2019 Marines Western Regional Results

The 2019 Marines Western Regionals took place in Las Vegas, a weekend ago and girls from ages nine and under all the way up through high school age competed in folkstyle, freestyle, and even greco-roman! 48 California girls placed (keeping in mind that the Western Regional only places to the top four.

Below you can find the final results for each of the styles girls participated. Since the lists got pretty long I split them up into separate pages. Just scroll down to the bottom of each page and you will find the page links above the comment area. On … Read more

2018 Marines Western Regional Tournament Placers

This post is very late, nonetheless, congratulations to all the California wrestlers that placed at the 2018 Marines Western Regional Tournament which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada during the last week in April. Wrestler-girls participated in folkstyle, freestyle and, for the first time in the tournament’s history, Greco-Roman.

Lists of the placing wrestlers from all three forms follow:



Women (Cadet/Junior)

Folkstyle placers continue on page 2

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