The California Rebels Would Like to Help Your Wrestler Get to NHSCA Nationals

I am a big supporter of any group that works at growing the sport, especially in Southern California. Even though I am not associated with the organization, I am more than happy to post a message from the California Rebels. They will be traveling to Virginia Beach this year to compete at the first ever NHSCA girls folkstyle nationals and would like to help your wrestlers get there too. Their message follows:

2018 California Rebels

The California Rebels Women’s Folkstyle National Team is excited to once again participate and support California at Folkstyle National Championships in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We

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New Page Added – Collegiate National Team Championships (Freestyle)

Women’s collegiate freestyle wrestling has had a national championship tournament since 2004. The sport has grown since the first U.S Women’s Collegiate National Championships were held at Missouri Valley College. It only took 4 years for the participating schools and coaches to realize that women’s wrestling would need its own organization to manage and further the goals of the sport. In 2008, the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association was born and the first tournament under the association’s auspices took place at Oklahoma City University.

The future of the sport looks bright but its past is starting to become less so. Records … Read more

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