Learn Freestyle, Your Future Depends On It

If you’re a girl wrestling on a high school team it can be quite easy to fall into that false sense of security that comes with practicing with the boys. After all, not many boys tend to pay much attention to freestyle. There are two possible explanations for this; they don’t intend to wrestle beyond college and/or they don’t intend to wrestle internationally. Folkstyle  may be enough to get them through their college career if they have the skills and the work-ethic. However, this is not the case for girls.

Girls wrestle freestyle in college which in turn automatically opens … Read more

National Registry 4 Wrestling in America

The following is a message taken from National Registry 4 Wrestling in America’s Facebook page:

If you tuned into the NCAA Wrestling Championships on ESPN and ESPNU over the weekend, you might have noticed the National Registry 4 Wrestling’s commercials to encourage wrestling fans to sign up for our registry.

Our goal is to increase wrestling’s fan base and build a list of 1 million wrestling fans. We hope to use this list of wrestling fans to demonstrate wrestling’s popularity to the mainstream media and the International Olympic Committee in order to get wrestling more national television coverage as … Read more

Resources and WCWA Pages Added

Just finished adding two new pages.

  • A resource page so it won’t be so hard to locate useful information,
  • A page listing all the WCWA schools for those of you interested in seeing what colleges will offer your wrestler the best shot at continuing their career in college.

As always, I hope these addition are helpful and if you have any corrections please comment. Don’t worry I won’t sell your email address, I’m just avoiding SPAM comments.

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