Latest LACS Rankings For January 20, 2019

Could be last if Strike Continues into Postseason

The Los Angeles City Section has released its latest rankings. A special thanks to Coach Jean-Antione Ramirez for sharing these. If you would like to download a copy click here.

I wish I could tell you when to expect the next installment but it’s a real possibility that, if the strike that is affecting LAUSD goes on into the postseason, this could be the last ranking for the 2018-2019 season.

A Coach’s Perspective

Normally, this is where I would put the ranking list, but the current situation in the LACS is … Read more

JB (Unofficial) Southern Section Rankings for January 16, 2019

Coach Jon Briggs of Paloma Valley High School in conjunction with the California Girls Wrestling Podcast has released the second edition of their rankings for the Southern Section. I will refer to them as the JB (unofficial) Southern Section rankings from this point forward

The original PDFs contain a ton of interesting information for the data-obsessed fan. You can find links those files below:

I have limited myself to posting the ranked wrestlers’ names (changing the order to first name, last name) and schools. One thing I have added is their previous … Read more

Points of Interest for the 2019 Southern Section Postseason

CIF Southern Section has released its 2018-2019 girls wrestling preview. The preview contains the guidelines for the regional qualifiers and the section championships, among other things. Here are some points of interest for the 2019 Southern Section postseason.

  • League placement will not determine qualifiers to the CIF-SS Regional Qualifying Tournament, CIF Southern Section Championship, or for the State Championships
  • There will not be a Dual Match Girls Wrestling Championship.
  • Each School can only enter one wrestler per weight class
  • There are five regional varsity qualifying sites this year.
  • The Top 6 placers at each site qualify for the Girls
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Finally! (Unofficial) Southern Section Rankings for January 5, 2019

Finally someone decided to take on the daunting and thankless task of doing rankings for the Southern Section, even if it is at an unofficial capacity. The rankings were put together by Coach Jon Briggs of Paloma Valley High School in conjunction with the California Girls Wrestling Podcast.

The original list contains a ton of interesting information for the data obsessed fan. I have limited myself to posting the ranked wrestlers’ names and schools.

As usual, there may be disagreements as to who belongs where and who has been left out but that’s the fun part of ranking lists … Read more

NFHS Approves High School Wrestling Rules Changes for 2014-15

The NFHS has approved a couple of changes to high school wrestling rules. The changes focus on changes in the definition of bad time and advancement of wrestlers in the consolation bracket.

In Rule 5-1-1 dealing with Bad Time in addition to previous language, the committee agreed that bad time is wrestled with the wrestlers in the wrong position or the wrong wrestler being given choice of position “at the start of the second 30-second tiebreaker” and “at the start of the ultimate tiebreaker.” The previous definition did not include situations where the wrong wrestler was given choice of position … Read more

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