Call To Action: Giving Tuesday

Wrestlers are some of the most grateful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It could be that being involved in a sport that asks so much of the athlete both physically and mentally, has made wrestlers appreciate not only everything they earn but everything that is given to them as well. And, what is the one thing that most wrestlers are grateful for? The are grateful for the opportunity to wrestle. Time and time again you will hear wrestlers say that the reason they are successful or were able to overcome a challenge was because of the … Read more

Girls Wrestling Has Grown Nationwide for 28 Consecutive Years, According to NFHS

Nationwide Participation

The NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) has released the results of its annual sports participation survey. And, once again, girls wrestling has had great growth in its participation numbers over the previous academic year. With 16,562 participating wrestlers this year, girls wrestling had a 13.5% increase as compared to last season’s 14,587. Girls wrestling moved ahead of girls dance (14,875 participants) moving up to the 18th spot in participation for girls. There is a good chance that wrestling could jump ahead of gymnastics this upcoming season; especially with Colorado (as a pilot program), … Read more

2017-2018 CIF State Top-2 Rankings as of February 14


We are less than a week away from the state championships and all the sections have completed their section finals (or Masters, depending on how forward-thinking the section is). However, the “final” official 2017-2018 CIF state top-2 rankings were released prior to three of the sections having their tournaments. The reader may notice, as they read the list, that there is a lot that can be improved on the timing, the number of wrestlers that are being ranked, and a few other things. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done, at this time, as it seems the state … Read more

2018 CIF-SS Finals Results

As I sit at home recovering from the flu, I am relegated to waiting for the results of two days worth of battle to appear on my browser. When they finally do, I am struck by the few surprises this year has thrown at us. Those who were able to attend witnessed some great wrestling

This year’s team title return to Northview for the second year in a row. with corona only 10 points behind. the lower-weight MVP went to 126-pound champion Cheyenne Bowman (Rowland) who collected 4 wins by fall and 1 by injury default. The upper-weight MVP went … Read more

2017-2018 CIF-LACS Rankings and Championships Information

We’re getting near the end of the regular season and I have finally been able to get my hands on some rankings and other news for the Los Angeles City Section.

Team Rankings as of January 25

1 San Fernando
2 Birmingham
3 Monroe
4 San Pedro

Dual Meet Championships

In order for a school to take part in the championships it must have at least 10 wrestlers on its team. As a result of this only the four teams list above will be participating in the dual meet


  • San Fernando vs. San Pedro
  • Birmingham vs. Monroe

Semifinals will … Read more

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