2017 Southern Section – Southern Region Qualifier Results

Below you will find the results for the 2017 Southern Section – Southern Region Qualifier.

All weight-classes were wrestled until wrestlers qualified for the Southern Section Finals and not beyond. This means there were four 5th place finishers and two 3rd place finishers. The one exception is the 1st and 2nd place finishers; those matches were wrestled. The reason given for this was that it was a CIF decision, based on the fact that only the top two placers would be seeded at the Section finals.

I for one believe that the decision is terrible. It cheats the wrestlers from … Read more

2017 Southern Section Regional Qualifier Seeds Released

Seeds for the 2017 Southern Section Qualifiers have been released.

Some things to keep in mind about the following seeds:

  1. Seeds may be changed if they are challenged and the seeding committee is swayed by the challenger’s evidence in support of the change.
  2. Southern Region is seeding to 8 while the other 3 regions are seeding to 4.
  3. The seeding committee does not have to follow current rankings.
  4. The order in which I present the regions is based on the order I transcribed the lists and nothing more.

So, without further ado here are your 2017 CIF-SS Regional tournaments seeded … Read more

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