Top-30 Best High School Girls Programs in California of the 2016-2017 Season

This list is a bit overdue but here it is. Click on the link if you would like to check-out the All-Time list.

In the table below, I have listed the top-30 programs out of 192 schools that participated in the state championships of the 2016-2017 wrestling season. I have also included the programs’ all-time ranking as of the end of the season.

Something that might be noticed, my formulation does not guarantee a top-spot by simply having a champion (Bella Vista, Eastside and River Valley, all teams with a champion this year, did not make the top 30), … Read more

Which Programs Are The Best in The State?

In 2011, when the first official CIF girls wrestling state championships took place, 154 schools participated. That number had increased to 199 schools in 2016. Since that first championship tournament, 422 different schools have sent at least one wrestler to represent them. Programs have come and gone but there are a few that have continued to thrive year after year.

Inevitably, at the end of each season the question gets asked, which are the best high school girls wrestling programs in California? This is not a question that is answered as easily as one might think. What is the criteria … Read more

World’s 10 Best

T. R. Foley, a champion of the sport of wrestling and creator of, has come up with his list of the world’s 10 best women’s freestyle wrestlers which he based on achievements and production during this current season. First of  all, kudos to Mr. Foley for covering women’s wrestling. Second, it hard to argue with his list. Adeline Gray made the cut with her impressive performances in the new 75 Kg. weight class.

Here’s the list of women he considers the best:

  • Kaori Icho (Japan)
  • Saori Yoshida (Japan)
  • Natalia Vorobieva (Russia)
  • Sofia Mattsson (Sweden)
  • Yuliya Ratkevich (Azerbaijan)
  • Eri
Read more
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