Somar Tournament for October 8th Cancelled

I regret to inform all interested in attending tomorrow’s take-down tournament that, due to causes beyond the organizer’s control, the event has been cancelled. Somar Wrestling apologizes for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause and thanks all those who were planning to attend for their support.

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Somar Wrestle Continues to Infuse Excitement Into Girl’s Off-season Wrestling

This upcoming Saturday Somar Wrestle, the organization that has brought Coach Tocarra Montgomery to SoCal two years in a row for a week-long freestyle wrestling camp and held the first-of-its-kind girls wrestling college combine, will continue to infuse excitement into the sport. Somar recently held a freestyle take-down challenge tournament series. It consisted of four tournaments in which 12 weight classes were able to compete and show-off their freestyle scoring prowess.

Now, Somar continues to break new ground and inject the spirit of friendly-rivalry and showmanship by introducing the Somar Take-down Tournament Duals, where wrestlers participating in either this year’s … Read more

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