2017 Southern Section – Eastern Region Qualifier Results

Below you will find the results for the 2017 Southern Section – Eastern Region Qualifier.

Unlike Central and Southern regions — where all weight-classes were wrestled until wrestlers qualified for the Southern Section Finals and not beyond — Eastern Region wrestled until the bracket was done or wrestlers could no longer continue to compete due to the 5-match limit rule. So the question becomes, what exactly were the instructions handed down by the CIF-SS office?

I, for one, believe that regardless of my opinion on the decisions CIF-SS makes, once they have been communicated they should be followed. It hurts … Read more

2017 Southern Section Regional Qualifier Seeds Released

Seeds for the 2017 Southern Section Qualifiers have been released.

Some things to keep in mind about the following seeds:

  1. Seeds may be changed if they are challenged and the seeding committee is swayed by the challenger’s evidence in support of the change.
  2. Southern Region is seeding to 8 while the other 3 regions are seeding to 4.
  3. The seeding committee does not have to follow current rankings.
  4. The order in which I present the regions is based on the order I transcribed the lists and nothing more.

So, without further ado here are your 2017 CIF-SS Regional tournaments seeded … Read more

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