First State Rankings for the 2018-2019 Season Released

The first state CIF rankings for the 2018-2019 season have been released and 24 of the 56 ranked wrestlers are from SoCal! 17 are from the Southern Section, 4 are from the LA City section and 3 are from the San Diego Section.

In the past the state rankings have been submitted to the seeding committee as recommendations for the seeding in the state championships. That is the reason only four wrestlers are being ranked. However, the committee is not obligated to follow those recommendations.

These ranking were posted in the California Wrestling Forum on January 25th. I have no … Read more

Latest LACS Rankings For January 20, 2019

Could be last if Strike Continues into Postseason

The Los Angeles City Section has released its latest rankings. A special thanks to Coach Jean-Antione Ramirez for sharing these. If you would like to download a copy click here.

I wish I could tell you when to expect the next installment but it’s a real possibility that, if the strike that is affecting LAUSD goes on into the postseason, this could be the last ranking for the 2018-2019 season.

A Coach’s Perspective

Normally, this is where I would put the ranking list, but the current situation in the LACS is … Read more

LACS Releases December 2018 Rankings

The Los Angeles City Section has released its latest rankings. A special thanks to Coach Jean-Antione Ramirez for sharing these. The next ranking are scheduled to be released in January and I will post them as soon as they become available.

101 Lbs
1 Alexis Villadelgado – Granada Hills
2 Ingrid Corleto – Canoga Park
3 Tushita Wadhawan – Cleveland
4 Desteny Medina – Birmingham

106 Lbs
1 Christy Jose – Granada Hills
2 Analisa Zepeda – Cleveland
3 Helary Olmedo – Birmingham
4 Bryana Alvarenga – Sylmar

111 Lbs
1 Viviana Ramos-Garcia – San Fernando
2 Giselle Garcia –

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2018 CIF State Championship Entries Increase to 25 per Weight

The New Entry Goes to…

In prior years, the number of wrestlers per weight class was limited to 24. This year that will change when the Los Angeles City Section gets an additional entry; raising the number of wrestlers it sends per weight to two. Though this will make the additional 14 wrestlers that will go to state immensely happy, it also opens the door to a dilemma that other sections with two entries know too well.

While sections with three or more entries can go through their tournament to its natural conclusion and then congratulate all the placers that … Read more

2017-2018 CIF-LACS Rankings and Championships Information

We’re getting near the end of the regular season and I have finally been able to get my hands on some rankings and other news for the Los Angeles City Section.

Team Rankings as of January 25

1 San Fernando
2 Birmingham
3 Monroe
4 San Pedro

Dual Meet Championships

In order for a school to take part in the championships it must have at least 10 wrestlers on its team. As a result of this only the four teams list above will be participating in the dual meet


  • San Fernando vs. San Pedro
  • Birmingham vs. Monroe

Semifinals will … Read more

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