65 California Wrestler-Girls Place at Reno Worlds

The Reno World Girls Championships took place last weekend in Reno, Nevada. Girls competed in 4 age-group divisions: 9 & under, 12 & under, 15 & under, and 18 & under. I’m pleased to post that 65 wrestler-girls representing 43 teams placed top-4 at the tournament; 16 19 of them as champions.

It took me a while but I finally compiled a list of the California placers, as well as the top ten teams (California teams will be in blue font) for each division.

9 & Under Top 10 Teams

1 Team OKWA 31
2 California Grapplers 24
3 Golden

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2019 NHSCA Girls Folkstyle Nationals Results in 12 California All-Americans

The 2019 Inaugural NHSCA Girls High School Folkstyle Nationals took place this past Sunday, March 31, at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. With a turn out of just over 130 wrestlers, it can be considered a modest first go for this nationwide tournament. But don’t let to numbers fool you, the competition was tough; with some very good East coast wrestlers giving the California delegation a challenge at every turn. Hopefully, the organizers consider it a success and bring it back for a second go-around. It would be great if we could get those numbers to … Read more

U9, U14 and U12 Nationals Result in 11 All-Americans

The 2019 USA Wrestling/US Marine Corps Girls Folkstyle National Tournaments for the U9, U12 and U14 divisions took place on Sunday, March 24th at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City. I’m pleased to report that even though California was represented by only 14 wrestlers, 11 are returning as All-Americans. California came away with the team title in the U14 Division.

The wrestlers who participated are:

U9 (California finished 16)

55 Sasha Williams
65 Nova Estrada – 3rd Place

U12 (California finished 13)

80 Bella Williams – 3rd Place
85 Clover Williams – 8th Place
102 Isabella Marie Gonzales – 1st

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21 CA U16 Wrestlers Become All-Americans at the 2019 Folkstyle Nationals

The 2019 USA Wrestling/US Marine Corps Girls Folkstyle National Tournament is currently taking place at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Yesterday, Friday, March 23rd, the U16 division was completed after one day of competition.

Team California came in first place, in the team title race, with 348.5 points. Team Michigan followed in 2nd with 142 and Wisconsin, with 135.5 points finished in third. The top ten teams follow:

1 Team California 348.5
2 Team Michigan 142
3 Team Wisconsin 135.5
4 Team Georgia 122
5 Team Colorado 105

6 Team Missouri 94
7 Team Oklahoma 93
8 Team

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“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” – a New Documentary Coming Soon

“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” trailer

MarQ Piocos, Editor-in-Chief of Wombat Sports, has put together a documentary that covers the beginning and future of woman and girls in wrestling.

The press release states that,

“Girls, Grappling, and Grit” explores the fastest growing female sport from all angles…

…The NCAA did a study in 2017 to explore what sport has the most growth in girls’ participation among non NCAA sanctioned sports, and the result was wrestling.
2017 and 2018 saw rapid growth in the sport of wrestling, with over 50 college teams rready for the 20-19 season and a dozen states deciding

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