WCWA Schools Majors Database

UPDATED: 11/13/2018

The WCWA school majors database is provided as a guide for anyone interested in attending a WCWA member school. It is not intended as a replacement for visiting a school’s website, speaking to an academic adviser, or reading the course catalog. I am providing this database in the hope that it will be a starting point for those interested to begin their school selection.

There are a few things I would like to mention about the database:

  1. I have included all schools that have WCWA programs or that have announced starting programs. I recommend you check the colleges with women’s wrestling programs page to ensure that the programs will be active by the time you start your college career before committing yourself to any specific program.
  2. This is a considerable undertaking and updating the list will be challenging. I promise to do my best to maintain it. I thank you in advance for your understanding if I do fall behind and the list becomes a little outdated.
  3. Use the search box below to filter the results to match your area of interest. For best results enter only one word, as multiple words may filter out results that might actually be relevant.
  4. Doctorate degrees, certification programs, and minors are not listed.
  5. Degrees are listed at their most general level, concentrations are not listed. For example, if you are looking for Music Education; you will find Music and Education but not the combination. This does not mean that no school offers Music Education but simply that you will actually have to visit the schools’ sites to look further into that very specific degree. I did this to reduce the number of records in the database since majors such as Education can have a large variety of specializations.
  6. I have simplified/converted the major names to those that fall more in line with the naming conventions of the majority of the schools. Once again, you should visit the schools’ sites to look further into specific information about the interested major.
  7. If you do not see the major you are interested in, don’t despair, some schools offer individualized degrees which will allow you to design your own major. Every school calls their program something slightly different but I have labeled it Individualized.
  8. If you come across mistakes, of any kind, please feel free to let me by way of the Contact Us Form.

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