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Normally, I only post events that:

  1. SoCal wrestlergirls can get to easily
  2. have direct repercussions on the athletes’ future competitive opportunities

But, when someone outside of California reaches out to me saying they would really like to see California wrestlers attend their event, I tend to make an exception. Especially when that someone is SoCal native coach, Travis Mercado who has recently been named head coach at Colorado Mesa University.

So, if you are able to get out to Colorado for a few days, you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn from an accomplished collegiate women’s wrestling coach. … Read more


Do You Have a Dual Team Looking for Some Competition?

Recently the recruiting coordinator for MacMurray College, Nick McClellan, reached out to me wondering if I might be able to help get some teams willing to travel to Texas for a dual team tournament. The Mid-summer Mat Bash will take place on July 29th in Justin, Texas.

I normally don’t post about events that don’t directly affect or involve SoCal wrestlers but I can’t say no to anyone creating opportunities for SoCal girls. So, below you will find the flyer for the event along with contact information if you have any questions.

A Mid-summer Mat Bash Flyer

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2018 CA All-Star Team Update

Recently, I posted that a California All-Star team was looking for wrestlers who would like to be part of a team traveling to compete in Oregon in a dual meet. Well, the dual occurred and I have received inquiries on the results. Unfortunately, I did not get specific stats and records but For detailed scores, you can go to the site (thank you Shelli Hamilton for the link). Team coach, Cecil Wilson, did also provided me with the following information.

“[The] meet [was] won by Washington All Stars on the women’s side and California All Stars on the men’s.

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University of Great Falls Changes Name

The University of Great Falls, which is starting its inaugural women’s wrestling season this fall, has changed its name to the University of Providence. Any wrestlers who were thinking they might like to attend the school should look for the school under its new name and visit its new website.

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Technique Tuesday @ Cerritos High School

A message from Richard Ramos of Somar Wrestling,

Doesn’t matter if you are a first year wrestler, or a state placer.

Doesn’t matter if you are in 1st grade, 12th grade or college wrestler the same techniques will help you win a state or national title. The only thing that changes is how they are applied.

We do not go over 100 moves in 3 hrs. We go over a progression of moves that improve retention and application.

Stop by 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Heavy emphasis on inviting middle school girls for the few we have coming need work

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