Soares of Nevada
4 Nizhoni Tallman-Olney of Washington

WOMEN (HS) – 111-122

1 Phoenix Dubose of Washington
2 Nadine Quijada of California
3 Hannah Hall of Florida
4 Morayma Montes of Texas

WOMEN (HS) – 124-136

1 Charmayne DeLong of Wyoming
2 Araya Boday of Washington
3 Maci Avila of Nevada
4 Morgan Mackey of Nevada

WOMEN (HS) – 131-143

1 Jessie McCurry of Arizona
2 Alexandra Byrne of Oregon
3 Kalee Everett of Nevada
4 Desarae Matheny of Alaska

WOMEN (HS) – 148-158

1 Amit Elor of California
2 McKenzie Cook of Alaska
3 Sabrin Farha of California
4 Amanda Wylie of Alaska

WOMEN (HS) – 161-175

1 Payton Irish of Washington
2 Aalyah Villarreal of Texas
3 Emma Burk of Colorado
4 Sophia Sadki of Washington

WOMEN (HS) – 195-224

1 Chanel Siva of Washington
2 Persephone Sandoval of Montana
3 Sydney Bentley of Nevada
4 Catlynn Norris of Wyoming

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