Can’t Afford a School Visit? Somar Has Your Back

The idea of having one’s wrestler go on to pursue a higher education while still chasing their wrestling dreams seems like a pipe dream to many parents. That is until her high school coach tells them of a college asking questions about her or the wrestler herself telling them she had a conversation with a college coach about wrestling for their program. Now what? That pipe dream is close to becoming a reality and it’s scary.

As a parent, you might not know anything about the recruiting process. What’s a good wrestling school? If it is, is it academically sound? … Read more


Technique Tuesday @ Cerritos High School

A message from Richard Ramos of Somar Wrestling,

Doesn’t matter if you are a first year wrestler, or a state placer.

Doesn’t matter if you are in 1st grade, 12th grade or college wrestler the same techniques will help you win a state or national title. The only thing that changes is how they are applied.

We do not go over 100 moves in 3 hrs. We go over a progression of moves that improve retention and application.

Stop by 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Heavy emphasis on inviting middle school girls for the few we have coming need work

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Somar Tournament for October 8th Cancelled

I regret to inform all interested in attending tomorrow’s take-down tournament that, due to causes beyond the organizer’s control, the event has been cancelled. Somar Wrestling apologizes for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause and thanks all those who were planning to attend for their support.

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Somar Shoot-Out to Bring Elite Wrestlers to SoCal

Somar Wrestling is at it again, thinking outside of the box to make its ultimate vision come to fruition. This time around, the organization wants their brand of fast-paced excitement to be displayed on the mat by elite wrestlers. The Somar Shoot-Out will open with the finale of Somar Girls Folkstyle Dual Tournament, where the best two Somar teams (composed of SoCal, Central California and some out-of-state girls) will battle it out for the dual championship. Afterwards, the headliners will take to the mat: 2-time NCAA All-American Reece Humphry will take on 2-time NCAA All-American B.J. Futrell; Jason Ness will … Read more

Somar Wrestling Names Members to Its Advisory Committee

Last year we saw the birth of Somar Wrestling, an organization with the goal of growing women’s wrestling by providing high quality events and tournaments at a low-cost; the main reason I try to keep close tabs on everything they do.This year they have stepped up their efforts by increasing the number of both events and tournaments while at the same time filing to become a nonprofit organization. As part of that process they have now named the members of its advisory committee.

All of its members are people that believe in the mission Somar has set out to meet: … Read more

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