Women’s Collegiate National Championships (Freestyle) – Team Results

Women’s collegiate freestyle wrestling has had a national championship tournament since 2004. The sport has grown since the first U.S Women’s Collegiate National Championships were held at Missouri Valley College. It only took 4 years for the participating schools and coaches to realize that women’s wrestling would need its own organization to manage and further the goals of the sport. In 2008, the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association was born and the first tournament under the association’s auspices took place at Oklahoma City University.

The future of the sport looks bright but its past is starting to become less so. Records of the early days of the sport are scattered, there is no single source a person interested in learning the history of the sport can turn to for answers. Someone, stubborn like myself, can spend months performing search after search and still come up with only partial information. Yes, there are probably plenty of photocopied results, maybe even a few PDFs, somewhere out there, in the hands of the few who attended and/or participated in those first championships, but they are not online. The few websites that have championed women’s wrestling since the early days have either disappeared or have never been able to get hold of that information. The WCWA has no official website and the organization that sponsored the U.S Women’s Collegiate National Championships is veiled in a shroud of mystery (at least to me).

The history of this aspect of women’s wrestling, just like all the other aspects, cannot be allowed to be forgotten. That is why I have decided to post every bit of information I can find. My search isn’t complete but I am hoping that someday a reader who has access to any part of the information I am missing will want to contribute to the cause of keeping this history alive and contact me.

The final placings for each year have been given their own page you can navigate to the different pages by clicking on the page links locate below the share buttons.

WCWA – From 2008 to Present

2018 WCWA – Held at Oklahoma City University
1 Campbellsville University 196.5
2 Simon Fraser University 191.5
3 McKendree University 156
4 Emmanuel College 150.5
5 Menlo College 122
6 King University 117.5
7 Grays Harbor College 105.5
8 Wayland Baptist University 104
9 Oklahoma City University 97.5
10 The University of the Cumberlands 82.5
11 Missouri Baptist University 74
125 Southern Oregon University 4
13 Life University 51
14 Missouri Valley College 45
15 Eastern Oregon University 36
16 Southwestern Oregon CC 36
17 University of Providence 36
18 Midland University 32.5
19 Ottawa University 32
20 University of Jamestown 28.5
21 Lindenwood Belleville University 28
22 Lyon College 24
23 Warner Pacific University 13.5
24 Waldorf University 12.5
25 Bacone College 11.5
26 Lindenwood University 9.5
27 MacMurray College 9.5
28 Adrian College 8.5
29 Ferrum University 7.5
30 Brewton Parker College 5.5
31 St. Mary University 5
32 Pacific University 0


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