2019 CA-USA Wrestling Kids Folkstyle Championships Girls Results

The 2019 CA-USA Wrestling Kids Folkstyle Championships took place this past weekend. The California Grapplers came in first in each of the the three age divisions; intermediate, novice and schoolgirl. A total of 195 girls registered for the tournament, which is a 1% increase over last year’s 193. In comparison to the state tournament’s ten-year high, which was 202 in 2017, it appears girls’ age-group wrestling in the state is on a downward trend. Given that same situation can be noticed in the previous weekend’s Cadet/Jr Folkstyle Championships, I think the state association needs to address the issue and develop … Read more

Selland Arena Has A New Bag Policy

The Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center has a new bag policy. Since Selland Arena is part of the Center, the new policy applies to it as well. Why should we care? California USA Wrestling host all of their state championship tournaments at that arena.

For all who are expecting to attend upcoming events at that venue, regardless of whether they are wrestling-related or not, it is best to know ahead of time what guests can and cannot bring into the arena. A cheat-sheet is included below. For a more detailed list, visit the FCEC guest info site.

It will … Read more

Emmanuel College Is Still Looking To Recruit Wrestlers

A message from Link Davis, Emmanuel College Women’s Wrestling Head Coach, follows.

Emmanuel College in Georgia is still recruiting for the 2017-2018 season. I want to talk with you about your plans for next year. If you are interested please go to our website and fill out the questionnaire that would give us the information that we will need to continue the recruiting process. After I receive your questionnaire I will contact you about possible times to come on a visit our campus. I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your season and hope to

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New Page Added – Collegiate National Team Championships (Freestyle)

Women’s collegiate freestyle wrestling has had a national championship tournament since 2004. The sport has grown since the first U.S Women’s Collegiate National Championships were held at Missouri Valley College. It only took 4 years for the participating schools and coaches to realize that women’s wrestling would need its own organization to manage and further the goals of the sport. In 2008, the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association was born and the first tournament under the association’s auspices took place at Oklahoma City University.

The future of the sport looks bright but its past is starting to become less so. Records … Read more

Another Unofficial Southern Section Rankings List

With the first tournaments of the season, for Southern Section, taking place this Saturday, I’ve decided to post another unofficial rankings list prepared by Coach Ricardo Martinez from Buena Park High School. This list focuses on Southern Section only and includes some names that do not appear in the official rankings. The criteria he used for coming up with the list is, in order of importance, as follows:

  1. state placing
  2. CIF SS Championships placing
  3. head-to-heads at the CIF SS Championships
  4. Divisional qualifiers placement

Coach Martinez even goes so far as to list each wrestler along with their accomplishments from prior … Read more

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